Lair Controls Patch Experienced At GDC


"One of Lair's biggest criticisms was that it's motion controls were compulsory. The rumour of a patch adding analogue stick control caused a sigh of relief among Playstation 3 gamers."

"Now one fellow has claimed that he's experienced the patch at GDC and that it will be released in the coming months"

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Jack Bauer3744d ago

wow, maybe ill buy this game now... i rented it a while ago and hated the motion controls.

C_SoL3744d ago

A little too late don't u think.

Iron Man 23744d ago

Better late than never


Regret3744d ago

What hapened to real Dark $? You stabbed him, eh?

Iron Man 23744d ago

No,the master is still around and active,you can find him and all his activities here:


gamesblow3744d ago

Game never needed a patch. It's perfect the way it is and I'll always play it with motion controls. I've beat it 4 times now, silver and gold on most everything.

lodossrage3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

The game doesn't really need a patch for the controls. Don't get me wrong, it would be great if they added normal controls. But in all honesty, the motion controls are just fine.

Most of the people that had a problem with the controls are those people that lack in dexterity. You can't just flail around like a 3 year old and expect to move anywhere you want. The game just calls for a steady, patient hand.

And on a side note, anyone that has been playing warhawk with the motion controls rather than the normal ones should have no problem with lair's controls.

techie3744d ago

so it's just crap regardless of controls.?

lodossrage3744d ago

It's just crap to those that flail their arms around like 2 year olds having a temper tantrum lol.

crck3744d ago

Just because you like it one way doesn't mean it works for everyone. I play FPSs with the y-axis inverted. Does that mean all games shouldn't come with the option to switch it around to the player's liking? Which is why those people complaining about Resistance 2 have 60 players at once is a bunch of bull. Its not like you can't play with less. But its good that Insomniac is including it for players that do want that war zone experience.

Packet3744d ago

Lair was the perfect storm of fanboy fear of the PS3.

The terror the game generated was only topped by Killzone 2. Lair was the first big exclusive game that gave fanboy reviewers in the media a chance to destroy a PS3 game and write their 'teh PS3 doesn't live up to teh hype' stories.

With Lair you had a game that:

1) Ran in 1080p with absolutely insane amounts of world sizes and things on the screen running on an engine that only the PS3 is capable of handling

2) Had level sizes larger than entire 360 games with its smaller than last gen 3.5/7 GB DVD drive

3) Had sixaxis support fundamental to how you controlled the dragons

So you had Xbox fans who desperately needed to lash out at the game for 1) & 2) because Lair single handedly makes a mockery of every silly fanboy claim that the PS3 and 360 are somehow remotely close in graphical power. And that the smaller than last gen 7GBs DVDs weren't too small for real next gen games.

And then to top off that Xbox fanboy fury at the game, you had Nintendo fans throwing in some token hate at a PS3 game daring to use motion control.

It is funny to watch people pick up the game and say "Wow, this game is great" and "I don't understand why this game got slammed in reviews"

So if you need to tell yourself that you are picking up the game because they 'fixed the controls'. Whatever. Most likely you will end up playing the game with the superior motion controls regardless.

At least it will be a good lesson as to how fundamentally broken the gaming media is and how the gaming media is really nothing more than a bunch of punks with platform agendas.

lodossrage3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Level 5 tried to give gamers something new and ambitious. A game using dragons with a completely new way of controlling flight.

And they were demonized for their efforts. Which is a very sad thing.

Games always complain about games being the same old thing. Yet when a developer tries to give you something new, they get scorned.

And because of that, developers would rather stay on the same old path of doing the same old thing instead of thinking outside the box and give the gamers something new.

See, to me, Lair is a great game. It was well wither the $60 I spent on it. And I don't regret it in the least.

But the next time gamers have the nerve to say "we need something new", just think back to games like Lair. Then you'll understand

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gunnerforlife3744d ago

it dident really need a patch the only reason i gave it back was because of ratchet and clanck thats all otherwise i would of kept it

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