GamesRadar: Sex, murder and child abuse in Fable 2

GamesRadar writes:

"Not everything in Fable 2 is fantasy. On the contrary, some of the emotions and relationships you develop in the action RPG could end up feeling very real. Shockingly real. Heartbreakingly real.

We witnessed this potential in our recent demo with the game's creator, Peter Molyneux. He was showing off the sequel's new two-player cooperative multiplayer, which enables a friend's hero to battle, adventure and gain experience in your world, or vice versa. What's more important, however, is the huge and lasting impact your coop partner can have on Fable 2's story and setting during his visit."

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DarkSniper3950d ago

Dark Sniper would like to know if there's any way he can get in contact with Jack Thompson. Dark Sniper believes that with the help of Mr. Thompson, and the rest of the Sony Snipers, Fable 2 can get the proper ESRB rating of Adults Only or having this game permanantly removed from shelves. Stop Light 360 surely has driven itself to the point where desperate times call for desperate measures.

Garbage games that's filled with smut content and lack of good gameplay substance has no place in our society today.


v1c1ous3949d ago

someone screenshot this please for futuere reference

XxZxX3949d ago

your enemy's enemy is your friend. Ony a fool doesn't take this advantages.

MorganX3950d ago

Fable 1 was a huge letdown based on the lofty promises made before it's release. Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be a repeat.

kevoncox3949d ago

I don't think it was a let down. I think they aimed to high and had too many promises. However by the time the game was released, there was a lot of information about what was in the game. I knew months in advance what had been cut.

Pain3949d ago

To me it was riding the Morrowind fame of go anywhere do/kill anything, Only to Suck when u get that deadend go nowhere trail Stay on the path type thing.

And ugg i can see it now (see's the future wavy lines }}}}}}]]]]]/??////// GOD DANGIT!!!! NOOb killed my
wife....i had a baby in the oven..... how do i reset??

kewlkat0073949d ago

for kids....I gotta get it.

mintaro3949d ago

looks like this game is trying to develop a deep emotional connection between the characters and the gamers, so far im sold

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The story is too old to be commented.