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Iwata: Wii U system update, loading time issues to be addressed

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has spoken a bit about issues concerning Wii U at the moment. (Wii U)

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Jadedz  +   1028d ago
There's no denying the Wii U launched...
With its set of problems, but overall - It's a good console, and off tv play sets a new standard for gaming (based on my opinion).
Septic  +   1028d ago
I agree. The WiiU did (continues to) suffer from a lot of problems at launch and really, these should have definitely been ironed out before release but, this rushed launch aside, off tv play is a godsend and is something many gamers have been imagining for a long time. I do think it is a game changer and hopefully, the Wii U will come into its own very soon.

We haven't scratched the surface yet with the Wii U. Remember, it's not just about raw power but how you utilise it. Nintendo have always been on the forefront of innovation and I think we are in store for some great gameplay experiences.
Hatsune-Miku  +   1028d ago
My opinion is that they should address the weak console issues. The games I've played on the Wii u look worst and plays worst than the ones I've played on the xbox and ps3. The concept of the Wii u is brilliant but its just flipping too weak. People say its almost as powerful as a ps3 and xbox but those systems were launched over 7 years ago so for that time the specs were amazing.

To each his own, fanatics can say all is well with Wii u but the real fans of Nintendo like I am thinks Nintendo has lost their way since the Wii. GameCube was amazing but it had bad third party support which was nintendos fault and the systems disc format. I grew up playing n64 and GameCube and thought those were amazing systems with bad third-party support. I loved them but with Wii , buying games after games made me realized that the system was trash and not meant for a core gamers needs. The wiimotion plus was just a slap in the face also and proved Nintendo didn't have a good product to begin with.

Grinding in red steel 2, Zelda and other core games were a frustrating mess because inaccurate controls at crucial times of gameplay was like a dagger in my back. I don't make excuses for bad decisions and things nintendo does that doesn't benefit me but I don't understand this turn in gaming where people feel the need to run away from traditional controls. All this talk of innovation when it comes to Nintendo makes gameplay worst for core gamers. People might stream a game or watch teli on the controls a few times but will go by the way-side soon after the novelty of a new product wears off then you are left with last gen graphics and tech with predictable artificial intelligent npcs which becomes boring fast.

People are doing a disservice to themselves which I don't care much for but I would have loved a Wii u with all the silliness it has right now but be able to do things way above what ps3 can do. Mario 64 was great with the help of powerful hardware, Zelda Oot was great because of powerful tech just like Mario sunshine, waverace, rogue squadron, res 4 and others but people or namely nes fanatics are deceptive when they say power doesn't matter. They've been conditioned through years weak hardware to say that. New fanatics would say vita is rubbish because of sales, then a rational person would see that the design and options on the vita is way better than a 3ds and they have the same amount of games despite 3ds launching a year earlier.

I don't engage in retardation I don't want a sales station I want a PlayStation
Hatsune-Miku  +   1028d ago
double post
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BlackWolf  +   1028d ago
Damn, Hatsune-Miku is back, again. At least it was a double post, so we won't see more of this in this article.
JayBlue  +   1028d ago
Completely agree with you.

Dear Hatsume, the only problem with your comments is that you are completely biased... and you are overly fixated with graphics and specs.
Lets see, since you talked you like your playstation so much, and you mentioned the N64, do you remember the original PS1? it didn't required much power to perform graphics as good or even better than those on N64. the N64 was a 64bit console, while PS1 was 32bits. So, the game isn't completely set on the specs department.

Yes, again, the Wii U is weaker specs-wise, compared to PS3 and XBOX360, but that doesn't makes it a bad console as a whole. It's issues are being solved now, just like this article says.

Oh, just because they were released 7 years ago the tech in the PS3 and XBOX360 aren't amazing for you anymore? that comment completely serves as a proof for my opinion about you.

Please, don't call yourself a "real nintendo fan".
Since the first time i got on this site, all I've from you is how you keep bashing whatever nintendo does.
You have to understand, Nintendo never focused the wii for "hardcore gamers". If it didn't fit your needs, you always had 2 other options just in front of you.

Oh, the example about the wiimotion plus just make me remember when the PS3 came out offering the Sixaxis controller, and later after a year of being in the market, the release the DualShock 3, same controller, only with vibration feedback integrated.

People feel the need to find something different from traditional controllers because, over the time, it just turn monotonous. Even you should have found yourself getting bored of the same gaming experience over and over again.

I only know few poeple here that uses the term "nes fanatics", which are you and Mika.

I think you got your information wrong. Yes, the Vita have a better construction quality, best tech. But it offers nothing new, its just a PSP, with improved graphics, finally adding a 2nd analog stick, and not one(this is the funny part for me) 2 touch sensitive surfaces, which, in my opinion, don't add the console any special value.

Don't get me wrong, 3ds is almost the same story compared to its predecessor, but everything is a matter of taste and preference.

If you really are going to keep bashing the wii u, i respectfully ask you to back off, go away and keep playing with your so loved playstation.

Sorry for the long post
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ChickeyCantor  +   1028d ago
" I don't engage in retardation"
Then could you do us a favor and stop?
n4f  +   1028d ago
well there should be an update for hatsune-miku as well.
-install brain
-ability to use brain
-install smart.
-remove: angry about life and nintendo
-remove diapers
-grow him up
herbs  +   1028d ago
Hatsune-Miku doesn't like wii motion+ simply because trolls are to uncoordinated to wield such a device with any kind of percision ^_^
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mcstorm  +   1028d ago
I agree im loving my WiiU at the moment.
donman1  +   1028d ago
I second that... looking forward to the TVii service which goes live Thursday.
grailly  +   1028d ago
I'm really surprised by how few disagrees you've got from this comment. Maybe the haters have finally tried the wiiU out?
1upgamer99  +   1028d ago
Oh gosh no, soon we will read "Its weak, and rubbish" LOL...I am very happy Nintendo is fixing this issue. I knew they were going to but the sooner the better. :)
cleft5  +   1028d ago
A lot of this is just launch day blues. You buy a console day 1 and unfortunately you have to deal with stuff like this. This is why I am okay with waiting a bit for the bugs to get sorted out and everything to run smoothly.
ALLWRONG  +   1028d ago
dantesparda  +   1028d ago
I hope i hear all of you's say the same thing when MS' and Sony's next systems come out.
PopRocks359  +   1028d ago
Funny you say; I have friends who wait until entire generations have passed before buying their respective platforms. They're in stock, their firmware is at the latest and many of the games are at much lower prices.

I personally like to support the stuff I like at launch and support the publishers/developers/etc. Voting with my wallet and all that good stuff.
persona4chie  +   1028d ago
i hope they get the load times down that will really help
Ashunderfire86  +   1028d ago
Nintendo apologizing for the black Wii U shortage? Shoot it's a lot easier to get than the Wii!!!!


Gonna wait til next year to get the Wii U, so all the system update is all taking care of. I love that off screen feature.
millzy102  +   1028d ago
he said shortages in Japan not us
WiigotU  +   1028d ago
I work at target we only have 1 white one. But keep in mind that depending on when you go into a store your going to see them. For instance my store gets a delivery truck at least every tuesday. Product put on the floor overnight. Come in WED and you may see some.
shadowfox6  +   1028d ago
Good to know, the WiiU has just been launched & it needs attention from Nintendo to address some minor problems of loading time.
kakashishinoda  +   1028d ago
I hope That nintendo can do something about the freezing problem
ISNeko  +   1028d ago
I'm always confused when I read someone say this. I've not encountered a freeze yet.
donman1  +   1028d ago
Same here... what freezing problem?
PopRocks359  +   1028d ago
Since the first post launch day update, my Wii U has not frozen once, so I'm not sure what the OP is talking about.
mydyingparadiselost  +   1028d ago
Yea I don't get it often, but every once in awhile mine will freeze. It used to make a loud buzz when it froze but the last update stopped that. It seems Nintendo is making pretty good progress for fixing things so I'm sure anything too major will continue to be worked on.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1028d ago
I hadn't heard about the freezing issue until I read this. I've never experienced it. From what I've read it looks like the problem comes from using a hard drive that isn't powered by an external AC adapter. The people with the freezing problem seem to be using a hard drive with a Y connector into two usb ports which isn't getting enough power to the drive.
Ck1x  +   1027d ago
I use my drive this way and haven't had one problem at all... It must be a hit or miss thing then!
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dennett316  +   1028d ago
Good to see they're going to address the loading times. They aren't TOO bad, but lengthy enough to be noticeable, especially when people are used to fast and slick phone OS's and the like.

Even at this early stage, it is a damn good console and you can clearly see the potential the system has. NintendoLand alone is worth the investment IMO, especially if you have the opportunity to get the multiplayer going.
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josephayal  +   1028d ago
This is Great, my wii u takes ages to load
ChickeyCantor  +   1028d ago
And you.
Stop pretending this is twitter. Your comments are flip flopping all over the place. One day you say negative stuff about console X and the other day you say positive stuff.

I honestly want to know why you even bother?
LightofDarkness  +   1028d ago
He's an extremely sad troll who's been around for a while now. He's absolutely terrible at it, but he keeps trying. Bless his heart.

It's practically the easiest thing to do on the internet (trolling), but he can't even do it. It's best to just ignore him as I do, and save yourself feeling embarrassed for him. It's like watching an amateur comic bomb on stage, repeatedly, and he just doesn't seem to understand that he needs to get off the stage.
scissor_runner  +   1028d ago
Just saw the new dragon quest wii/wiiu game man I want that game! There are shortages in the wrong places. The most Japan it seems. Faster load time is sweet so we may see space on system ram.

I knew the strick would get them.
Munnkyman  +   1028d ago
I am so happy they are making it load faster on a other note They need to market it better. I've been taken the wii u over to my friends places these past weeks and they didn't even know Nintendo came out with a new system. But they always ending up loving it and want to buy one. This is coming from people that play games all the time to people who don't.
scissor_runner  +   1028d ago
Announce these secret games!
cherbhy  +   1028d ago
I couldn't agree more. I've had the same/similar experiences with this console. My friends/relatives know nothing about it, then play it, then they want it.

I think we see so many negative posts about the Wii U on this site because people just haven't played it. It's natural for gamers to nitpick (they are very detail-oriented people) but at times it just gets ridiculous.
bobacdigital  +   1028d ago
As long as they improve load times across the board the system will be fine... I think its manageable in most the things I access.. but one thing I think they need to fix is the wii chat feature... it takes SOOOOO long to open / close or if you are in the browser or eshop and you want to answer a call .. it takes over 1 minute to switch apps and open the call...

sux but they gotta fix it... other than that I am completely satisfied with my Wii U .. If they end up patching the load times, adding TVII, and producing DLC for nintendoland I will be a happy man.
cherbhy  +   1028d ago
TVii is coming tomorrow, but with limited functionality: it will be missing access to both your DVR and Netflix. This is a real disappointment considering that these were the two most appealing features to me. Apparently they are having trouble working with cable providers (no surprise there).

That said, the Netflix app still will fill that need and the other Apps (namely miiverse and the internet explorer) continue to satisfy me. Pair that with faster load times and a more streamlined way to navigate the television and we still have a useful & entertaining piece of technology on our hands.

Hopefully this advertised DVR function does come to life within the next few months though.
quantae06  +   1028d ago
I hope they patch this issue before I buy the console next month.
metroidfusion2  +   1028d ago
The wii u is definitely stronger then the ps3 and 360 bu by how much no one knows until a full spec sheet is released but I'm. Nott a spec person so I don't care I will just read the comments in the article to see who knows what they are talking about which is a very small amount of ppeople on anny gaming site which is sad and thee wii u is alreaady doing native 720p and 660fps and native 1080p and 60fps at launch and the ports look as good or better and these are just launch titles and have all or almost all of the dlc and wii u exclusive dlc and so far as I know since I do something called RESEARCH the wii u has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games as of now probably more and this is just the beginning andd I'm sure more are coming and now my lil bro only has nintendoland right now but the game looks good and I can't wait for how nintendos usual first party games,first party surprises,3rd party ports,3rd party exclusives,3rd party surrprises will loook like becausee just for any other console it just takes time for. Example for all of. The iddiots do ps3 and 360 launch games look like the games that are coming out now nope it only takes time but it seems the children these days don't do research on gaming history
SugarSoSweet  +   1028d ago
Ports look the same to me and in some cases they look worse
PopRocks359  +   1028d ago
Ports are ports, and these were developed in less than a year on changing hardware. How would they be expected to look better?
chillhomie  +   1028d ago
This is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. I'm glad Nintendo is showing some accountability. The update and load times are my only personal gripes system-wise (not games-wise) at the moment....well the backwards compatibility with wii could be smoother and less of a hassle and not being able to use the pro controller for vc games is a bummer, but hey they're minor gripes lol
wiiulee  +   1028d ago
like we didnt know that was coming...there's been so much updates for the ps3 and xbox....wiiu is not new to this ...but you listen to clowns and haters and you would think that..
dok22  +   1028d ago
I'm not upset about Netflix not being integrated in the tvii app.. just have to use Netflix on the Wii u dashboard. I'm glad they are finally releasing it.. they got a head start on Apple's. Plans for their TV service.
DwightOwen  +   1028d ago

That was my only major gripe with the console. There's no reason it should take so long to move from app to app through the Wii U menu when there is a whole gigabyte of memory devoted SOLELY to the OS.

Here's hoping we get a fix soon.
DivineAssault  +   1027d ago
At the speed tech is advancing these days, tablets will be in 4k resolution & run games just as strong if not even more powerful than what wii u is capable of doing.. I dont see the big deal about playing games on that gamepad.. Id much rather play games on my TV

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