GDC 2008: Creating StarCraft II's Cinematics

With 1.9 million polygons and 688 individual pieces, creating the character model for StarCraft II's Tichus Findlay in StarCraft II's debut cinematic was no easy task. Blizzard's cinematic creative director Nick Carpenter was at GDC 2008 to explain how intensive the creation process really was. "We made the tech guys' lives a nightmare," he said.

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Tyrael3951d ago

And what a glorious trailer it turned out to be. It almost had me convinced it was real life.

VigorousApathy3951d ago

Does it really need 1.9 million polygons? If they took 100,000 polygons out would someone be like "hey what happened to the polygons? there used to be way more!"

Leord3950d ago

It was a really good trailer. Why is the IGN article so short? It contains almost no info, and no pictures!