Electronic Theatre Preview: Fuse

Insomniac Games’ Fuse has already gone through a number of transitions despite its short time in the public eye. Originally revealed as Overstrike back in 2010, the two years since have seen the videogame taken back to the drawing board, given a fresh coat of paint and a new name. To say that Fuse appears more generic in it’s presentation than Overstrike did is perhaps par for the course given it’s intended mass market appeal, but that’s not to say Insomniac Games hasn’t injected enough enthusiasm into their multi-format debut to make it worth keeping an eye on.

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ABizzel11795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

From what I've seen it's like Resistance 2 co-op mixed with Syndicate. Fortunately I enjoyed both R2 Co-op and Syndicate multiplayer, however, R2 co-op isn't worth more than $20 IMO and I only bought Syndicate because it was $10, so it's not looking good for Fuse.

Not the first game I would have made, if I were Insomniac, and I preferred the trailer, look, and comedic feel over Overstrike compared to Fuse. Now it's another generic shooter, instead of having that unique thing that makes it standout.