Top Ten Games of 2012

The Vine writes: Every gaming critic loves picking their Game of the Year. Even me (the idiot pictured above). But to be honest, it's far, far more edifying - and far easier - to pick a whole bunch of games that did it for them. And by did it, I mean ate up unfeasible amounts of time, and ensured the critic in question talked about nothing else with friends whilst playing. You know, the games that non-gamers were infuriated by throughout the year.

Well, here are my top ten games of 2013. Incidentally, this is also a great list of games to pick up if you missed out on them, and I'll endeavour to explain why in each entry. They aren't in any particular order, so let's begin!

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Ultr1983d ago

It's great to see that Gravity Rush makes it in so many lists :) such a beautiful game

MelonSaurus1983d ago

Unfortunately it's not making it onto many lists actually. It's in my top 10 for sure though.

NovusTerminus1983d ago

Same, a wonderful game, but the director said he was working on a sequel... And that's all we can ask for really, it got enough praise to get Kat in ASBR, and to get a GR2!

Y_51501983d ago

Yes that game made me wish I got a Vita sooner! :)

Knushwood Butt1983d ago

Just beat Gravity Rush.

I have lots of praise for it but I hope they polish the gameplay more for the sequel.

tachy0n1983d ago

waiting anxiously for Gravity Rush 2!! :D

loool now i want to play Gravity Rush for the 5 time :/


miyamoto1983d ago

Hope GR2 is both for PSV and PS3

Kur01983d ago

It should stay PSV exclusive.

r211983d ago

NO, GR is a psv exclusive and shall remain so. As much as I'd like a ps3 version to happen, I'd rather have it on the vita a thousands fold more.