Console Monster Review: FIFA Street 3

If a new FIFA football game (or Soccer if you live over the pond) each year isn't enough to keep your skills alive from season to season, then how about an over the top parade of razzmatazz from FIFA Street 3 to keep your cockles warm?

FIFA Street 3 follows on from two rather lack lustre titles before it in the series, but as we journey into high definition, you would hope that effort to add fantastic graphics with a slew of content options would be available for your ball dribbling delights.

The aim of the game is simple really. It is a typical football game just with fewer players, a smaller playing field and add a sprinkle of wacky moves. You can enjoy a rampant tussle from left to right, where no referee will involve himself, so no yellow or red cards. Far from the classic game we know and love...

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