LittleBigPlanet 2: PS Vita Cross-Controller DLC Gameplay

The new LittleBigPlanet 2 Playstation Vita Cross-Controller DLC was released today allowing players to play LittleBigPlanet 2 with their Playstation Vita in fun and unique ways. The DLC costs $4.99 on the PSN and is a 499MB download for your Playstation Vita that allows you to use your Playstation Vita as an advanced PS3 controller for LittleBigPlanet 2.

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GribbleGrunger1947d ago

You can certainly tell that the person playing this isn't into creating.

fredrikpedersen1947d ago

I've probably played LBP2 over 300 hours, but Im not into creating

GribbleGrunger1947d ago

Yeah, I figured as much lol. It's just that you passed by so many materials a few times and I could tell they didn't interest you that much :)

abzdine1947d ago

there is a 2440hour trophy in LBP2 and Vita only for creating, and i think you need too long time to do that and in my case i dont have all that time even if i'd like to create something on this game.

ftwrthtx1947d ago

It isn't currently working for everyone for some reason.

SoundGamer1947d ago

Some people just don't know how to set it up. It unfortunately has a bit of a process to go through before you can actually start playing.

ftwrthtx1947d ago

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. My Vita works great with remote play so I know I can connect.

SoundGamer1947d ago

@ftwrthtx and anyone else having trouble setting up LBP 2 Cross-Controller. I ran into a lot of other people on YouTube with the problem. So I wrote up a guide.

Try following these steps:

First off: Make sure both your PS3 and PS Vita have the most up-to-date firmware running on it. If not, update your systems. In addition, make sure your remote play has been set up prior. If you need help with this, Google, PlayStation dot com, and YouTube are your friend. It's easy.

ALL INSTRUCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE PS3 and PS Vita if you take the time to read them. For those who do not, well, you can read this -

After purchasing the LBP 2 Cross-Controller pack on your PS3, these are the steps you'll need to take to get it up and running:

Download the LBP 2 Cross-Controller unlock from the PlayStation Network store.

After the pack has been downloaded, click on the bubble under your game menu (just like you would install any other downloaded item). At this point, it will prompt you to hook up your PlayStation Vita and run the content manager. Hook up your PlayStation Vita to your PS3 via USB. Once the systems are connected, click on "content manager" on your Vita. From there, follow the steps to connect your PS3 to your Vita and install the LBP 2 Cross-Controller content on your Vita. Once this is completed, you can disconnect your Vita from your PS3 and close the Content Manager.

You will note that a bubble is still on your PS3 for the LBP 2 Cross-Controller add-on. Click on the bubble and it will now install on your PS3.

Now you will need to go on your PS3 and launch LittleBigPlanet 2. If you have not already done so, a patch will be downloaded and installed (about 1GB) for the Cross-Controller compatibility.

Once LBP 2 has launched on your PS3 and you are in your Pod, press the square button to access your LBP pod menu via the on-screen controller (just like you're going to play any other game in LBP 2). From there, you should see "Cross-Controller" on the right side of your screen. Click it. Now it will ask you to pick up your PlayStation Vita and start the "Remote Play" app. On the "Remote Play" app, you will see "cross-controller." Click "Cross Controller."

Follow the on-screen instructions and click "next". The Vita and PS3 should start communicating automatically. An app of about 500MB will need to download and install on your Vita from the Remote Play Cross-Controller screen. This should happen automatically if you have followed all the other steps.

Once the app has downloaded, press the "PS" button on your Vita and the app should install. You will now see a new app on your Vita called, "LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller."

At this time, everything is ready for you to start playing. Hopefully you left your PS3 as it was. If not, make sure you're on LBP 2 on your PS3 and follow the steps mentioned before, once again to go to the "Cross-Controller" section of the game. If it's already there, you should see a "remote play" screen.

Now, go back to your PlayStation Vita and launch the LBP 2 cross-controller app from the Live Area. If everything is set up correctly, it will go right into the game and you can start playing.

Hope that helps!

proskatercam1947d ago

Am in the "can't get it working" group...

jon12341947d ago

ill play devils advocate....


ftwrthtx1947d ago

Singstar has had a similar interface that dates back to the PSP.

jon12341947d ago

wooooo, look at all those disagrees... i can safely assume that those 10 people do not understand the term devils advocate....

fredrikpedersen1946d ago

I had to laugh when I saw those. It's obvious you were joking.

Sketchy_Galore1947d ago

Media Molecule are the reason I'm getting a Vita on Christmas day. The trailer for Tearaway blew me away. Vita's version of Littlebigplanet is the first game I'm picking up (which I know they didn't make but it's at least driving on the road they built) and now this DLC comes along as an awesome bonus. I just wish more studios would try to equal their imaginative and brave ways of integrating and exploiting the possibilities of new hardware.

ElectricKaibutsu1947d ago

Tearaway is going to be amazing.

strigoi8141947d ago

Wow this just make LBP more awesome

THC CELL1947d ago

Yep and this is the reason I did not run out n buy a Wii u

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