Guinness World Record holder breaks down his half-hour Dark Souls speedrun

GamesBeat discusses the Darks Souls world record speedrun with Fred "Thantaos" Vasquez. What are the elite tips and tricks used to beat one of the hardest games ever made in less than 30 minutes?

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MariaHelFutura1953d ago

This deserves an actual trophy.

JKelloggs1953d ago

He gets a plaque, so that should be good enough, surely?

blackbeld1953d ago

Wow nice speed run.

I will try it myself just to have the same feel of excitement.

SilentNegotiator1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

You abuse glitches to skip around parts of the game, I'm only impressed with a 2 minutes or less speedrun.

"In Dark Souls, whenever the player rolls, the player becomes immortal for a set period of time, roughly 0.6 or 0.7 seconds. During this time, no damage nor conditions will be applied to the player, making it a better way to avoid damage than even the greatest of shields, assuming good reflexes and timing are used when rolling"
I just hate how some of the enemies have MUCH longer immortality from rolls/hops/etc.

nix1953d ago

shit... i haven't even managed to go past one of the big boss on top of the castle... i must be losing touch... never had to struggle so much in Demon's Souls. /:

No FanS Land1953d ago


Same here, Finished Demon's Souls without too much problem, and I struggle as F in Dark Souls.

knowyourstuff1953d ago

And guess what ladies... he's single!

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xyyyr1953d ago

He uses a glitch which cuts out half of the game... Some people don't count that as a complete run some do. There are some Japanese players who beat the full game un-glitched in 57 minutes which was very impressive.

zerocrossing1953d ago

I wouldnt really count it if he used a glitch, that's like cheating right?

SolDojo1953d ago


a lot of the speed running culture believes that anything you can do to cut time out to get to the end screen is OK, as long as any other player can also use that glitch it doesn't actually change the mechanics of the speed run.

you'll see that many of the top speed runs for old school games involve a strange wall glitch to remove large parts of the game

JoySticksFTW1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Yeah, after obtaining the Lord Vessel he glitched the heck out of the game to by-pass collecting the souls to open the gate to the Kiln (final area). Basically cutting out some of the more bothersome areas and boss battles of the game.

Still crazy impressive the way he rushed through Sen's Fortress and later the dreaded Silver Knight Archers like it was nothing.

Heck, I was blown away the way he ran across and leapt off the beams in Arno Londo. I had to snipe those assassins and crawl along those high beams at a snails pace.

ElitaStorm1953d ago

world record half-hour, real time spend more then hundres of hours just to figur out how to make everything perfect

Flavor1952d ago

Glitches to complete. Totally worthless. Guinness needs to do their due diligence.

PurpHerbison1952d ago

I totally agree. Only reason this is news is because it is KNOWN that we will bitch and complain that the speed run isn't legit because it just flat out isn't... Thus creating some element of typical N4G drama and bringing in hits. All part of the plan.

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roblef1953d ago

I could watch that repeatedly. Super cool.

brodychet1953d ago

agreed. best game evar, evar.

brodychet1953d ago

on second thought; upon finishing watching these videos, and seeing how he used a glitch to finish it, and how mean he is: I don't really respect the videos or him.

onandonandon1952d ago

Just wait until u discover porn!

roblef1947d ago

I can only watch porn 4 or 5 times a day. In 5 minute increments.

darkronin2291953d ago

Crazy! And here I am still struggling to beat Demon's Souls.

-GametimeUK-1953d ago

Keep at it, man. It will be quite a rewarding experience. Any part that is giving you trouble?

violents1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Me too, I just finally picked it up and wow, you will die doesnt even begin to describe it. I wanted to play demon souls before dark souls and now dark souls2 is coming, i feel so behind the times. That speedrun was amazing.

PurpHerbison1952d ago

Don't worry, out of nowhere you will just learn the mechanics. It seems extremely hard but the learning curve is actually quite easy.

Tolkoto1953d ago

I would be happy to just beat the game.

Sadie21001953d ago

Ditto. Or if I don't spend two hours just trying to get past one section.

onandonandon1952d ago

If that amazes you you really need to broaden your horizons!!

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