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GS:Dan Chiappini is joined by creative director Brian Allgeier to run through a demo of Insomniac's new futuristic third-person squad shooter, Fuse.

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jc485731766d ago

Lost Planet 3 needs to look more like this game in terms of art direction.

wishingW3L1765d ago

graphics are really good but Lost Planet's maps are much more bigger.

Root1766d ago

How two faced does some of these people faced when they know it looks generic but when they are talking to the developer they pretend like it's amazing and everything is fine and dandy

EA are killing these guys, they killed Bioware, they killed Visceral games, they seem to be killing DICE why do we try and denie it and say something like "Oh well just wait untill it comes out" when like so many titles like dmc/RE6 with Capcom or FF13 with Sqauare Enix it's so obvious the game is going to be bad.

It's better to complain before hand then after

BanBrother1765d ago

"It's better to complain before hand then after."

That would be breaking the number one rule in gaming journalism; "Drool over every product, even if it is blatantly obvious that it sucks donkey d!ck, so we can recieve advertising/MONEY!!!"

Seriously, gaming journalists are scum-bags. Not saying this guy, just in general.

You don't know a game sucks until you play it, as some of the worst games ever released are getting false praise from journalists, when they should instead be telling us the truth, so we don't get f***ed over.

Here's hoping Fuse is good though. Love Insomniac.

wishingW3L1765d ago

would you dare to crush their soul on an interview? Part of the job of these websites is to promote the games you know....

ritsuka6661765d ago

This looks pathetic.

Insomniac needs to take a long nap to revive their weary thoughts. They used to be so original, creative, and fresh at the beginning of this gen but damn they have lost it!

Hufandpuf1765d ago

Coop looks fun as hell. I don't get the hate this game is getting if Overstrike was never shown I bet people would not be complaining. And even so, this game looks really fun to play with friends regardless of the art-style.

Root1765d ago

If Overstrike was never shown people would still be complaining, the main complaint isn't "Oh Overstrike looks better", Overstrike is just proof of the main complaint about how EA are ruining them and their creativity. Fuse looks nothing like a game they would make but Overstrike did.

Just because it has co-op dosen't mean it's automaticaly going to be good

Hufandpuf1765d ago

Every single complaint about the game has been about how it looks generic compared to Overstrike, but NOT ONCE have I heard a reason why the game is going to flop.

I saw Overstrike and was excited too, but to say that this game looks bad compared to Overstrike (a concept that had only 1 trailer and no gameplay footage) is ridiculous.

SaffronCurse1765d ago

This game seems to have some elements from the Resistance 2 coop system...which i loved to death.

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