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Media Create hardware sales (12/10 - 12/16)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan. Second week Wii U sales are included. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

browngamer41  +   483d ago
Wow..Nintendo is absolutely slaying the charts in it's homeland..just wow..
Neonridr  +   483d ago
Wow over 450K units combined with the Wii U, 3DSXL, and 3DS


and another solid week for the Wii U in Japan after its launch..
MikeMyers  +   483d ago
It looks like 2 people (so far) didn't think those numbers were all that amazing. That in itself is amazing.
Neckbear  +   483d ago
Wow...those 3DS numbers in comparison to the Vita ones. This is just sad.
False-Patriot  +   483d ago
There is no point in comparing the Vita and the 3DS.
MikeMyers  +   482d ago
So you can't compare the Vita and 3DS sales but it's ok to compare Xbox 360 and PS3 sales? I guess whatever suits the argument at the time, right?
G20WLY  +   483d ago
You could say the same about PS3 compared to 360, but that would be pointless too.

Japan as always favoured Nintendo handelds in terms of units sold - it's nothing really noteworthy.

A more balanced and positive view would note that all systems saw a noteable increase this week (except WiiU, but we can let that off due to just launcing!).
ronin4life  +   483d ago
Or to say the Vita is being outsold by the psp...
Really, regardless of other factors/systems the Vita isn't doing well. Not that this needs to be constantly re-iterated either...
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knifefight  +   482d ago
Next week will push the numbers even higher, as week 51 is traditionally Japan's biggest of the year.
G20WLY  +   482d ago
@Nintendo4life, so why say it?

Vita isn't doing amazingly (in Japan), imo, but then who am I? In terms of this industry, I'm nobody, (just like you!), so I couldn't possibly say. PSP is FAR cheaper than Vita, maybe that's a factor.

PS2 still outsells 360 in Japan - does that mean 360 isn't doing well, or are we losing sight of the bigger picture here; i.e. regional variations in preference, brand loyalty, target market scope, sales longevity, pricing, among other factors?

Go on then, I’ll give you a clue…the 360 is doing just fine ;)
r21  +   483d ago
The vita is steadily climbing, hopefully it keeps improving the coming weeks. And woah, the psp doubled its last numbers! What caused that?
Neonridr  +   483d ago
Vita numbers are still low. 14k in a week when the competition is doing like 300-350k in a week is nothing to be happy about.

Although yes, the numbers are climbing, albeit slowly. As for the PSP numbers, I am sure some JRPG game came out to help bolster the sales.

Vita's first goal should be to sell more units than the PSP in a couple of weeks straight.
feeter  +   483d ago
What really is hurting the Vita is developers are still supporting the PSP... when Pokemon Black and White 2 came out on the ds instead of the 3ds people were upset and asked questions.... but when a game gets developed for the PSP they just buy it
Neonridr  +   483d ago
But when a game like Pokemon Black and White 2 comes out for the DS, 3DS owners can still enjoy it. That whole backwards compatible thing that Sony decided wasn't worth their effort.
feeter  +   482d ago
@Neonridr... exactly so developers are making thing worse for the Vita as not supporting it at all... but when Black and White was for the ds they could say it was for the 3ds too... but Sony should try to urge developers to move to the Vita.... everytime i see a sales chart there is a new PSP game and that tells buyer why do i need a Vita when i only get the games i want on the PSP.... Its hurting the Vita nd Sony is not doing anything to stop it(as far as i can tell)
feeter  +   482d ago
Wrong reply
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knifefight  +   482d ago
On Vita
This is its second Christmas in Japan, and it only did 14k in week #50. By comparison, the Xbox 360 did 17k in its second Christmas in Japan during week #50, and the Dreamcast did 21k. We've...seen how those stories have (Ja)panned out.
The Vita numbers are really sad =/
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G20WLY  +   482d ago
Why speculate to that degree? There are far too many variables for you to suggest there is an inevitable pattern/fate - who could have predicted hardware issues like RROD, natural disasters like the tsunami or the global economic crisis and how they each impacted certain platforms?

Feeter makes a more worthwhile observation that the PSP sees more games released in Japan - which are also tailored for that audience - than the Vita does. You only need to check the sales charts to see that. It could be that developers would rather provide for an existing large user base than support Sony in building a new one. It could be that some of those titles were already in production when Vita launched. It could be something else!

Sony needs to incentivise key developers to bring popular Japanese titles to the more capable Vita to tempt PSP owners to purchase one, that much is clear.
knifefight  +   482d ago
I'm not implying doom here, I'm simply stating facts. The fact is, the Dreamcast had better sales than Vita and it died after 2 years. I'm not making a conclusion, because I am not qualified to do so. I am simply adding this information to the discussion.

You're totally correct about the PSP situation, too. The demographic overlap between PSP and 3DS is much greater than the demographic overlap between PSP and Vita. Some people are saying that PSP support/production needs to stop, but really, that would not help the Vita very much. Those sales would mostly just stack onto the 3DS.
chukamachine  +   483d ago
Wii u numbers are a big drop.

it might make 40million sales.
microgenius  +   483d ago
look at ps2
the old warrior is still standing
after 13 years still selling
i wonder when will it give up
axisofweevils  +   483d ago
And amazingly, the 3DS sold more in the first two weeks of December, than the Vita did in the entire year.
Bar_Brothers  +   483d ago
3DS nearing 10m in Japan
Probably 30ww by years end.
CommonSenseGamer  +   483d ago
I don't think anyone would have predicted 12 months ago that the PSP would still be outselling the Vita 2:1 in Japan.
Hicken  +   483d ago
You've been predicting the Vita's failure for quite some time now, so I'm sure you could have.

Plus, had anyone bothered to take a look at the continued support of the PSP- along with its large existing library- they wouldn't be all THAT surprised.
CommonSenseGamer  +   483d ago
Actually Hicken although I was skeptical about the Vita before it was released I did not predict it would be doing so poorly so you're wrong on that one.

My biggest concern re: the Vita when it was announced was its form factor and lack of built in memory but only because I was a big fan (and owner) of the PSP Go. In that regard the Vita felt like a step backward.

You seem so assured of the Vita's success so would love to know why you think it can't fail?
DivineAssault  +   483d ago
wii u sales are less than half of before.. as long as it stays selling 50k plus, it should be fine out there..
wiiulee  +   482d ago
haters can go cry in a corner...all the hate articles are not working...cause nintendo has created a wonderful system and its only been out less then a month..once things are fixed and games are out , its a done deal.
wiiulee  +   482d ago
lol...we cant compare vita to 3ds and why not they are both handhelds...oh japan always favor nintendo handhelds..wow..how silly was that.....get over your nonsense people.......wiiu is doing example what it should stay on top and the games are coming out soon..

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