GDC: PlayStation Home Tools and Details

PSU reports from the "Home Tools and Support: Creating Content for PlayStation Home" presentation.
*UPDATE* screens added.


The video below shows how users will use the in-game PSP to launch into multiplayer games.

Tic Tac Toe game

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Anything but Cute3775d ago

There was nothing. No annoucments. I mean Microsoft did little but they still did the most. Atleast they confirmed Gears of War 2 and revealed more on Fable 2 and Too Human.

That's not much, but it's more than Sony did.

Also, I'm still waiting to see why Sony pulled the 80GB off the market.

I didn't expect GDC to be this lame. It was overhyped.

Captain Tuttle3775d ago

They hype everything. I don't think Sony mentioned that they were going to announce anything at GDC. Every little word by a Sony middle manager is taken way out of context by these guys.

nicholascage243775d ago

Why would SONY need to announce anything when the world already knows whats coming to ps3 this year.

2008 sees the biggest game of this generation ff13 ,mgs4,kz2,resistance 2,wks,gt5,lbp,wardevil,8days,g etaway etc

so there is no need for announcements especially when all the biggest games of the year are on your side

Plus Unlike you (FANBOY OF OUR OPPOSITE CAMP) we are busy celebrating our Blu Ray victory for the moment. On the other hand some People in your camp especially the ones who bought 300 000 HD DVD addons are left with nothing but pain and agony for the money spent on a defunct drive and PERHAPS A TO BE DEFUNCT console too

Captain Tuttle3775d ago

Thank you for making my point.

Lew_Ijgee3774d ago

The Game DEVELOPERS Conference is for developers and not for gamers. There was plenty of awesome developer news this week.

On topic: I can see that this has potential to go far beyond any reward system for games in place before the release of HOME. Instead of just receiving a reward title, trophies, or points a developer can make it so that getting certain "achievements" in game will reward you with special items for your apartment or avatar in HOME.

I can't wait.

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eagle213775d ago

Great detail, I love the new areas. I am glued to the updates. My new addiction has arrived. Good stuff.

Marceles3775d ago

Home looks like its really gonna turn out great, but man I hate seeing these makes me want it even more

Farsendor13775d ago

sony never hyped gdc it was the fans and 360 fans over hyped gdc also. that isn't the place to announce new titles tgs is where its at and mini shows.

vloeistof3775d ago

cant wait for home.

but where is resistance 2 and little bigplanet, :(

when is sony gamer day ?

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The story is too old to be commented.