Levine: BioShock Infinite ending "like nothing you've experienced in a video game before" The ending of BioShock Infinite is shrouded in mystery, but according to designer Ken Levine it'll be worth the wait.
He told Eurogamer's friends at Outside Xbox that gamers won't have seen anything like the ending to his shooter, due out March 2013, and that he's not sure how they'll react to it.

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caseh1949d ago

Hope you've done a better job of it than Bioware with ME3 Kenny boy or you shall be lynched after a comment like that! :)

KangarooSam1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Lynched? Really? Get with the times man. Beaten and raped for sure. But lynched? Psh.

Also, I hope the ending doesn't suck. Like I REALLY hope it doesn't because a LOT of games let me down in that way this year.

Detoxx1949d ago

Beaten and raped? Nah, you mean getting unfollowed on Twitter and Facebook

zerocrossing1949d ago

They are hyping the crap out of it! So yeah, its almost guaranteed to end up sucking.

fermcr1949d ago

Yep. I hope it has a better ending then Bioware's ME3.
A bad ending is like having sex but don't get to orgasm at the end.

KangarooSam1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

God, I hate that.

And yeah, I mean sex with no orgasm. Happened last time. So frustrating.

zerocrossing1949d ago

That analogy works incredibly well, someone give this guy a bubble! lol

000011949d ago

hopefully its not a shitty cutscene of choices like the first game, boy what a let down after a great game..mass effect 3 copied the same stupid idea as well.

Crazyglues1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

"like nothing you've experienced in a video game before" -Oh god here we go again...

Can Someone please cool down the hype machine, it's gone into overdrive again..?


Knight_Crawler1949d ago

This is going to be one of those games where you have to stay away from N4G or any other gaming went website if you donnot want the ending spoiled.

camel_toad1949d ago

I love Bioshock and expect to love Infinite but that's one of those Molynuex comments. I hope they pull it off though.

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Detoxx1949d ago

I'm going to laugh my ass off if the ending is just like ME3

KangarooSam1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Players wouldn't be connected enough with the protagonist like we were with Shepard after three games. They wouldn't consider it, especially after creating a whole new world. They'll reuse it.

Edit: I find it sad that I can comment on this without even playing ME3 yet. I really want to, but after every fanboy on day one ruined the ending for me, ME2's legacy seems too sweet to spoil.

zerocrossing1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

They shouldn't be pushing this "Amazing" ending so hard... If it's any good we'll tell them.

Conzul1949d ago

They didn't say it was "Amazing".

Levine said it was very unique; that they were proud of the work they'd done on it, and that they weren't sure if everyone would like/get it.

Personally, I haven't been disappointed by one of his games. Let ME3 be ME3, don't go into this expecting failure.

urwifeminder1949d ago

Didnt like 1 or 2 never finished em ill skip this kenny.

r211949d ago

What, why didnt you finish em? Both games are great!

ThichQuangDuck1949d ago

So you didn't like Bioshock 1 which was made by irrational,but yet you played Bioshock 2 which was not made by Irrational. Yet you still take time to post a one sentence comment which is an article pertaining to the ending or last 3rd of the first game. Well that is definitely irrational

alegolo1949d ago

I hope for a Neon Genesis Evangelion type ending, it would be great

goldwyncq1949d ago

If you smoke weed that is.

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