Human Head implores Prey 2 fans to pressure Bethesda for news

"Your sincere interest has gone unanswered," says Human Head designer Nathan Cheever.

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Root2034d ago offense if it's been cancelled then good

As a huge Prey fan this wasn't a Prey sequel, you had a good character which seperated himself from the bald space marine stereotype and yet they decided to get rid of Tommy just like that.

Why the hell would you put "To be Continued" at the end of Prey as he walks through the Portal only for us to play a differn't character this time round. I mean look at him, he dosen't even look interesting.

Then theres the fact it dosen't even sound like it's going to play like a Prey game. No portals, no werid gameplay features like walking up gravity walls, no spiritual native american elements/powers. It's basicaly a bounty hunter game, AKA a new IP they've slapped Prey 2 onto.

So yeah hate me for it but I'm glad theres been problems with Prey 2 and I hope it's been cancelled so they'll make a true Prey sequel picking up straight after the first one.

dirigiblebill2034d ago

I see your point, but frankly, I'd rather play an interesting-looking, intricate open world action title that happens to have nothing in common with the license than NOT play an interesting-looking, intricate open world action title that happens to have nothing in common with the license. Particularly when the loss of the project means money down the drain for the developer, and thus potentially the loss of future projects too.

Root2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

...but I could say I'd rather play a true Prey sequel in the future rather then a one which looks like it has nothing to do with Prey.

Too many franchises are being ruined these days because they keep trying to take them in differnt directions when it dosen't need it.


As for the people disagreeing, thanks, your the type of people who loves to see a franchise turn into a shadow of it's former self.

Everyone complains about the bald space marine crap, then when a good character like Tommy gets replaced with one nobody seems to care....what gives. Jeez...honestly.

EDIT 2 Below

"No, it's not Prey as we know it. But don't you think it sounds worthwhile regardless"


THIS wis what I'm talking about though....then why call it Prey, as a new IP it sounds interesting but as a PREY game it dosen't because thats not what Prey is about. They try and change a franchise and they end up ruining it.

Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Lost Planet, Dead Space, dmc etc

dirigiblebill2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Well, I'd resist the temptation to focus on the frontman. Here are the key points of interest with Prey 2, IMO: Mirror's-Edge-style exploration, broad mix of combat abilities and gadgets, cyberpunky world. No, it's not Prey, but don't you think it sounds worthwhile regardless?

2034d ago
dirigiblebill2034d ago

@ edit

Again, I see your point. I just don't think you being annoyed that they've changed the formula justifies being happy that an otherwise promising project appears to be on the rocks.

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wallis2034d ago

I think news should be an obvious part of the marketing. Withdrawing it suggests stupidity or tactical thinking so I can not thoroughly support this guy here. Chances are it might make sense to sit aside and actually have a game to show. CGI trailers are cute but dead island pissed all that good will away a while ago. We need gameplay and I want it but I want it to be good. There's nothing wrong with slinking away and tinkering with your product until its awesome. Look at valve and you'll see why this can sometimes really work in your favour. Not to mention a similar tactic was used for skyrim by Bethesda themselves. I don't think this is a case of stupidity at all - in this situation it seems more appropriate than ever considering the scope of prey 2 and the pedigree of prey 1. It was a decent shooter but one that played well within the boundaries and norm. Yeah some cool set pieces and I enjoyed it but it didn't blow me away and prey 2 was promising just that.

animegamingnerd2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

just WTF is going on with this game bethesda you better show pray 2 at E3

showtimefolks2034d ago

that and fallout 4 for next gen consoles

landog2034d ago

man this game was HIGH on my list, I thought the trapped-on-an-alien-world-bout ny-hunter type theme sounded really cool

add in physics bases puzzles and great gunplay, creepy and diverse locations like the first, shoot, i was all on board...


FantasticBoss2034d ago

The original Prey wasn't a bad game and had some ok ideas, but honestly I thought this game looked FAAAAAAAR more interesting and I would hate to see it go under. Root complains about franchises abandoning their origins but I would argue there is a difference between creating something new and amazing from an existing ip and taking it and watering it down and changing it into something nobody wants.

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