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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "Do you remember Rage? I do. If you don’t, Rage is a fantastic, post-apocalyptic, shooter that came out last October. I’m not talking about two months ago, this game was released over a year ago and we’re just getting our first DLC adventure for it now. That is a strange strategy, but I always love to have a good reason to dig an old favorite out of the stack and give it another spin. If you’re ready to head back to the Wasteland, it’s time to heat things up with The Scorchers."

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Kurt Russell1954d ago

I'm one of the peeps who loved this game, played the crap out of it... sadly it got traded a looong time ago, so too little too late :/

JohnApocalypse1954d ago

It pretty dam good. Its also pretty long for $5 DLC, like 3-4 hours long

pandehz1954d ago

Im having a good time with this dlc. Totally worth the price £3.49

phantomexe1954d ago

i picked up the dlc too. i enjoyed the game but felt it was incomplete. Rage deserves a sequel, there is alot to build off of and things they can fix.