Monster Hunter 4 delayed to summer in Japan

Capcom has delayed Monster Hunter 4 from its initially announced March 2013 release to summer 2013 in Japan.

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Godchild10201819d ago

Giving Soul Sacrifice some breathing room. Let's hope that now that MH4 is not coming in March, people will notice SS more and end up picking it up. So, they can localize it quicker.

I hope they take their time with MH4, so it could see those same sales the PSP versions have see and gone by.

boybato1819d ago

I leave it to you Sony to take this opportunity to please market the game well (Soul Sacrifice) and sell those Vitas. hehe

andibandit1819d ago

"please market the game well"

how many times can we beat a dead horse?.

Gamesgbkiller1819d ago

That what I was going to say.
Just imagine if Sony did that to SS.

Lord_Sloth1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

To add in more platforming. =/_____\=

crinale1819d ago

It much better to take time to polish it, rather than release half-assed game and get panned by critics and users.

ShadowKingx1818d ago

not a problem for me, i still Monster hunter tri so as long as they keep the servers up til launch of monster hunter 4 then I’m good.