2013 Most Anticipated - #14 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

One Hit Pixel: "We’ve chosen our twenty-five most anticipated games of 2013 from an extension list of confirmed and almost certain releases for next year. Having each voted for the games on the list and then processing the results through a methodical algorithm we’re here to bring you the results. We’ll take a look at what we know about each game, plus the reasons the team voted for each title, with an article every day until the end of the year – when we’ll reveal our most anticipated game of 2013. To see all previous games in this feature, visit the dedicated stream." Link on page.

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Community1825d ago
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ThichQuangDuck1825d ago

Tom Clancy's Spies Vs Mercs

Is what I see unfortunately due to changing the voice which really seems like it would be small,but is detrimental to the game. As well as the overall action game route. Although there is some stealth elements.

krazykombatant1824d ago

I just wonder how the spies are going to move, will they be the same as before??? I highly doubt it. If they move as quick and sam fisher does in this new game then the mercs better have some good tools at their disposal to make short workings of the spies. That is to say if the spies can't just take out the mercs with close-quarter kills.

ThichQuangDuck1824d ago

I just want Spies vs Mercs Chaos Theory style and I will be good. Updated version with updated maps and remakes. Double agent they made a lot of unneeded changes,but they could get it back on track. Chaos Theory was an amazing package great single player, co-op and multiplayer with free dlc

krazykombatant1824d ago

Nope nope, I'm still waiting to see where the "stealth" portion in the game, so far all I've seen is QTE's galore,a different looking/sounding sam fisher. The story doesn't convince me, and lastly I'm still pissed about the fact that Ironside isn't on for this.

Don't say that the voice actor is doing a similar job, because he isn't go back and listen to Ironsides work and how the new guy sounds. He doesn't even try to sound like some older experience bad ass who has gone to hell and back multiple times.

I'm waiting Ubi, you may have me interested in things like Farcry3 and Watch Dogs, but how long will it take till you run those franchises into the ground?? hmmm? Splinter cell suffered due to Asscreed and I haven't played Asscreed 3 but from what I've heard it doesn't do the rest of the franchise justice.

/end rant.