Is Link One Character?

Anyone who doubts that there are multiple timelines, as well as multiple Links and Zeldas, either isn’t aware of canon or is more interested in their own interpretation of the Zelda universe than Nintendo’s.

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NewMonday1984d ago

always felt the "canon" was retconned, the series make more sense as standalone games.

vork771984d ago

no link gets it on with zelda and they have a son

claud31983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Link is a generational character... He is more than one character

Each new game is an installment of a new link from a new family line

cpayne931983d ago

Well not all of them. Majoras mask was the same as Ocarina of time, the ones or some of the ones on the gameboy were the same from Link to the Past, and the link in Zelda 2 was from Zelda 1.

8bitHero1983d ago

to this day i dont understand why its called the legend of zelda when its link doing all the muscle work.

kesvalk1983d ago

because "legend of link" doesn't sound as good.

8bitHero1983d ago

you say that now because you grew up with it called zelda however if from the beginning it was link you wouldnt think that.

kesvalk1983d ago

yeah of course, but you agree that legend of link is not a good name at all.

it's a marketing decision, like calling "god of the war" is worse than only "god of war".

also, Link is a common word, while Zelda is a exotic name, ppl will remember the name Zelda way easier than Link.

8bitHero1983d ago

actually i dont agree, i think it would be a better name because then it would actually make sense. besides if the name link is a common word then they shouldve never used it or changed it down the line. its like calling super mario 64 princess peach 64 or instead of mario galaxy rosalina galaxy. because afterall, they need savin and they're the main character, right? but w/e its not like its important, all im trying to say is that the name doesnt make any sense.

Lord_Sloth1983d ago

Because history only records the rulers and generals. Never the nameless soldiers who did most of the work.

sandman2241983d ago

Who cares Nintendo lost its touch!

Deku-Johnny1983d ago

Are you talking about a different Nintendo?

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The story is too old to be commented.