GDC 2008: Insomniac Launches Nocturnal Developer Toolbox

At a GDC press conference, Insomniac Games (responsible for Ratchet & Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man on PS3) has announced a ground breaking initiative to open up their technologies for the development community at large. Through the "Nocturnal Initiative," Insomniac Games is attempting to break the common development practice of keeping technological advances a close-guarded secret. As they noted, "developers spend resources solving problems that have already been solved."

A public site ( will give developers access to various parts of Insomniac source code. Libraries have already been made available, with more on the way. Through a Wiki-style interface, Insomniac hopes that they will allow everyone to "make better games."

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Violater3715d ago

I don't think Insomniac can be applauded enough for this.

marinelife93715d ago

That is amazing! Insomniacs deserve all the accolades they receive.

rofldings3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

"The tools available will obviously work on PS3, but because it is a PC-based environment, should work on Xbox 360 as well. Joystiq will be chatting with Insomniac shortly. Stay tuned."

There goes Joystiq again, trying to put a 360 spin on everything. Just like for the PhyreEngine article.

Btw, they spelled "nocturnal" wrong.
Here's the site:


decapitator3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Somebody quickly send this to EA, Valve and Ubisoft, they seriously need this program.

Insomniac = = +1000000000000 Respect.

grilledgorlupa83715d ago

I'm speechless about how freckon sweet this is.

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Salvadore3715d ago

They may only be developers, but they are showing great commitment in the PS3's hardware and are willing to share tools with other 3rd party developers to improve the experience on the PS3. Sony are very fortunate to have really talented developers who are dedicated in the hardware and software aspect of their consoles.

crck3715d ago

They have no obligation to Sony or to help other devs out. Which makes what they are doing even more amazing.

decapitator3715d ago

Crck is right. Sony treats them real good thats why they are with them and will probably end up been bought by them in the near future.

grilledgorlupa83715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

1st party or not Sony is still very lucky to have such close ties to Insomniac.

ruibing3715d ago

Insomniac is considered 2nd party, and they have a very tight relation with 1st party developers like Naughty Dog.

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liquidsnake3715d ago

A really mature move by Insomniac. Way to go. Thats why Insomniac and Naughty Dog will always be my favourites.

RIPHDDVD3715d ago

Insomniac are my favorite devs.

Mattearl3715d ago

Thats taking a huge step to further gaming. Sharing with other developers.

Hopefully this will snowball and other developers will do the same (i don't think Epic will join this tho...)

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