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Playstation Vita Firmware 2.02 Announced

Sony revealed via their Playstation Twitter account today that a new firmware update will be available for the Playstation Vita soon. (PS Vita)

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Godchild1020  +   733d ago
And the frequent updates have begun./s
andibandit  +   733d ago
Let the downloading begin!!!

see you all again in a few days.
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KongRudi  +   733d ago
It's a optional update. :)
Not necessary to download, it just impoves some stability on a few titles. :)
doogiebear  +   733d ago
I'm not downloading a damn thing until I know it's bug-free. I'll wait a few days for any community feedback about the patch first.
ThanatosDMC  +   732d ago
I hope this fixes avi files that i could watch before the 2.00 update. I have no idea why they screwed with video files when they gave the Vita more use.
dkgshiz  +   733d ago
Hmm, oh well. There like 50-80mb tops. Depending on your internet speed it takes less then 2 min to download/install. Maybe even quicker.
FlyingFoxy  +   732d ago
more like under ten seconds for me, my isp recently upgraded all 50mbps connections to 100.
360ICE  +   733d ago
To be fair, this isn't THAT frequent. Nothing close to early PS3 days for instance. And it' optional.
Godchild1020  +   733d ago
I know, I was being sarcastic. Everyone complained how the PS3 had many updates in the span of 6 years and often it came, compared to the 360. I was joking and making fun. Its been a year for the Vita and only had, what 3-4 updates. With 2 of them being very useful?

The matter is, I was joking.
360ICE  +   733d ago
Ah, yes. I know all to well how difficult Internet sarcasm is. Very well then
showtimefolks  +   733d ago

why are you always commenting on top only to be very negative? updates don't cost the gamers anything do they?

seriously in gaming community we will complain about everything and than we wonder why not many take the gaming community serious
Godchild1020  +   733d ago
I wasn't complaining. I was joking and making a pun to how many times people mention the amount of updates and downtime the PS3 has received.

If I was complaining, I would have said; Oh another update for the Vita, why don't Sony just wait and release a massive one, so it doesn't take away from gaming time as often.
showtimefolks  +   733d ago

oh ok lol. i take it back. we got enough people complaining we don't need more
BrianC6234  +   733d ago
So you think it would be better for Sony to not put out updates and let people deal with problems? This update was small and didn't take long to download and install. No big deal.
abzdine  +   733d ago
stupid and useless.
PSN implementation is so poor in this machine, you never know if you're on or offline. Everytime i open trophies, friends or anything it's stupid apps and it has to load everytime to connect to PSN. Totally beginners!
I thought PSN would be implemented same way as in PS3 but this is worse than back in 2006.

And man that UI is a total mess i want a touchscreen XMB to sort things the right way. Sony pull your fingers off you asses give us something worth it.
bwazy  +   733d ago
"Hey guize, instead of talking about ANYTHING the update impliments (like wifi fixes), lets B*tch and complain about subjective issues that everyone might not agree upon, herp de fricking derp."

KangarooSam  +   733d ago
I kind of agree with the PSN part. I mean if you make a device that's main features include being connected on the go, 24/7, whatever, AND 4-5 hour battery life then give people a device that can last 4-5 hours while online 24/7.

The reason I'm talking about battery life is because that's the only reason I think would be plausible as to why Vita's aren't online all of the time.

On topic of update: no one's created a hack yet so I think it's safe to assume there's somewhat of a purpose for this. Hopefully a significant one.
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MizTv  +   733d ago
One charge last me the day
And no I'm not playing 10 hours a day
Soldierone  +   732d ago
Wifi just being on doesn't kill it. I've been connected for a few hours, playing games or whatever.

Actually using wifi to play games, then yeah its around 4 hours. I've drained it playing All-Stars.
KUV1977  +   733d ago
I suppose if you were online full time your battery wouldn't last as long as it does. Still I agree that the constant re-connect is annoying and should be solved better. Since last update the trophies sync in the background, so maybe they realized that the constant loading bars are annoying.
As far as the XMB goes, I think it is very overrated. It is functional but far from pretty. I hope they improve it a lot for the next big PS. The VITA interface, for me, is fine the way it is. This way you can directly choose from several apps. With XMB you would have to scroll your fingers off for the same amount of choices. I'm not saying the interface is flawless but makes way more sense than the XMB would on a mobile device. Grouping stuff in folders, however, would be great.
abzdine  +   733d ago
That's what XMB does, group stuff by type and in folders. A long XMB that you need to slide right and left would be the best thing to make order in there cause between demos, full games i'm a bit lost and i just bought it like one and half month ago and it's worse and worse the more things i put in it. Also mail lying next to settings next to Near it's a mess for me. You will maybe suggest that i add a page but it's not that elegant to have 20 pages of things. An XMB with the same round icons would be the best.

Regarding the PSN because they wanna reduce battery life, they could make it as a choice to the players because many times i play at home and i can charge it when i want.
KUV1977  +   733d ago
I see what you mean with the XMB but still if you wanted to start your top apps you would have to swipe quite a number of times, while right now I have all my most used on the top screen ans can access them at once. Then I have three more pages full games, then demos, social and so on... I think it is pretty nice as far as accessibility goes. Just to think I would have to swipe to different areas to access the store, the trophies, the current game... blargh. What they could and should do, ist introduce group-bubbles, where you can put several bubbles into on bubble... but it's really just neccessary for me for the rarely used apps.
G20WLY  +   733d ago
@abzdine, you can't have 20 pages, it's capped at 10 and you can move any icon around on the page or to another one entirely.

I'm not disagreeing as such, but there is more flexibility than you seemed to be aware of, so I thought I'd advise.

It could be better (what couldn't?), but it's far from broken in my opinion.
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r21  +   733d ago
UI a mess? How complex can tapping be? The interface is fine and was built exactly for the ps vita, the XMB would hardly fit it.
SAE  +   733d ago
i can mention worst things then reconnect to psn , sony needs to give us more freedom , it feels like im in prison when i think about the features or even normal things such as 1 account on vita that is locked ....

it's annoying as hell >.< ..
Minato-Namikaze  +   733d ago
Blame the halters
cpayne93  +   733d ago
In my opinion the UI on the Vita works a lot better and is a lot better looking than the xmb. I can't even understand why you want it.
8bitHero  +   733d ago
i agree on the psn thing. its annoying that everytime i get on an app that uses the internet it has to connect to the psn. there should at least be an option in the settings that allows us to stay connected to the internet 24/7 when possible. also i think the double tapping an app is kind of annoying. for games i understand but why do i have to double tap to use facebook or twitter, it doesnt even close the game so i dont see the point of it. and lastly, i dont like how every game makes those bubbles, it would be ok if there was a folder option that way you could group all of them but you cant, they just take up too much space depending how many games you got.
Riderz1337  +   733d ago
Touchscreen can suck my dick.
FunAndGun  +   733d ago
wha, wha, what!

Mine doesn't have this feature. :(
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   733d ago
Custom firmware 6.9
JayD-1K  +   733d ago
In the setting section you can have the friends and messages update all the time WITH OUT having the app on. So in actuality, you are connected to PSN 24/7!
Just like on the Vita, I would like for my friends on the PS3 can see me on the vista.
Gamesgbkiller  +   733d ago
Its available now.
Redempteur  +   733d ago
nice i had some weird hard crashes since 2.01 ..i hope this update fixes them
eferreira  +   733d ago
the vita updates are really quick and why complain about them? It's improving your system, God forbid they constantly work on their firmware.
Krew_92  +   733d ago
You would think people would be happy seeing their portable system be supported with periodic updates.
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Nacht  +   733d ago
So you prefer a big huge Update like Wii U?
8bitHero  +   733d ago
i prefer updates that actually add features, but maybe im just in the minority.
JoGam  +   733d ago
Features is great and all but sometimes it's about fixing things on the system that you may not know about. Firmware updates are not design to pass people off but to add to the software.
TorchedRd  +   733d ago
Can't win around these parts. People complain about not having games, they release plenty of games (between actual Vita titles, classics, mini's) and all are pleased for a short time. Then they find something else to complain about. Why don't we just consider ourselves lucky that despite the fact the Vita isn't the highest sold console as of right now, Sony is still supporting it with semi frequent updates, which is more than what you can even give to smartphone manufacturers who MAY roll out an update every what? 6 months? Can't we all just be content for one small period of time?
extermin8or  +   733d ago
Ok a) There have been loke 5 updates since release, and 2 of those where in the launch month to fix minor bugs etc.
b) The PSN is done the way it's done to save power and makes perfect sense, set your messages to update every 10 mins or so, and it will- open the friends app and as long as you don't press the lock key and stay in decent signal/range of wifi- and the game your playing doesn't restrict it, you will remain online and it will pop up notifications for stuff similar to how the PS3 PSN works.
EverydayGuy  +   733d ago
You know how many levels of fail it is to complain about updates? Why not complain about phones, computers, t.vs, blu-ray players, tablets, softwares, games.

Why not complain about the air stinks, water is wet, outside is cold, the road is bumpy, looking at successful people makes you jealous, poor people scares you, and complain about other people complaining./s
Haha123  +   733d ago
So freaking excited!!!
Spenok  +   733d ago
OMG people stop bitching. They are making stuff better. Why would you EVER complain about improvement?

OMG, updates take a few minutes! How about you start it earlier, or do something else while it is doing the update, so you don't have to sit around twiddleing your thumbs. You spend enough time on N4G anyways, so why not let it update while you're here?

Or, there's always playstation +. I personally haven't seen an update in months due to the auto update feature. It's one of the best things about PS+ lol.
GloriousBagel  +   733d ago
I actually don't mind firmware updates, it makes me happy that Sony is constantly trying to improve their products.
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