The Playstation Vita is Worth Your Time and Money

This article was written in defense of the Playstation Vita. It's a competent handheld that's worth paying attention to, and may even be worth paying for.

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LOGICWINS1950d ago

Waitin on that redesign/price drop.

Anon19741950d ago

In my opinion, you're missing out.

darthv721950d ago

a price drop can occur without a redesign. Besides, if you are a collector as well as a gamer then you can appreciate the first designs because they are the complete builds.

Its when the redesigns happen that things get removed to cut costs. Or in other cases (like the psp 1000 to 2000) you get things added like the extra memory and tv out.

Id love to see a vita with tv out and bluetooth controller support.

I have not gotten my vita yet but now my attention is turned to the neogeo x gold that is coming soon. Im a serious retro gamer and that is just a sweet little unit. Especially when docked inside a mini AES shell with tv out.

$199 for the neogeo or $250 for the vita? Im getting them both regardless but i think I will go for the "gold" first.

Tetsujin1950d ago

I really like the Vita, my only complaint is some of the games that use the R/L buttons cramp my hands after 30-45 min (I have big hands) however I just take a break and go back later to play. I actually traded a big name tablet for one; and so far I do not regret it.

I also wish they reduced the price of the memory cards; I'm waiting on some sort of price drop to get the 32 GB stick or even word on a 64 GB stick in the future.

LOGICWINS1950d ago

Eh..I'm pretty sure I won't melt or spontaneously combust if I wait another 6 months to buy a Vita. It's not like the games are going anywhere.

@darth- My friends a collector, I'm not. I don't see the rational in keeping old machines I'm never going to use JUST for the purposes of having them as some "trophy" for display to prove how big of a nerd I am.

rainslacker1950d ago

If you think collector's collect games as "trophys" then you really don't know much about collecting. Outside of my gaming backlog, I've played almost every game that I own (about 500 right now). I will likely want to play some of those again, thus I collect games and systems.

I also have some gaming related items that I display, not because I want to show off how big a nerd i am, but because those items represent something to me that I found good about what I enjoy most.

If you want to play a game once and never play it again then fine, do what's best for you. But don't act like your better than the rest of us because we choose to pursue our shared hobby in a different way.

LOGICWINS1950d ago

I never said I was better than created that falsehood. Also, I never said there was anything inherently "wrong" about being a collector. I simply implied that it wasn't for me which is why I used "I" very liberally in my comment, since I was describing myself. Why are you making yourself out to be a victim?

rainslacker1950d ago

Your reasons for not being a collector are perfectly valid. However your passive aggressive insinuation that collector's collect games/hardware because it some sort of trophy or to show how big a nerd we are is just unfounded and misinformed. Using derogatory terms, as you did, is a subtle way to look down on a community of people who love the same things you do because we decide to express it in a different way. There are much better ways to state what you did if you didn't mean to imply such a thing...for instance not even having that second sentence, as it adds nothing substantial to your reasons, and if anything takes away from them.

darthv721950d ago

I didnt take the initial "nerd" comment as condescending as it may have come across. I understand the nature of collecting (whatever it may be) is not for everyone but everyone does hold value in things differently.

My collection isnt for any kind of measure but for my own satisfaction in having been in this hobby literally from the beginning. Or at least since the days of Pong.

Actually, you are a collector to a point. You may not keep the old when the new comes out but you are more likely to keep the things you enjoyed most. That may not be every game you ever played but Im willing to bet you have some classics that still bring a smile to your face when you reminisce.

ABizzel11950d ago


I agree.


Why didn't you jump on the deal Amazon had around Black Friday. They had an unbeatable bundle. White PS Vita, Assassin's Creed Liberation, 4GB memory card, and 1 month PS+ all for $179.

That's the price drop you were looking for. As far as redesigns I doubt we'll see one before 2014. I suspect Holiday 2014 - Holiday 2015. Hopefully it's Holiday 2014, I got mine from Best Buy with the warranty, and if a new model comes out I can get it for free NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Riderz13371950d ago

It's too bad you are going to miss out on all those games for PS Plus members. Enjoying Gravity Rush atm =p

LOGICWINS1950d ago

"It's too bad you are going to miss out on all those games for PS Plus members. Enjoying Gravity Rush atm =p"

YUP, Gravity Rush and all those other PS Vita freebies will magically disappear from my download list when I get my Vita.


dgonza401950d ago


You don't have to be a jerk, man

LOGICWINS1950d ago

A person made an error, I corrected them. Whats the problem?

BlaqMagiq241950d ago


You do realize those games are not free forever right? They may be on your list now or whenever you get them, but once they stop being free you gotta pay for them regardless on your list or not.

ABizzel11950d ago


I think he meant he already downloaded them, and they're sitting in his download history. In which case I believe you can just redownload them at a later date.

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cpayne931950d ago

If you nabbed the free games from ps+ then I can understand why you're waiting on the redesign. You can keep getting those Vita games for free with plus, and when you get one at a better price you will have a big collection of games to play on it.

I grabbed the 180 dollar amazon bundle on black friday. I figured there wouldn't be deals that good for quite a while, and I don't regret my decision one bit. Plus me and some friends are going to get monster hunter soon, and I would rather get it on vita so I can use the analog sticks, another reason I jumped on the deal on black friday.

LOGICWINS1950d ago

Precisely. Once I get my Vita, I expect to have over 20 games to play from Plus. That Amazon deal was fantastic, but I'd rather wait for Sony to release a bundle that has a 16GB memory stick and one year of Plus.

rezzah1950d ago

So based on your logic, all collectors are nerds. 1.1.3

hkgamer1950d ago

Its probably a good idea, I can see the new redesign having internal flash memory.

Price drop probably wouldn't be too much though, most likely will be bundled with more things.

Seraphim1950d ago

guess you lost out Black Friday then. $199 at most retailers. Got the Assassins Creed Vita bundle @ Amazon for $180. Plus they threw in 3 months PS+ & a code for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Yes trivial but still freebies on top of an already great deal. I'm glad I broke down though. Great machine, Uncharted kicks A...

cpayne931950d ago

I enjoyed Uncharted a lot more than I thought I would, I feel like its a bit underrated. I would give it in the upper 8s.

KongRudi1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I think it's pretty obvious that you're just convincing yourself not to buy it..

- First you say you are waiting for a redesign/price drop, 190$ is too much for this awesome system.
- And then abit further down the thread, you say you need atleast 20(!) games, 16GB memcard, and a year worth of PSN+ bundle, price obviously don't matter anymore because now you're gonna play 20 games.

I'd be very surprised if you ever decided to pick up thesystem up, if ever your criterias did fall in line, for you. I think it's more likely that you'd change the criteria; I now need all the 20 games I want, but I need to wait for the total costs to be under 150$, including the games, device, memory-card.

BTW: The current free PSN+ games won't dissepear from your download queue, when you get your vita at a later date.
They'll be stored in your transaction management, as part of your plus games, as long as you buy them during the free period.
i.e.if you are a plus-member, you can buy them for 'Free' today on the web-store, or the PS3, stop subscribing, and resubscribe in 2 years time when you get a Vita, and they'll be available again for you to download in the future then should you get a Vita.
As long as you hit the buy button, it don't matter what time you did buy it, or if you don't yet own the system you bought it for, you just need to get it in your transaction.

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NovusTerminus1950d ago

Yes it was... I got mine on launch day, and I love it!

Kamikaze1351950d ago

I'm waiting for more decent games to come out and a price drop.

KangarooSam1950d ago

Hell yes it is! Love this thing.

maniac761950d ago

Playn ragnarok aka monster hunter

rezzah1950d ago

Then i'd be playing it too, to me MH is much more enjoyable than Ragnarok.

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