The Best First Person Shooter Of 2012 [eGamer Awards]

eGamer looks at the best first person shooters of 2012 and determines which of them stood above the rest.

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pandehz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Far Cry 3 for me.

The shooting mechanics in Borderlands is a bit rough, the guns feel floaty and crosshairs are half baked. So if you take the term shooter literally then Far Cry 3 had a fine variation between its weapons and it could easily be felt and distinguished.

Also FC3 was dam engaging.

MaleManSam1950d ago

Spec ops bitch.

The Darkness 2. With the quad attack configuration.

Kinger89381950d ago

I may be wrong but wasnt spec ops third person? Ive not played it yet but thought i read that sonewhere

Tody_ZA1950d ago

Spec Ops: The Line is a third person shooter, and we nominated it in that category yes :) As for The Darkness II, we try to take the top 5 nominees, and The Darkness II was very low on the pecking order compared to what we nominated.

shivvy241950d ago

if cod or halo win , i will go jump off a cliff , it has to be Far Cry 3 or Farming Simulator LOL

Tody_ZA1950d ago

You should check the winner :P