Ken Levine: Infinite’s Elizabeth is an Evolution of BioShock’s Big Daddy, and Little Sister

It’s easy to miss the connection at face value, but Levine attributed the studio’s work on Big Daddy, and Little Sister as a prototype to BioShock Infinite‘s (far easier on the eyes) Elizabeth. Ken Levine explains how the disturbing duo serve as the groundwork to Elizabeth:

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alexcosborn1979d ago

Interesting. Can't wait for this game!!

Conzul1979d ago

Yeah, well, I'll hold off judgement until I see Elizabeth do a Drill Dash.

NukaCola1979d ago

Interdasting read. I like it and really am going to enjoy this game.

I was honestly wondering if the Song Bird or the other big wooden/metal dude was this Bioshock's Big Daddy.

dbjj120881979d ago

Yeah, but Elizabeth is a lot better looking than a Big Daddy or Little Sister, amirite?

ApolloTheBoss1979d ago

Come on, Kenny. I know she's gonna be awesome but there's no point in bragging about it. Let the customers be the judge.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1979d ago

When did Ken brag about anything? Hes simply telling us the parallels between Elizabeth and the relationship between Big Daddy's and Little Sisters

ApolloTheBoss1979d ago

Well then I'll rephrase it to "Telling us about it." Like I said, I want to see for myself.

RPG12011979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Levine that's just a lie. The Song Bird machine is the evolution to the daddy...