Dark Souls 2: run for the hills, the early news reports are not pretty

Digitally Downloaded writes: "More resources means a bigger, better game. The problem is that it also means a game that needs to sell more copies to even break even. The constant pressure on a game with those kinds of sales expectations is to find ways to sell to more people. In marketing speak that typically translates into “more accessible gameplay.” To gamers that means “compromised vision for $$$s.”"

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Kamikaze1351979d ago

Having a bigger team worries me. So many ideas will clash and I can imagine a lot will change to make Dark Souls 2 appeal to more people. While I don't mind this, I hope they don't completely change Dark Souls 2 for the worse.

Root1979d ago

Bigger team means nothing yet developers don't get that

Remember Capcom and RE6...600 people working on it and it was terrible

isyourhouseonfire1979d ago

Eh? RE6 was the second best Resident Evil to RE5... Maybe the size of the team should've created a better game, but let's not deny how good it was. Did you even play RE6??

Root1979d ago


Are you serious...really

RE6 was terrible, the reviews speak for themselfs and the fans who have voiced out about it say enough about it aswell

You could see months away that it was going to be bad

I never bought it but I saw every trailer, read every bit of info, saw every screenshot, played the two horrible demo's....I think I did enough to make judgment. You don't need to buy a game to call it but obviously people like you new to RE will try and act like a "fan" when your not

I mean "was the second best Resident Evil to RE5"...says it all really.

RE5 was the second worst RE game out there...

Rynocirator1979d ago

I think 4, 5, and 6 are the best resident evils...yes I played the originals when I was a kid, no I didn't like them.

Hellsvacancy1979d ago

IsYourBrainOnFire? "RE6 was the second best Resident Evil to RE5"

Maybe your opinion, it sure as hell aint mine

belac091979d ago

i used to disagree, but i got so tired of RE 6 i sold it, and i never do that. it was terrible. Leons campaign was good, but thats not enough to validate calling it a good game.

Skizelli1979d ago

4 guys made Mortal Kombat 1 and it was a smash hit. Over 50 people made Mortal Kombat 9 and it was a smash hit. The size of a development team doesn't mean anything.

Tdmd1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

"I mean 'was the second best Resident Evil to RE5'...says it all really.

RE5 was the second worst RE game out there..."

Believe me: if I could spam the agree button, I would.

Reverent1979d ago

I think Resident Evil 1 and 4 were the best RE games. Everyone else shut up ;)

1979d ago
blackbeld1979d ago

RE2 is still the best.

The thriller after 2 are all gone ;(

RE6 is more like an action game and not a thriller like it was in RE2.

SegataShanshiro1978d ago

@isyourhouseonfire Best resident evil game? what are you, 12?

Mounce1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


It's your kind of Gaming 'Preferences' that lead developers into the wrong idea that Casualizing and making things simplified and Action/COD-oriented makes them sell better and people like you eat it all up....

RE6 is the Best? I don't want to be an ass to 'Subjective preferences/opinions' But, yea....Your taste in games sucks and if it doesn't make me sound too Elitist of RE games, RE2 and 3 'are' the best. If you say otherwise, you're just....not a fan. Not a Gamer.

A Gamer, to me, would understand and prefer the classics for what they brought prefer the damnation of sequelitis made them go downhill. They would understand why the originals of most game series are usually better than the pumped-out sequels unless handled with ABSOLUTE CARE and dedication.

Resident Evil, is not one of those games that were handled with special care. Metal Gear? Yes. Devil May Cry? No (Oh hey, another Capcom franchise) Halo? Maybe. Gears? Maybe. etc etc.

memots1978d ago

The new "it" think on n4g is to hate on re6 , what happen to hate everything that Sony touches or cod ?

Panthers1978d ago

RE6 is the first main Resident Evil game that I have not purchased. It did the same thing that has ruined so many other franchises this gen, attempt to appeal to everyone. This has happened with so many of my favorite franchises this generation, like RE, Socom, Final Fantasy, ect.

While there have been so many fantastic games this gen, its sad that so many others have fallen.

1978d ago
Reverent1978d ago

Shut up Lauren, I'll punch you in the mouth.

FriedGoat1978d ago

Just because she makes all that money from working at home.

AsimLeonheart1978d ago

I agree with you. Actually I think bigger teams ruin a game. Smaller developer teams are more focused, dedicated and ambitious. These days I appreciate Indie games like Limbo and Journey more than the mainstream games because they do not try to appeal to the masses and bring something unique. Gaming industry has become too big for its own good. Publishers have become extremely greedy (CAPCOM comes to mind) and developers have become slaves of management instead of being creators. Every game eventually loses its way and becomes casualized just to make more money. For example, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Dead Space and several others. It is all the fault of greedy publishing corporations that we do not get unique and creative new IPs any more. The best days of gaming were during the 90s and early 2000s when industry was small and ran on passion and ambition instead of money. We got so many new IPs and games in those days and I really miss those days, especially the 90s.

sikbeta1978d ago

We can always have Demons Soul 2, right guys? guys...!?


Not complains until I see the final product, even then, after some patches as well, going by the development of the PC version hehe...

ozzywazzy1978d ago

Silent Hill, gimme more Silent Hill.

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DigitalAnalog1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Congratulations, you have entered the realm of "next-gen" development. Remember how people used to scoff that game budgets would drop. Sadly, they neglect the fact that higher tech would require MORE manpower to pull that off. Dark Souls wasn't even using the state-of-the-art tech, and if the sequel's release is to be in the same ballpark adjusted to inflation just imagine how horrendous the next GTA/Halo/Uncharted or other AAA budgets would be in the future.

Ippiki Okami1979d ago

....No, In the case of Dark Souls 2 the reason they are getting a bigger budget is so they can go all out in graphics, advertising/marketing in a vain effort to "wow" the masses into buying the game.

High costs come from investing in new engines on new games and last I checked Dark Souls 2 uses an engine made for a 6/7 generation ps3/xbox game rather than the 1st generation engine they used for demon's souls or 3rd/4th generation title dark souls. So the cost should be no higher than a Bayonetta 2 on a wii u for example.

Kamikaze1351979d ago

No, this is how things have always been. We still and always will have small development teams that try to appeal to a smaller audience, yet make enough money to profit from.

showtimefolks1979d ago

i think they should have a normal mode for new comers and keep the game as is difficulty wise for returning fans. bigger team could also mean a more polished game .

ThanatosDMC1978d ago

Dark Souls wasnt polished? How so?

Btw, the default difficulty on Dark Souls was normal.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Once again consoles create something good then destroy it for mass market. RE style..

At least we still have ghost recon, RE and splinter cell right?

BinaryMind1978d ago

Yeah, lets make a hardcore game appeal to more people. That totally worked for Ninja Gaiden 3....

Slapshot821978d ago

Exactly my thoughts on this.

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NovusTerminus1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Near as I can tell, they want a clearer story (fine) and an easy start up which, if I am reading correctly, means they want a easy and good tutorial... At least I HOPE thats what they mean. If that is the case, the game should not change to much aside from a cakewalk opening...

Time will tell...

Irishguy951979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

That is what they are saying and it is also what they mean.

Whether or not it is PR Bull**** is another story. However alot of people took "More accessible" in a horrible way because they don't understand nor have they actually read what the 'new direction' is.

With the info we have right now, there is 3 possiblie worrysome ****

*New director/s
*Bigger team
*Focus on Graphics

Lets hope the new directors don't **** up, lets hope the Bigger team doesn't become to hard to manage and disjointed(look what happened to Rising when Kojima left it to new peeps, they had to either scrap it or bring in a different dev to scrounge up what was left of the mess)
Lets hope focus on graphics and 'cool looking' doesing take a focus off the core gameplay and what Dark souls is all about.

Lets hope Pr is not just BSing us anyway. If we are to take them at their word, Dark souls 2 should be fine.

The more accessible stuff should not worry anyone, they are not dumbing down the game or anything, or so they say. They simply stated "Bigger more explained tutorial on the gameplay mechanics" and "Explained Covenant system"

I'm glad for the covenant thing because I simply did not bother with them in Dark souls. Maybe I should go back and try them. However, one major Plus of the info is that servers like Demons souls had are back for this one. They were much better than whatever dark souls did.

fartdude4201979d ago

You're allowed swear, I promise we won't tell on you.

DragonKnight1979d ago

@IrishGuy: More facts than that. Fact #4: Shibuya wants the game to be more direct and straightforward which is in stark contrast to the theme of the Souls series. He also wants it to be more accessible which, history proves, has rarely ever meant a good thing for the quality of a franchise.

Fact #5: Combat is going to be changed. Shibuya made it a point to mention his experience with action games so we know that something is going to happen with the combat. Could be a small change, could be a big one, but it is definitely enough to be concerned about.

Alos881979d ago

I imagine it'll have an easy beginning, and then a massive difficulty spike to make it as difficult as a Souls game should be.

stubbed_out1979d ago

I'm with LordMe....I've loved both games so far, when they mentioned accessibility I didn't imagine difficulty is what they had in mind...I think (hope) they're talking about storyline, item mechanics like upgrading etc.

Like I said, loved both games so far...however, by the time I got to the end I had absolutely no idea what was happening...just enjoyed the ride.

WiigotU1979d ago

So if this game pulls a bayonetta sales wise it'll end up on the wii u with tacked on touchscreen controlls and be labled the definitive version.

Darrius Cole1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Why did you have to mention Bayonetta, the platinum standard of how bad marketing and product placement can ruin a video game franchise? Now I'm depressed.

TopDudeMan1979d ago

Dunno why everyone is having a cow. It'll be fine.

CommonSense1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Having never played Dark Souls, i realize i am demonstrating my ignorance; but isn't dark souls already a sequel to demon souls?

EDIT: N/M, i see. "Spiritual successor"

Conan-O-Brady1979d ago

OMG...Paid dlc item storage...WTF?

A framework where players are able to directly interact with each other.

A more understandable story also more accessible and action oriented game-play.....

It's not looking good if you were a fan of the originals....LOL

easthastings1979d ago

Paid dlc comment is actually false from what I have gathered. I am reserving judgement on this game until I see more official developments in mechanic specifics and perhaps a showcase detailing changes with gameplay. Hope for the best with this game since I still have faith in From, one of the few developers I hold in high regard.