GDC08: Saw game to be developed by Zombie

Brash Entertainment was promoting some of the movie based licenses in their pipeline yesterday and, unsurprisingly, they discussed one of their biggest guns, a game adaptation of the Saw horror series. Brash's co-founder Mitch Davis let slip that the game (reportedly headed for PS3 and Xbox 360) is being developed by Zombie, the studio behind America's Army.

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Rockwallaby3773d ago

A Saw game hmmmm... thats not going to run into any bad press, maybe it'll take some heat off GTA

tahersaid3773d ago

that would be awesome :)

MK_Red3773d ago

NO. PLEASE. Saw has a superb potential as a game. Don't let America's Army devs ruin it. Why can't a better team work on it?