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TG writes: A new assassin joins the Brotherhood and the Templars are her targets. Can she live up to the name of Assassin? Does this PS Vita title live up to the Assassin's Creed legacy?

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TerminalGamer1737d ago

Not as good as its console counterpart, but still a worthy title.

ftwrthtx1737d ago

And definitely worth playing.

dbjj120881737d ago

This is a fair review. Even the novelty of having AC on the go is worth checking out.

ftwrthtx1737d ago

Future dlc will be a plus.

Sev1737d ago

I just hated changing clothes. The rest was good.

ftwrthtx1737d ago

They should have given more locations for that

rpd1231737d ago

Yeah, I just wanted to be an assassin the whole time anyway. Being a slave was alright but being a lady was a bitch.

I think they need to get rid of the light to read letters thing and the ball maze.

ftwrthtx1737d ago

Once I figured out that covering the camera, then uncovering it fixed it, it worked great.

r211737d ago

The bloody ball maze, the only time i'd ever consider rage quitting! Hell, i was going to throw my vita at the wall!

knifefight1737d ago

It worked in Final Fantasy X-2!

cpayne931737d ago

The clothes thing sounded cool at first because it sounded like you could choose the different outfits based on the situation, but in the end it was mostly forced on you. Aside from that, the gimmicky touch additions, the meh story, and the occasional framerate issue, it was a good game. 7.5 if I had to give a score. I feel like it had so much potential though, so it was a little disapointing.

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MadMax1737d ago

$30 at amazon right now with free 1 day shipping!!

Ghostbob1736d ago

just started playing this game got with my new vita, enjoying it so far.