Shut up already about the Bioshock Infinite box art

The Vine writes: The box art for Bioshock: Infinite, the highly anticipated slab of steampunk wonderment due out not nearly soon enough, has created a massive shockwave of dissent online. I'm not exaggerating, either; it hasn't reached the dizzying and mostly (I feel) justifiable heights that Mass Effect 3 gave birth to, but still, the reaction has been pretty mammoth considering how scintillatingly low the stakes are.

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Root1857d ago

We kind of did, but heres you bringing up the subject again

...just saying

Hellsvacancy1857d ago

I know right, its like hes adding fuel to the same fire hes moaning about, thats logic

crxss1857d ago


you couldn't be more right. stop approving these.

brianunfried1857d ago

Don't piss off the steam punk nerds.

Haha1231857d ago

The whining little b*tches should just start up their own game company and make whatever box art they wish...

asmith23061857d ago

Agreed. Seriously children, it's cover art, just enjoy the game.

Bimkoblerutso1857d ago

I doubt anyone was seriously going to let the box art affect their opinion of the game. It's just sad that respectable developers have to find shallow ways to appeal to mainstream idiots just to keep their heads above water these days.

WarThunder1857d ago

Game looks average. don't know why the hype.....

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