‘Heads-up’ Store update 19th and 21st December 2012

Chris Howe – PS Store and Plus Content Manager, SCEE-

Hi everyone. Jawad is away on holiday this week so I am stepping in for him; please see below the content list for this week’s store release. Highlights include the release of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD and the keenly-anticipated follow up to Knytt Stories, Knytt Underground.
I’m also happy to announce the Tokyo Jungle Remote Play patch went live at 8am GMT today

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Cam9771823d ago

The Unfinished Swan and Journey Bundle is an absolute bargain!

doogiebear1823d ago

Remote play patch for Tokyo jungle? I'm not leaving my ps3 on all day just for that. Why not just port it to Vita? Better yet, port it to psp so that it can work on both psp and vita, increasing it's sales. (Looks like a ps2/psp game graphically anyway)

nikrel1823d ago

I hope we get something good for playstation plus soon for the US because lately it is utter trash. Vita & ps3, both are horrible when compared to EU updates.

Simon_Brezhnev1823d ago

I know right especially ps3. I saw that list and was like wow they getting pretty good games. All we getting are capcom games lately.

nikrel1823d ago

Warzone isn't even fun on the PS3, I have it for the iOS.

Simon_Brezhnev1823d ago

I didnt download it yet but i will. It looked like an ok game.