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Submitted by Cupid_Viper_3 1147d ago | opinion piece

Why The Next Gen Will Disappoint Many

"Gamer-rider writes: For a while there, I really believed the hype that, so often, the PC crowd scream from the top of their lungs. You know, they say it’s the “outdated and weak specs” of the consoles that is responsible for the type limitations we see, and also for the number of rehashes we’ve been getting this gen. But then, when asked to elaborate on superior games that on the PC, they only touts graphics cards and 60 fps this and X times resolutions that, and mouse and keyboard is superior blah blah blah…. Ok great, but I’m still bored of Call of Duty whether it’s running at 60 fps with 4k resolution, or whether it is scaled down to console specs. No one mentions the fact that the AI and physics remains the same, and that’s what got me worried that next generation will surely be just more of the same. The Wii U is taking all the flack because it is first to the market, plain and simple." (Halo 4, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, The Last Of Us, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Ben_Rage_3  +   1147d ago | Well said
I really like this article. I agree with about 99% of everything it said. Games haven't changed that much in the last ten years beyond better graphics and online functionality. Where is the new experience to be had? Don't get me wrong, I played and enjoyed plenty this gen, but I have the same worries about next gen and where games go from here. How do you make Uncharted better? How do you make a FPS better? I enjoyed those games this gen, but I don't want to pay for a rehash either. Here is the 1% of the article I disagree with and it's only a small gripe.

Nintendo is the only company, in my eyes, that is actively addressing this issue with any degree of success. Skyward Sword is a unique experience masked as a typical Zelda game. I've never played anything like it and to me, the concept is revolutionary. I like what Nintendo is doing with Wii U. Asymmetric gameplay, infinite possibilities both in single and multiplayer with the new controller, 5 player local co op, Miiverse, Nintendo Tvii (granted this isn't game related); these are all new concepts and innovations and not status quo in my humble opinion.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1147d ago
Thanks for reading through the article and the feedback. Regarding the 1%, I think all companies will have at least one game that offers something different. I like the idea behind the Wii U, but the second screen on the controller is more a convenience thing as opposed to a different way of playing. But then again, that's not entirely Nintendo's doing, as I believe it has great potential but no dev is really going to take the time and effort to use that potential for anything more than just gimmicks.

I'm hoping I'm wrong though
MikeMyers  +   1147d ago
The next gen consoles will disappoint because we expect gaming to evolve and it hasn't in many areas. Online is one area it has really blossomed but when it comes to actual gameplay what has changed? They tried to offer motion control gameplay and a lot of people felt it was forced and not a natural way of playing games. So what ends up happening is you have a company like Nintendo who tries something like asymmetric gameplay but they can't go it alone. So it never fully materializes and we don't get to see the real potential. That's because 3rd party publishers rule the roost. They add up to the bulk of any systems library and they won't fully grasp new ideas because they have to appease various platforms.

The Wii U is a great example of how 3rd party devs are reluctant to even support it or offer unique IP's for it. The majority of support so far is tacked on controls. So how do you make it mainstream and convince gamers to be open to the idea? It worked on the Wii to an extent but a lot of them were non-gamers.

The industry is stagnant because gamers don't really know what they want. They say they want unique IP's but sales dictate otherwise. I think a lot of people are comfortable playing what's familiar and graphics sell more than physics. So next gen we will see the same cycle, graphics being pushed to raise the bar at the expense of new gameplay elements while being capped at 30fps.
Theyellowflash30  +   1146d ago
I disagree with that statement. ZombiU's multiplayer uses the controller very well. And its not a gimmick. RTS, RPG's, and shooters can all use the controller in fantastic ways.

Cupid_Viper_3, your not a developer. Your just following what fanboys have been saying online, without letting the Wii U get more games.

Trust me, there will be more uses for the Wii U gamepad that are not gimmicks. I can think a million ideas for the controller. Especially when it comes to a shooter/action game like Metroid
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1146d ago
@ TheYellowFlash30

"Cupid_Viper_3, your not a developer. Your just following what fanboys have been saying online, without letting the Wii U get more games. "

I never claimed to be a developer, but that's true for you as well I assume. So the best we can do is make educated guesses based on previous trends, so I don't see your hypothesis negates mine in that respect.

Let's take the Wii for instance. It came out with motion control and the majority of third party developers ignored it, claiming that it is weak and the controls are not accurate enough, ok point taken. But here comes the PlayStation Move, which is a lot more accurate than the Wii, but where are the third party games that supports the Move?

Even after Big games like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 and Mag have demonstrated that the Move works very well when properly implemented. Activisions ignores it with Call of Duty, Ubisoft ignores it with Ghost Recon, and countless others do so. Where are the countless RTS games that would work flawlessly with the PS Move implemented in them?

I mean, it's a know fact that Blu Ray hold more data than the DVD that the Xbox 360 uses, yet where are third party multiplatform games that offers more gameplay on the PS3 than the Xbox 360? If anything, on many occasions, contents were cut out to achieve parity on both consoles.

The truth is that if we go by current trends, The majority of Devs are just going to find the lowest common denominator and call it day, like they've always done.

Surely there will be games on the Wii U that shines and really show off the console, but to speak as if there will be an avalanche of them is a huge departure from the reality that we're used to.

@ Mike Myers Below

"There's no excuse that they need new hardware to create new IP's. That's just a cop-out."

Exactly my point, lol.
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MikeMyers  +   1146d ago
Hopefully ZombieU will do well and push other developers to give new game ideas a try. This is why it will be interesting to see what direction both Microsoft and Sony go with their upcoming consoles. Developers are more likely to adopt multiple screen gameplay if more than just Nintendo does it.

Gamers vote with their wallets, so if they keep buying sequel after sequel then they will keep making them. There's no excuse that they need new hardware to create new IP's. That's just a cop-out.

"Let's take the Wii for instance. It came out with motion control and the majority of third party developers ignored it, claiming that it is weak and the controls are not accurate enough, ok point taken. But here comes the PlayStation Move, which is a lot more accurate than the Wii, but where are the third party games that supports the Move?"

It was because the Move, much like Kinect, were brought in mid-span during the cycle of the hardware. So they ended up being treated as peripherals, kind of like a steering wheel for racing fans. Sony also never marketed the Move very well. That's one thing you have to hand it to Microsoft, they invested a lot of money into branding Kinect and had a few games that did commercially well. In the end though the whole better with Kinect was a bunch of garbage because it just wasn't accurate enough to convince real gamers it was anything more than a novelty. Nintendo's mistake was not supporting the Wii plus controller. They too split the hardware and it was often viewed as a gimmick that didn't have true 1:1 gameplay until the add-on came out. Then the support for that device never materialized.

This is where numbers come into play. You need commercial success to fully exploit these things. Otherwise developers will never treat it seriously. They won't take extra teams to create something unique for only one console anymore. The days of 3rd party exclusives is a lot different now. It's about money so why invest in something that only has so many potential customers? So they often take the easy way out and gamers feel like why bother adopting new ideas if the software isn't there? It's a catch-22.

"I mean, it's a know fact that Blu Ray hold more data than the DVD that the Xbox 360 uses, yet where are third party multiplatform games that offers more gameplay on the PS3 than the Xbox 360? If anything, on many occasions, contents were cut out to achieve parity on both consoles."

They will always support the lowest common denominator. That way they don't have to do too much work to get the game to run on various platforms. How many games streamed games as well as the original Halo off the hard drive for the Xbox? Very few games back then took advantage of the extra horsepower or the hard drive because it wasn't the system that had the major influence. The PS2 did. So that system ended up being the lead platform.
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caseh  +   1147d ago
'How do you make Uncharted better? How do you make a FPS better?'

I've been saying the same thing since Horris goes Skiing on the Spectrum lol. Even if you initially lose interest something will eventually pull you back in. I los interest towards the end of the PS2 lifecycle with the same questions you were asking then I saw an annoucement for MGS4 and got pulled back in again. :)
miyamoto  +   1147d ago
nice to know that
ps3 and uncharted 2 made me believe in games again after skipping ps2

and naughty dog and kojima are progressive game makers they improve their A game
black911  +   1147d ago
Because Gaming Won't be the main Focus!
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th3n00bg4m3r  +   1147d ago
Heavy: Rain is a unique experience.
DevilishSix  +   1147d ago
This article is very good
I have felt this way as this gen has lingered on longer than any that developers hardware limitations were the excuse for lack of invitation or vision. Then I started to think about the problem in greater depth.

The industry has become so mass market and mainstream that developers are not usually given the time to truely develope new ideas and when they are given 3 or 4 years development time it is usually on such a big budget title that they are afraid to take risks because of failure.

As gamers we might get a handful of games that innovate, have vision, or feel fresh..This year for example Dishonored, journey, walking dead, mark of a ninja. The problem with what I just listed as examples is that only one of those was a full price AAA retail game (dishonored) the others are arcade dl's. This proves publishers are not given developers the time or opportunity to take the risks in big budget titles.
felidae  +   1147d ago
so true!
Tctczach  +   1147d ago
While I can see what this article is trying to say, I disagree to a point. The next-gen consoles will advance shooters with games such as Destiny which is allegedly an mmo when it hits the next-gen console market. MMO's will play a much larger part now that they will have the power to support it. RPG's I can also see becoming alot more multiplayer friendly and possibly modding communities for the consoles. not to mention a smoother F.P.S. which will enhance any game. I don't know. I'm just thinking it will be better than what people are guessing.
mydyingparadiselost  +   1146d ago
I think the problem is the experience needs to change. Nintendo talks alot about this kind of thing, and I like the Wii U alot by the way, but they can't quite seem to make the jump to something TRULY different that works well. I see things like AR glasses and motion inputs (kinda like Heavy Rain) will be what it takes for 3rd parties to hop off the annual sequel train and start really innovating with something different
shivvy24  +   1147d ago
all i want is the Jak Sly Ratchet Spyro and Crash games , i miss em so much man
chadboban  +   1147d ago
I absolutely hate what has happened to Crash Bandicoot. That series deserves a proper revival. Also would love a brand new Star Fox game for Wii U. Make it happen Nintendo.

But we are getting a new Sly game next year so at least we have that.
chillhomie  +   1146d ago
Your not alone. I miss those games too, its a shame that most of those kinda games get overlooked in favor of shooters and "mature" games. To me the main reason I play games is to be entertained/have fun and if the game is fun I'm playing it no matter the genre.

Crash and spyro used to be my favorite games back on the ps1 and Jak and sly were two of my favorites from PS2 its great that sly is coming back and it would be dope to see a new Jak and proper crash and spyro games back on PlayStation.

Regarding the article: I agree to a certain extent, I do think fps games (cod in particular) are becoming stale IMO and I also have shooter fatigue because they are too similar to one another and not as unique as other genres but I disagree with the authors thoughts on the wii u. I think the Wii U DOES and will continue to provide unique experiences and a breathe of fresh air in the gaming realm. I don't see how anyone can look at the wii u gamepad and say its just like any other controller with the same exact ways to play. In my honest humble opinion, I think out of the 3 Nintendo is the most unique and provides the most unique ways to play videogames. Because of Nintendo, I'm excited for videogames again.
josephayal  +   1147d ago
Coz PC Gaming made consoles look like a joke
demonddel  +   1147d ago
What PC Game did that can you name more than 5 games that did if you can do they make them look like a ps3 game compare to a ps2 game
DraconicPanda  +   1147d ago
Borderlands 2 (because of the wildly better phisics)

ARMA 3 (graphics, physics, control, AI, gameplay)

several MMO's: EVE, Guild Wars 2, Tera, etc. (these games are all adding new gameplay ideas that bring fresh new things to the table)

Skyrim (do I really need to list the ways?)

Civilization V (graphics, control, depth of gameplay, there has still not been a particularly good rts on console when compared to PC)

EYE Divine Cybermancy (still offers more freedom of choice than 100% of "comparable" shooter)

Natural Selection 2....

I'm just gonna stop there, I know this isn't going to change your mind about anything. Keep thinking consoles are right on par with consoles.
demonddel  +   1147d ago
DraconicPanda Im not a PC hater matter of fact I dont hate no platform but some folks on here constantly blabbing about they favorite console and I be wondering why they act that way
Npugz7  +   1147d ago
The next call of duty is suppose to be using a brand new engine but I will believe it when I see it.
LightofDarkness  +   1147d ago
The next step for consoles is seemingly an even greater focus on social gaming, coupled with a full HD standard. We're going to see much more F2P and MMO games his time around, with services like MiiVerse offering a social aspect akin to Facebook/Twitter but centered on the gaming community of each console.

Again, this is the way of all things for the last 2 generations: PC is a proving ground, the models are perfected/kinks ironed out, then the successful momentum swings onto consoles (this time social/mmo/f2p). It's not to say that PC is "better" than consoles, it's just the way it goes, and it's smart business: PC is often a low risk platform for developers (compared to consoles), with myriad power users willing to beta test the hell out of their software as a hobby.

I don't foresee a huge spike in detail over what's available now on PC. I reckon the first wave of games might not even look/perform as well as what's available on contemporary high-end PCs (much as every console launch), but will improve somewhat over time. The price gap is what will entice new users to the consoles, however (high end PCs still tend to be around $1000+, launch consoles are about $500-$600 MAX).

We've yet to see what they'll deliver, but I can be almost certain that there will be a greater focus on community, with MiiVerse being the first one out of the gate. The Steam console will likely foster a strong modding community, which will be a unique selling point for their offering. The 360's successor is rumoured to feature an advanced and pervasive Kinect powered experience, which will no doubt be bolstered by a very social Xbox Live iteration. We know next to nothing about the PS4, but don't expect Sony to be too far behind. Communities keep people coming back, which is often why MMOs and F2P games are so successful, and why mod-scenes become active and competitive.

I would say don't expect to see Agni's Philosophy or 1313 to look as well as they did in the tech demos, and certainly don't expect them to be close to launch titles. They will achieve a close approximation, but there will be cutbacks/compromises. There always are.
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Detoxx  +   1147d ago
Amazing how people have already tried the Next-Gen consoles and games out.
ALLWRONG  +   1147d ago
MsmackyM  +   1147d ago
Pretty good article, but i do disagree with the author on the Wii U. You can print money,but creativity is hard to come by. There are tons of new gameplay innovations that can be had with the Wii u Gamepad, but are risk adverse publishers willing to take it on. Major publishers usually like to go with sure bets and formulas hence the sequels.
Ippiki Okami  +   1147d ago
Yeah I guess that's why we saw the devs use the wii mote with Ghost Recon. Oh wait, Ghost Recon used kinnect and move on xbox and ps3 and didn't bother with the wii. "Gameplay innovations" mean nothing if the implementation is crap like the lack of precision with the wii mote. Also Major publishers usually go with said sequels cause they were good/sold enough to deserve a sequel, shocking isn't it?
MsmackyM  +   1146d ago
The Kinnect and Move implementation in Ghost Recon was tacked on crap. Also the Wii Motion Plus solved the accuracy issues. My comment still stands that publishers are not going to want to fund the creation of new ideas.
PhoenixRising37  +   1147d ago
this should be called "why i love to cause an uproar for my own amusement".
PooEgg  +   1147d ago
If we keep going down the path which leads to more Season's Pass and Day 1 DLC schemes, forced social media nonsense, and buggy and lazy games then you can keep your next generation consoles.

I want a full game for my money, and I want it 100% playable without patches on day 1. Spend your social media budget on quality control, and stop forcing Multiplayer modes into games that are perfectly fine without it. Then maybe I will think about buying a new console next gen.
Tzuno  +   1147d ago
Because players will expect a huge graphical leap and instead get a maxed crysis 1 with dx11 like graphics.
swice  +   1146d ago
That sounds good to me. We move so quickly through our tech that we barely get to appreciate its full potential. I've never played Crysis on max settings. I'd like to
Flipgeneral  +   1147d ago
I do see what the author is saying in this article, but the author is maybe a little misinformed on the very topic being discussed.

"But then, when asked to elaborate on superior games that on the PC, they only touts graphics cards and 60 fps this and X times resolutions that, and mouse and keyboard is superior blah blah blah"

This is one statement that I would like to refute. The PC is home to many games taking a different approach to gaming. You have the likes of Amnesia, Faster Than Light, Chivalry... the list goes on.. The PC might be the last bastion of gaming that differs from the Michael Bayish blockbusters that get rinsed and reused.

The author needs to understand that the Gaming Industry is multibillion dollar industry. If you're investing a significant amount of money, you would like a guarantee on return. It seems that the best way of guaranteeing that return is to emulate and stick with the safe bet (COD, AC series etc...)

Kojima has stated that with MGS4, the PS3 was still not capable of entirely fulfilling his vision. The situation we have come upon is a difficult one indeed! I hope consoles change for the better, and I hope the new hardware will allow devs to really express their vision!!
Stroke666  +   1146d ago
yeah...but, if developers only vision is a graphically better game then whats the point. it feeds into what the author is saying, more of the same(geez i feel like one of Obama's competitors lol). you can shine up your old shoes and even throw in a dr scholls but they're still old shoes. express a vision with creativity, with gameplay mechanics, with abstract ideas, not just higher res and more fps. its that very way of thinking that you mention(if it ain't broke don't fix it thinking) that i also fear may ruin this gen
Flipgeneral  +   1146d ago
Yeah, it`s probably a fine line that prohibits creativity going out the door.

Although, when AC3 sells 7mil, Halo does 4mil exclusively on XBOX, and COD still trumps all, I can only see investors leaning on such products.

Hopefully, after receiving so many diluted sequels, gamers will begin to speak with their wallets by not purchasing the same Dr.Sholls shoes!
medman  +   1147d ago
I've said this time and again... if the next gen is not going to innovate and bring better a.i. and game design, then the next gen is coming too soon. I can wait. But make the wait worthwhile. If all we're going to get is a marginal improvement on what is currently available, what's the point? Something new and shiny for the sake of having something new and shiny? I'm very much looking forward to so many games in 2013. I'm content with my 360 and PS3. These companies better wow me with what's coming next.
deafdani  +   1147d ago
What I got from this article was that the author apparently knows VERY little about gaming genres outside of shooters, because he talks mainly about how bored he is with games like the Uncharteds, the Gears of Wars, the Halos and Call of Dutys.

Yeah, he mentions Journey and The Walking Dead, but my guess is that he knows about it mainly because they won accolades at the Spike VGAs, which are the most mainstream gaming event out there, and one of the main targets of this award event are those casual gamers that know pretty little outside of Call of Duty, Halo, Madden and Pro Evo Soccer.

I own a Wii, am Xbox 360, a PS3 and now a Wii U. I have quite A LOT of games scattered across my various system, and not a single FPS in sight in my library, unless you want to count The Orange Box, and even that experience is quite different from your standard COD/Battlefield/Medal of Honor.

So, if the point of this dude wasn't regarding the hardware of future platforms, but the feeling of playing "more of the same", then I suggest that he broadens his horizons, and play other genres. Sure, shooters are the most popular, and can be quite fun (I LOVE the Uncharted games, for example), but there's more to gaming than that.

Xenoblade Chronicles. The Mass Effect games. Metal Gear Solid 4. Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansions, the Saints Row games, Ratchet & Clank games, Allan Wake, Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, Zombi U, Mario Bros U, Trine 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Zelda games (Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword), Mirror's Edge, Motorstorm, Excitetruck / Excitebots, the Bit.Trip games, Super Meat Boy, Limbo, Portal 2, the Dead Space games, Metroid: Other M (yeah, it's still a pretty good game despite its numerous flaws), Bastion, Ilomilo, Heavy Rain, Borderlands, etc. Need I go on?

Those are just many pretty different games that are available on the various gaming platforms, and some of them are even shooters that go in a pretty different route than the standard. And that's just off the top of my head. There are many, many, many more.

So, article author: if you're so bored of those popular shooting games, play something else. I find it especially ironic that you don't make your disappointment argument based on the hardware, but the games, and start off the article saying how Wii U disappointed you, despite it being a new console that offers completely new and different possibilities based on its control alone. Zombi U and Scribblenauts Unlimited are already starting to show this potential, not to mention Nintendo Land, which is pretty fun because of the different gameplay styles present in there, despite it being yet "another minigame compilation".
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1147d ago
Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment DeafDani.

Just so we're clear about one thing though I'll give you a list of some of the games I have in my library right now.

Killzone 2 and 3, Uncharted 1,2 and 3, God Of war 3, Devil May Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4 and the HD Collections for PS3, Dead Space 1 and 2, Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands 1 and 2, Gran Turismo 5 (along with Logitech Driving Force Gt steering wheel, and the Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D viewer) Ghost Recon:Future Soldier, Sid Meier's Civiliation 4 on consoles and 5 on the PC, Infamous 1 and 2, Rachet and Clank: A crack in time. Heavy Rain, Sports Champions, Fifa 08,10,12 and 13 (don't know why I hang on to the old ones) NBA 2k12 and 2k13, Little Big Planet 1,2 and LBP vita, Batman Arkahm Assylym, Demon's many more games

Keep in mind that these are only SOME of the games in my library, I wont mention the 150 plus GB of games I have on my PS3's hard drive, or the Vita games.

So yeah, I've been gaming for 21 years now and I have played many games spanning multiple genres, So please drop the assumption that I somehow know "very little about gaming". I'm a legit vet who's been gaming since 1991.

You said: " I find it especially ironic that you don't make your disappointment argument based on the hardware, but the games "

I'm going to assume that you didn't fully understand the point being made in this article. That's specifically why I touch on the PC as a means to show that regardless of how powerful the hardware is, the majority of games that are coming out are still not pushing anything more than pretty graphics, while the gameplay remains very similar to the multitude of other games in that specific genre.

You're welcome to disagree with the article, but please don't assume that "I'm some newb who's new to gaming and only know Call of Duty and shooters".
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jrbeerman11  +   1146d ago
You basically said that all PC can do is make Call of Duty look better.

Call of Duty is outdated on consoles, nevermind PC. I dont think its the best example to bring to the argument.

Thats why deafdani got the impression that you didnt play alot of different games.

the biggest thing i can say that PC gaming can do better than consoles is taking away many limitations. Games with 60 fps with full 1080p graphics with full anti aliasing synced perfectly for your system without having to sacrifice anything. there is a big difference.

no longer will (going back to your references) Call of Duty be forced to using their bad looking engine in order to pump out 60fps. No longer will gears of war, halo, uncharted, killzone be 30 fps to look better, no longer will shortcuts have to be taken with different textures and shaders to make sure the games will work.

game innovation is a subject in itself, and thats when Call of Duty becomes a great reference because its massive popularity is pushing the industy away from innovation and new ideas.
Stroke666  +   1146d ago
ummmm @jrbeerman11, you just pretty much did exactly what he said pc heads do,"But then, when asked to elaborate on superior games that on the PC, they only touts graphics cards and 60 fps this and X times resolutions that, and mouse and keyboard is superior blah blah blah" give or take. just thought i'd point that out. i actually do agree that a greater majority of games across the board lack the creativity he speaks of.
deafdani  +   1146d ago
I'm sorry for making that assumption, but really, your article leaves very little else to think about. Basically you talk how every game seems to be more of the same, and I called you out for that because there's actually a big variety in games despite shooters being the most popular genre.

Obviously, my comment hurt your gamer pride, I apologize for that. But... if you really have all those different games you listed, plus many more, I honestly don't understand the point of your article at all, which goes against what I've experienced in gaming this console generation, and apparently goes against YOUR OWN gaming experiences as well, judging by the variety of your game library.

You say that you assume that I'm not getting your point fully. Welp, I said there's many different games to choose from, while ypur point seems to be the opposite, despite you yourself having many different games.

Oh. Maybe you meant upcoming games?

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, that Star Wars game with a number (forgot the name), Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto 5, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, Beyond. They all look like pretty different games with lots of promise for me.

What am I missing here?

Edit: age has nothing to do with gaming tastes. I'm 30, my big brother (33) is also a gamer, he, like me, gamed since the Atari and NES days, but nowadays pretty much all he plays is Call of Duty, Halo, Gears, and some sports and racing games. Nothing wrong with that, really, I just thought you probably were like him... Apparently not. Ok, I adressed your points, please feel free to elaborate if there's more to this argument that I'm not quite getting.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1146d ago
Hi DeadDani

To be clear, my gamer pride wasn't hurt, lol. I just replied with enough evidence contrary to your previous assumptions. I mean, if I'm going to be talking about games, it's important that the audience knows, to some extent, my gaming pedigree so to speak. So I just tried to remove any doubts.

The reason why this article mentions Call of Duty among other shooters is due to their popularity. I believe that there's enough evidence out there that suggest that the industry tends to follow the front runners, so games like Call of Duty, Halo, Gears, Uncharted are just going to spawn many clones whose main goals are to achieve their commercial success and not really offer anything different.

Now in regards to other genres, the same issue of limited AI and physics is still a problem. For the majority of games that came out this generation, regardless of genre, I find that they are plague with the same problems. It's almost as if they are made from the same mold, but are colored differently.

Very rarely do we get games with multiple endings, very rarely do we get games with smart AI and great physics. It seems that the goal is to get get the game to be as "normal" as possible, which normally means follow the leader.

The reason I mentioned games like The Walking Dead was not solely because it won an award, but also because even with it's unconventional gameplay, it manage to create a unique experience. Heavy Rain, Flower, Portal, Journey, all those games manage to create different unique experiences. But the truth is that they are in the minority.

We've seen so many great franchises compromised by trying to imitate what's popular. Big Publishers like EA who will turn down games if it doesn't have multiplayer. And many other worrying trends that as a gamer gets me thinking that next gen is going to be no different.

It seems nowadays, you can't get support for game unless there already exist another popular title in the same genre. Am I really the only person that is seeing this?
EverydayGuy  +   1147d ago
1 reason it will not be disappointed:

ILive  +   1147d ago
I always thought that gameplay would never really evolve at a much faster pace than graphics and the like. I believe we've had some truly compelling games that weren't shooters this generation and I expect next gen to be the same or even better. They've tried to evolve the game play experience with gimmicks this gen and it only turned out to be slightly successful. I personally would never trade a nice controller for anything else to play my games with. It is also important to put into consideration that new generation of gamer's will always emerge. All genres, despite how little or how quickly they evolve, will always feel fresh. I will end by saying that we got the Uncharted series, which I think is one of--if not--the best new IP this generation.
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1upgamer99  +   1147d ago
I am not an Xbox fan, I prefer Nintendo, PS3 and PC, but I am a little curious about the rumors about the Nextbox and its 3D projection. I do not fully understand what they are aiming for, but I found some of the articles I have read interesting. Once again though it looks as though they want us to use the Kinect, which I don't care for much. I know there is going to be a new Kinect, but that is not how I want to spend 20-50+ hours playing a game, even if it is cool. As far As Wii u, I really think Nintendo did a great job with the gamepad. Games like Madden, Zombi U, Assassins Creed, play great with it.
hazardman  +   1147d ago
you make it seem like every game is going to have kinect functionality or force you use kinect. it wasnt the case this gen nor will it be in the next.
1upgamer99  +   1147d ago
Your right. I know that Kinect won't be used in every game. Just the stuff I was reading seemed to focus on it allot. Heck I don't even know if the early mock ups I saw a month or so ago are real.
MYSTERIO360  +   1147d ago
I get what this article saying but this ultimately falls on what an individual is looking for and what they define as innovation. For me a few games released this gen which i felt where unconventional and grossly under appreciated were Binary domain, Heavy rain, Journey, Farcry 3, Portal 2 and Fez.

Most likely i think these types of games will continue next gen possibly unpopular as it has been this gen, but their have been many gems in each console cycle that defined it. I dont think i can get bored of games in general if i take the time to look at what game doesn't conform to traditional formulaic iterations i think Il be fine.

I don't like COD and games of that manner because they don't vastly change. Many military shooter seem to be doing the most damage when it comes to rehashes but they wont spoil by gaming experience when it comes to enjoying great new experiences in games.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1147d ago
Wii U, Xbox 720, Steam Box, Apple TV, and Ouya.

Next gen sounds fine to me.
BitbyDeath  +   1147d ago
If Naughty Dog can introduce what i would have thought to be nextgen quality AI in current gen then maybe the others just never knew how to code for it?

Nextgen may really be only as good as your developers.
Good thing ND like to share.
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AlphaJunk  +   1146d ago
Another whiny article about games and creativity... IT'S a BUSINESS and developer's give the people what they want to buy; and in the end, they're in it to MAKE MONEY doing something they love (generally).
"This simple fact tells you that gamers are hungry for something different, something fresh." Wow - an award based on opinion is now a simple fact? - so lame. The simple fact is that consumers chose games they wanted.
The truth is that all these games are still point and click and not that different of an experience; It all depends if you can connect with the story and appreciate the polish and advances of what the product is about and genre it targets. Movies, for example, have been doing the same thing for about hundred years now and people still go see them just as often - the difference is that the product has gotten more elaborate and advanced enabling the director to better visualize the story (sometimes).
At the core, this article is arguing about the genre and liking some newer entries (like Heavy Rain) more than the shooter - basically, about being bored with with shooters.
chillhomie  +   1146d ago
Its not really fair to compare the gaming industry to the movie industry. Yes they both are entertainment mediums but movies are far more universally watched and discussed in society than videogames are played and discussed and that isn't ever likely to change. Your talking about apples and oranges there.
AlphaJunk  +   1146d ago
what does universally more watched and discussed have to do with them being apple and oranges?? So because something is more popular or accepted, it can't be compared? reeeaall deep and valid point there...
In actuality they vary very little these days in only that video games require physical user interaction; huge budget games incorporate many of the same production personnel as movies such actors, musicians, writers, and game designers = directors.
Point is, both build on what previously done in many ways using both technology and creativity - they more similar than different, so try again.
Either way, just because someone is tired of particular genre doesn't mean that innovation has been overlooked.
Finally, I'm pretty sure the game, the author quoted as being innovated - Heavy Rain, is very close to being a very interactive movie.
try again.
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ajax17  +   1146d ago
Sony will never disappoint me! (as far as game consoles are concerned)
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ShaunCameron  +   1146d ago
It probably will when more studios and publishers find themselves overwhelmed by the increasing development costs, decreasing revenues, stagnant hardcore userbase and go under. All in a futile effort to keep up with the almighty PC, spec for spec. And I certainly don't see Sony or Microsoft doing much to rectify the situation.
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wiiulee  +   1146d ago
i doubt that..i have the wiiu and im very happy with the next generation from nintendo....i stop listening to clowns cause i know the games and developers taking advantage of all its uniqueness will be here soon.
tbirdman   1146d ago | Spam
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landog  +   1146d ago
many like to critisize this gen of gaming, but, personally, i believe that some of the greatest games ever made were created THIS gen on ALL platforms

I loved my ps2 immensly, it was an incredible time to be a gamer

but games like GTAIV, God of War 3, Guild Wars 2, Starcraft 2, Halo 4, Borderlands, oblivion and skyrim, Call of Duty MW1 (that games was incredible and YES i am just as tired of it as everyone else, but CoD 4 was epic) Crysis (visually amazing and great open gunplay/stealth,) Diablo 3 (i know people still playing it 15 hours a week, i loved it but beating it twice in 50-60 hours is more than enough) Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Gears of War 1, Far Cry 3, Metro 2033 (a flawed masterpiece)

and so, so many more...

Next gen, devs will have even more power at thier disposal and we will see even deeper story, richer worlds and more intricate gaming systems

yes there will still be the endless milking of franchises and dlc is going to get worse, but i think we will see games grow even more provoking as a medium.

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