The Psychology of Girls in a Male-dominated Digital Realm (v3.0)

Today Panda and Linchpin’s three-part series on Girl Gamers comes to an end with our analysis of the final type of girl you will locate online: The Trap or Female Impersonator.

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HanCilliers2101d ago

Wakakaka! I've actually met one 'chick' like this, he played Quake Live masquerading as a she. Don't judge

PandaMcBearface2101d ago

Pretending to be a girl for 4 months takes some serious commitment!

ATi_Elite2101d ago

"Looks at pic"

One Word.........PROACTIV!!!

DesVader2101d ago

Ok, run across lots of these! Dudes pretending to be the ladies. Sorry its the last of the series :(. Why do guys do this?

Choc_Salties2101d ago

Is this the same as rollig a female toon or really pretending to be a female?

HanCilliers2101d ago

Totally not, you ok to be called Flattershy, dont panic ;)

bigfish2101d ago

Is that a guy or a girl in that pic? either way i feel sick!

Klonopin2101d ago

That metabolically challenged pizza face in no way represents the male gender.