PlayStation Store Update Dec 18, 2012

This week’s PlayStation Store update brings you two impressive sales. The SEGA Holiday Sale is offering great SEGA titles for up to 50% off in the Store. Find games like Crazy Taxi, Sonic 4 and Hell Yeah! on sale. Don’t miss out on these great deals. Be sure to also check out the Holiday Essentials Sale where you can enjoy 50% off (or more for PlayStation Plus members) of great titles like Dyad, Catherine and Little Big Planet Vita.

We’ve also added an impressive selection of demos this week. Fans of indie developers will be particularly pleased with the free demos available for Sound Shapes (PS3 and Vita) and The Unfinished Swan (PS3). Both of these games explore gameplay in new and unique ways. Download them and check them out today.

As always, there’s a whole lot more to this update than just sales, new games and demos.

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Godchild10201795d ago

This has to be one of the biggest and best updates from Sony and the PlayStation crew.

1nsomniac1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

What makes it either of those????

I'm just curious as I cant see anything particularly special about it, I've seen 1 good deal.

Jason1431794d ago

I dont see it either. Until theres a new monster hunter title I wont be excited for anything announced in a store update any ways lol
Maybe he is stoked for digital pre-orders. I have had that for ever on steam but it is new to psn. Fairly new I now they did a few in the past before the troll nerd ragers post some useless information via response lol

Godchild10201794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It's all Subjective. It's my opinion, that it is ONE of the best and your opinion, is that it's NOT.

I own both a Vita and a PS3, so I found a lot that I can enjoy. I wanted LBPV on my Memory Card, instead of the Vita Card. At the price I got Rayman and LBPV on the PSN store, was the same price I paid for LBPV on the card anyway. 2 for 1.

Stranger's Wrath and Knytt Underground are great games on the Vita. There is so much more to Knytt Underground than being a platformer. And all the discounts on top of being a plus member.

There were some Rockstar PS2 classics, that I wasn't expecting, that I also downloaded. Bully and Midnight Club are classics and worth another look (IMO), since I don't have those games, nor want to look for my PS2. I downloaded them.

I also got excited for the PlayStation All-Star DLC costumes. Even though, I thought that was a cheap shot from Superbot.

Also, for a December, where there is not much, of anything coming out, it was nice to see a variety of games on the PlayStation Store yesterday.

@Jason, I'm not stoked for the digital pre-orders that are available. If Ni No Kuni was up, then that would be different.

@ Bobby Kotex,
Please explain why. It's a matter of opinion, not fact.

inveni01794d ago

This reminded me to "buy" Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush before it goes off free. I don't own a Vita, but I may one day. And I'll have PS+ for as long as Sony offers it. So it'll be nice to have an instant collection the day that I bring my Vita home.

Bobby Kotex1794d ago

that's the stupidest thing i've read today.

BrianC62341794d ago

What? I don't see anything stupid. If you have a Vita it's a good update. Maybe your reply is the stupidest thing you've read today. It seems like the stupidest thing I've read today at least.

godofboobees1795d ago

Odin sphere 4.99 O_o....t(^_^)t yeah

Tetsujin1795d ago

Dungeon Hunter Alliance for the Vita, is that a typo on the price?

Wigriff1794d ago

Nope. When they re-released that game on the Vita, they marked the price up about 400%, and didn't really change anything.

Soldierone1795d ago

Ugh, Sony is going to make the same mistake with the Vita as PSP Minis. Why is Burn the Rope 4 dollars?! It's FREE on phones, and thats the only reason I have it. At most it will be 99 cents...

Sony needs to make it so things can be free or cheap on PS Suit if they want it to compete. I'm not paying a premium for crap games just to play it on my Vita....

dgonza401795d ago

They said it's the definitive version, so they probably added some stuff..
Not 100%, though. I also don't see no one foaming at the mouth for it

Soldierone1795d ago

Well if anyone does get it, be sure to let me know if its "better" from what I've seen its simply Burn The Rope on Vita....

Its like paying 20-30 dollars for Angry Birds just because its on a console.... ridiculous.

Wigriff1794d ago

To me, it just looks like it's definitively overpriced. hehe

Godchild10201795d ago

It has all the extra content that you would have to pay for, if you wanted to purchase the stuff off the Android Market and App Store.

Burn the rope on the Android Market ranges from 3 to 4 dollars, depending on if you want the extra levels with no ads and stuff.

So, the Vita Version price is not as bad as you think.

Godmars2901795d ago

Well, devs have to make something too. Sony's likely gouging them on licensing fees.

Soldierone1795d ago

Thats what I was referring to. Licensing fee's work well for the regular PSN store, but PS Suit should be cheap and it should be for indie style developers. No need to milk them for money.... Just keep prices down...

Williamson1795d ago

Looks like im going to buy lbp vita. I got 10$ back from the spend 60$ on the ps store last month, so 7.49$ is a steal for a game like that.

aquamala1795d ago

it still costs you $17.49

MariaHelFutura1795d ago

How are people disagreeing w/ that? This place blows my mind sometimes.

Topshelfcheese1794d ago

it only still costs you 17.49 if you bought 60 dollars worth of games just to get 10 dollars back. If you were going to spend the 60 anyways, than the 10 dollars is essentially free and thus the game would only cost you 7.49. Its pretty simple logic.

Williamson1794d ago

Well I spent 60$ last month then received an email telling me that I would get a "$10 PSN Wallet voucher". The way I see it is I was given 10$, but what ever way you see it thats still a great deal for that game.

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