Interview: Ken Levine on player movement,and how BioShock Infinite’s villain compares to Andrew Ryan

PCG:In part one of my interview with Ken Levine, we talked about BioShock’s expression of racism and American history. In today’s excerpt, I ask Levine about BioShock’s unique, theme-parky presentation of narrative elements, player movement, and about Infinite’s villain, Father Comstock.

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SageHonor1954d ago

Gotta love passionate developers talking about their games

porkChop1954d ago

Such a brilliant guy. We need a lot more developers like him.

floetry1011954d ago

You'll always get straight answers out of Levine. He's one of the greatest modern game developers. No canned answers or pre-conceived points, just pure, unadulterated love for the games he creates.