Official PlayStation Mag podcast: Bioshock Infinite, Phantom Pain, Dark Souls 2 & Getaway 3 (ish)

OPM: Merry Christmas! The special festive edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine Podcast sees editor Ben Wilson and the team looking back on the highs and lows of 2012, as well as revealing your choice for game of the year and what they most want for Christmas. Elsewhere there’s new info on issue 79 cover game Bioshock Infinite, plus the team’s thoughts on The Phantom Pain, Dark Souls 2, The Getaway 3 (!) and much more.

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TooTall191980d ago

Getaway 3!? When was this announced?

IRetrouk1980d ago

2005, it was put on "hold" along with eight days, this is the first its been mentioned in years