Street Fighter IV dumbed down?

GamesRadar writes:

"We're not sure how Capcom managed to make thousands of people stupid-crazy about a game that more or less plays just like its 1991 ancestor. Yet somehow, Street Fighter IV captivates all who touch it. We spent hours banging away on two side-by-side arcade units and walked away only wanting more. Anyone who stepped up left with a grin on their face and a clear appreciation for the sweet science that is Street Fighter."

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XBREAK3FIXME3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Wouldn't surprise me. Every Capcom game that was originally meant to be PS3 exclusive was dumbed down for the sake of a 360 port. DMC4 was supposed to be 1080p / 60 fps. Look at it now. Hardly even HD with pretty bland looking graphics. Look at the blood splatter on Dante's face after he shot Sanctus. It's not as red or as good looking as it was when the game was PS3 exclusive. DMC4 was delayed for that reason. 360 development. Sony doesn't care about DMC anymore and I'm glad. I lost all the respect I had for Crapcom. DMC4 looks like one of those crappy looking games that use the Unreal Engine.

Fishy Fingers3951d ago

Umm is this a Street Fighter article, or DMC?

OC Shock Value3951d ago

I do agree with the dumbed down part.. BUT as long as capcom makes the games great like they have been doing.. I dont have a problem.. Street Fighter 4 will be outstanding on both consoles..

Ri0tSquad3951d ago

I think any PS3 or 360 exclusive going multiplatform has the chances of ending up downgraded. Either way, DMC4 was extremely easy on default. If I would of known it was THAT easy, I would of rented it.

kewlkat0073951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Xbox 360 names......

People ageeing with your comment shows us how ridonculous and delusional PS3 fanboys have gotten.

DMC4 is a great game by the way. 5GB installation only helps. I have no problems with that actually.

I can't believe some are still whining about the game going Multi, it's been a year..let it go, 3rd-party titles will never be as exclusive as it was in the past.

Capcom has always been my favorite developer and they have supported almost every Platform to date regardless. From the Arcades, Nintendo, to Dreamcast, PS and Xbox 360.

I got my PS3 for fighters because of the D-Pad and I'm sure this game will turn out alright. When was fighting games about graphics anyhow? It takes skills, coordination, and timing with hopefully a great group of characters. Come on it's a fighting game, for sakes..

Fighting games are trying to make a comeback and I welcome that. With the likes of SF, MK, KI(I hope), Tekken, VF, Soul Caliber and I'll be getting this game, forget all the conspiracies and Fanboy BS.

I swear there is always something to "Cry" about with you fanboys that play one console...

actas1233951d ago

They should release this game for a price tag of 30 dollars. I think its the only way its gonna sell well.

kewlkat0073951d ago

SF is not for everyone. If you've never played the game or not interested in fighting games because you suck at them, I do not think this game is going to magically lure you in.

IF that was the case you'd be playing all the old-school SF before hand.

SF has it's niche just like every game. Hardcores will get the game regardless. People like me will get it. I grew up play SF and all the great fighting games to date. I do not expect Capcom to suddenly have 5million copies sold or something out of the blue of this game.

Japan will eat it up, where Arcades are still popular. Capcom makes games in different genres that do appeal to more regions, So I do not think they are that worried.

I actually get to practice on my MAME arcade machine.

PeeboDaKilla3951d ago

did you even read the f*cking article man? It's not talking about a downgrade due to the hardware limitations of either system. It's referring to the fact that the game appears easier for the casual gamer to pick up and play. You're in the wrong zone...and I can't believe you got so many agrees...Read the freakin articles people!

actas1233951d ago

I also grew up playing SF and other capcom and sega games and what have ya, and I really want to buy this game, but for 60 dollars, that is too much. But, I also think all video games are currently overpriced. Hopefully that will change and the prices will go down as more people buy 360s and PS3s.

Enigma_20993951d ago

I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the lack of any REAL iinovation of the game itself.

SFII will always hold a special place in gamer's hearts. that's the only way they can get away with repackaging the d*mn game over and over and over and over...

How you managed to pull "dumbed down for an XBOX360 port" out of all this is absolutely amazing... and idiotic.

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Ri0tSquad3951d ago

I might rent it, won't buy it though.

At least we can all look forward to Resident Evil 5 delivering.

BloodySinner3951d ago

Based on Devil May Cry 4's performance, we can safely assume Capcom will follow it's path and the same curse will be applied upon SFIV. Meaning, the title will most likely be dumbed down in order to appeal to the casuals.

OC Shock Value3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Fighting games dont really require much of a technical push as games like DMC4.. Im sure the 360 is more then capable of handling SF4 at its full potential.. Some of you should really calm down..

You guys act as if SF4 was a cross platform MGS4 or somethin.. SF4 will be fine

BloodySinner3951d ago

Us guys act like SFIV isn't great because we CARE.

OC Shock Value3951d ago

Between Street Fighter 4, Smash Bros Brawl, King Of Fighters XII, Soulcalibur 4, and Tekken 6...

We are going to have one of the best @SS whoopin years ever..

Save your money ladies and gentlemen.. Dont waste cash on stupid games.. Do yourself a favor because the Big Dogs are on the way

bigjclassic3951d ago

They took 3rd Strike, dumbed down the parry system and added Flashy supers.

I already stated this, and also that SF vets will still crush any no0b.

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