The Biggest PlayStation Exclusives of This Generation

As Christmas approaches, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan interpret the latest lyric from the 12 Days of Christmas – six geese a-laying. Drunk on Christmas sherry, we take a look at Sony’s biggest golden eggs this gen.

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doctorstrange1981d ago

Good game, but only sold a few million :(

GribbleGrunger1981d ago

What has sales got to do with it? I really can't understand the thinking when people mention how many sales a game has. It's either a good game or not, regardless of how many it sold. If I was the only person that bought Infamous, it would still be a good game. Forget sales and play the damn game

alexcosborn1981d ago

Mediocre game, and only sold a few million :/

doctorstrange1981d ago

@GribbleGrunger I agree in principle, but if it had sold more, inFamous 3 would be far more likely, as would infamous Vita.

Foolsjoker1981d ago

inFamous is far from over!

Ezz20131981d ago

i didn't know that selling over 2million
is bad or make a great game a bad game

Panthers1981d ago

inFamous has been one of my favorite games this gen. very fun.

cpayne931981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@acharlez you're free to your opinion but the games are around 83 on metacritic, so it has gotten pretty positive reception.

Edit: infamous 1 has an 85 on metacritic and infamous 2 has an 83. Personally I thought they were a couple of the best superhero games I've played.

dafegamer1981d ago

a few million isnt even bad, the hell?

Riderz13371981d ago

@doctorsrange, the game has sold over 4m units according to vgchartz and I'm pretty sure they have inFamous 2 undertracked considering Sony purchased Sucker Punch after the release of inFamous 2. This doesn't inlude DLC and also not counting the Festival of Blood DLC which was once the highest and fastest selling PSN title for a while only to be beaten by Journey.

@acharlez, inFamous is mediocre?
inFamous - 85
inFamous 2 - 83

Damn you have a messed up definition of "mediocre".

pixelsword1981d ago

Shouldn't the title say "The Most Sold PlayStation Exclusives of this Generation", then?

SilentNegotiator1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It SAYS "Biggest", people.

inFamous was great (one of my favorite original titles of the generation, personally), but you can't call it the "biggest" exclusive on Playstation of the generation.

I think the spirit of this question is "Who represents the Playstation best in this generation?"....and you need a mix of sales and greatness for that.

Uncharted or MGS or GT5 would be closer to fitting that bill.

Irishguy951981d ago

Infamous is alright, I liked 2 a decent amount although I preferred Empire city to new orleans...but still gameplay was better. I'd give em 7/10 and 7.5 for the 2nd.

MaxXAttaxX1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

You dum dum.

And sales has nothing to do with it. The games were great and definitely some of the best PS3 games.
As a major PS franchise this generation it definitely deserved recognition.


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akechi_mitsuhide1980d ago

In that case then yeah it makes sense. Journey just got a Grammy nomination. That redefines big, in the context of videogames.

princejb1341981d ago

infamous franchise is awesome
i love those games
sales are important to developers though because it determines is it worth doing a sequel for them. Remember developers are in this for a profit.

As for me i could care less about sales as long as the game is great and infamous was excellent

Y_51501981d ago

It has gain popularity. You seen how well Festival of Blood did, you know that they will not put the series aside anytime soon. inFAMOUS is my favorite PS3 exclusive!

ABizzel11981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I think they had a pretty good list, although for me personally top 5 PS3 exclusives were.

1. Uncharted franchise
2. MGS4
3. God of War 3
4. LBP
5. Killzone series (specifically Killzone 2)

Honorable Mentions: Heavy Rain, inFamous, Resistance, Warhawk, Journey

Ezz20131981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

there is just too many of them ..isn't it ?!

ABizzel11981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I know, but my top 5 it for me. The rest are so very deserving, as well as a few others, but yeah that's my Top 5.

stage881980d ago

Infamous 1 is one of the best games of this generation. Absolutely fantastic!

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prototypeknuckles1981d ago

for me its gonna have to be infamous 2, 2 powerful endings great gameplay more open, great characters.

Obnoxious_Informer1981d ago

Infamous 2 was such a tight gameplay experience. The story was terrific too.

SoapShoes1981d ago

It is an awesome game that was a huge improvement over the first. It is pretty awesome with the Move as well. Play Festival of Blood sometime if you have no yet.

Kalowest1981d ago

What about Resistance and Ratchet & Clank.

knifefight1981d ago

Valkyria Chronicles reinvented a genre and really deserved to sell about 20 times what it did ;_;

cpayne931981d ago

Yeah unfortunately this is about the biggest and not necessarilly the best. The best is Demon's Souls in my opinion.

Tontus1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

God of War 3 is easily the most impressive sales wise (and the best PS3 exclusive this generation imo). It's a 10 hour game, launched during a PS3 shortage, had little advertising outside of the US, wasn't bundled for more than a week and has no multiplayer mode and yet has sold about 5.5 million copies to date thanks to amazing quality and word of mouth.

Uncharted is Sony's most bundled series of all time which is the only reason it appears to have sold as well as it has. Also Uncharted 3 had Sony's biggest ever advertisement budget, has been bundled for over a year constantly with 2 Xmas and 1 Black Friday bundles AND it has been selling at a budget price since a month after launch, after all that it still isn't that big.

Proof of how Uncharted sales are due to bundling and not to being beloved games, the biggest Uncharted fan group on Facebook has 525,000 fans compared to God of War which has 3,870,000 fans. It shows that one franchise is artificially made popular by Sony and the other is made popular by us the gamers.

More proof that God of War is a much more popular franchise just in case any deluded Uncharted fans think I'm making it up because I greatly dislike the Uncharted series:

SoapShoes1981d ago

That isn't proof, that's B.S. You're full of crap. The first time Uncharted 3 was even bundled with a system was the new super slims and it sold over 3 million on the first day unbundled! I'd say God of War is still more popular but not by much.

Ezz20131981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

so you are basing your info on which game sold better by facebook and google ?!
i have every single uncharted game and every god of war game
but guess what i don't even have account on facebook

god of war get alot of bundles as well
pretty much every console exclusive on xbox/ps3 get bundles

why don't you just say God of War and uncharted games are amazing in it own genre ?!
you get to play both only on ps3

i really don't care which one sold better
i love both SSM and ND

Rebo001980d ago

You're also comparing a trilogy spanning 2 consoles (covering millions of more players) with a game that has been exclusive to PS3 and with far less players than the PS2.
Basically you're a fool :)

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