Gran Turismo Series Tops 68 Million Copies Sold

Gran Turismo 5 hits 9.19 million copies sold, pushing the series past another sales milestone.

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Godchild10201763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Polyphony Digital/GTplanet > VGchartz

Great Job PD, Can't wait for Gran Turismo Vita and Gran Turismo 6.

shadowwizard1763d ago

Just a quick OT question: Are you on N4G all day? You comment like every article and you are always top comment.

Godchild10201763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I'm in class or at work with my laptop and my phone on N4G all the time. So, I can comment at any point. If I could play my Vita/3DS at work and in class at any point, I wouldn't be on this site much.

My friends hate it and they point it out all the time.

EddieNX 1763d ago

He is God's child. He is everywhere all the time. In your mind in N4G's comment section and on his console of choice...

darthv721763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

as a whole. Nice job PD.

When you break it down, it is interesting to see the highs and lows of the different games. Like the 1st was the original and sold to huge numbers (11mil+).

the 2nd was better than the 1st but didnt sell to the same crowd (9mil+).

The 3rd was the first one on the brand spanking new PS2 and it eclipsed the sell through of even the 1st (almost 15mil).

The 4th was better than the 3rd and sold pretty much the same as the 1st (11mil+).

The 5th is the PS3 debut and has sold to about the same as the 2nd. (9mil+). This one has nowhere to go but up and Im sure PD would love to sell to GT3 numbers or even more by the time GT6 comes out.

this post isnt negating the success of the series. It is just a reflection of the love hate relationship with its fans. I personally like GT3 but i do give credit to all other GT games for the improvements and originality they have brought to the table for racing sim fans.

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SoapShoes1763d ago

Let me clarify Darthv72: GT1 is 10.8 million btw, not 11+ million. GT2 did sell less which is odd because it blew the first one out of the water. GT3 sold the most because it was HEAVILY bundled to move PS2 units(obviously it worked). GT5 is near GT2 numbers at 1 year and 11 months while the rest had at least 3-5 years on the market. GT4's numbers are still increasing albeit very little but that goes to show you how much time GT5 still has to accumulate sells.

Larry L1763d ago


Estranged summed it up, but I'd also add that I thnk GT4's sales would have been FAR higher if not for the fact that alot of GT fans like myself ended up not buying GT4 even though it was (and is) by far the best and most complete Gran Turismo.

Reason was the online age of gaming had started and racing game fans were among the early adopters of console gaming online. NASCAR 2004 is probably the first online racing game on PS2 after the network adapter came out and that game's online was always busy. GT4 was announced well into the online age, and it was announced to have online, but the online was cancelled at the last minute.

I know if that disappointment stopped me from buying the game, since I certainly wasn't going back to only racing against A.I., it must have put off other people from buying it as well. If it sold 11+mil, it probably would have sold a couple/few million more if it had online.

On another note, I actually think a GT6 released on PS3 with it's current install base, if the game was all that it could be.....puts to use all those PS3 hardware secrets that have been unlocked since GT5's graphics engine had been finalized......has damn near every GT track ever (at least the good ones), and just makes a couple much needed improvements over GT5 like slightly more realistic environs, at least passable in-car views for standards and a bit more customisation freedom......., I think that GT6 could be the highest selling of the entire series.

But unless it's out by like Fall 2013, I don't see GT6 being on PS3. I hope it is though. I'd rather have a masterpiece at the end of PS3's lifecycle, than a GT6 releasing early into PS4's life which has issues with unmastered hardware again and low sales due to install base.

xursz1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

GT Vita hell yes. I'm willing to wait..

i replied to the wrong comment, sorry.

blackbeld1763d ago

Granturismo is still my favourite racing game. thnx PD you deserve it.

I finally got my TVR cerbera speed 12 last month.

Still can not get the balancing right. It's to drifty. I want more grip.

Anyone got some tips?

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WarThunder1763d ago

Gran Turismo 5: 9,190,000

My best racing game this gen!

Outside_ofthe_Box1763d ago

Yep. Good to the see PD's hard work paying off for making the king of sims in the form of the Gran Turismo franchise.

Dwalls11711763d ago

lts over 9 million !!!!!!!!!

Muerte24941763d ago

"roughly" about 1 out of 9 ps3 owners bought a copy of Gran Turismo 5.

GalacticEmpire1763d ago

Whether you like the games or not you have to be impressed with those numbers.

Well done Polyphony Digital, your hard work and dedication to perfection has paid off and gamers have spoken with their wallets.

MikeMyers1763d ago

It's nice to see the franchise continue to do well. I want racing games to continue to push the boundaries and the genre needs to remain healthy. Can't wait to see what they can do on the PS4.

Tonester9251763d ago

Well deserved. Hard work pays off

EddieNX 1763d ago

Impressive sales are impressive.

But Mario Kart wii sold 35,000,000 on its own lol. That has to be the most impresive game sale ever LOL.

Godchild10201763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Mario Kart was sold with every Wii for a 2-3 years. But still, that doesn't mean the game didn't sell well and that's a great achievement for the Wii and Mario Kart.

SoapShoes1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

GT5 is going to be passing up GT2 by January or probably already has as this is as of September. I noticed that it actually hasn't increased since the report in November but they removed the XL/Academy additions and combined them with GT5. Makes sense, they are all GT5 just with DLC included.

Anyway I love the game and I keep loving the updates that they keep pushing out. I really can't wait to drive the fully uncovered Corvette C7. One thing I'd like to touch on is the sound. I always hear everyone saying how GT5 sounds poor and the cars sound like vacuums but I think that's just people playing on their TV speakers with the game set on living room. I have a nice Sony surround sound system with it set to Large Theater and it sounds amazing!

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