PS Vita System Update 2.02 Out Now

PS Vita System Update 2.02 Out Now

* Doesn't fix the LBP2 Cross Controller connection issues

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ftwrthtx1735d ago

I really want the cross controller to work.

doctorstrange1735d ago

I want more supporting games too

ftwrthtx1735d ago

It could very easily be used just like the Wii U

DJ1735d ago

PS3 and Vita working together is cool. But I think Orbis and Vita will have even better cross-functionality, and be marketed as a better alternative to the Wii U.

By the way, Sony should just sell both together.

KING851735d ago

I highly doubt they will do so; at least initially. From a business standpoint it would be suicide to do that in the beginning because I suspect the next-gen PS will be priced no less than $250-$300 (I suspect it will be $350). The price would just be too high to package the vita in a bundle, and I think consumers have shown they are shunning such a high price point for any system no matter the brand (except for apple for some reason).

Y_51501735d ago

Kidding, I actually like Orbis better, it's a cooler name!

Baylex1735d ago

Now that I have a Vita I may get an Orbis when it comes out, instead of another xbox..

PS: the only home console I own is my Wii. I don't own an xbox 360

ftwrthtx1735d ago

Apparently the disc based version is having issues but the digital version is fine.

jwk941735d ago

Oh ok, yeah my digital version was having some troubles but it finally started working this morning. Honestly, i hate LBP but this DLC was A LOT of fun! It makes me want to actually go back through the game. Shame that cross-controller can't be used in the main campaign.

DwightOwen1734d ago

I swear, the Vita has had more firmware releases than game releases this year.

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Allowen1735d ago

I bet the PSvita will work no problem as a second screen when we play PS4 games .

George Sears1735d ago

And here I just updated it to 2.01 a few hours ago....

SAE1735d ago

i just wake up and the update already been downloaded xD (ps+ :P )

but why there are not information about the update ?.

MGRogue20171735d ago

Bleh.. no rush to update to this new firmware.. :/

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