Video game personality demands debate with Fox News

New media and video game personality Patrick Scott Patterson took to Twitter today to demand that Fox News bring him on its network to discuss video games and cultural violence.

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Y_51501824d ago

for the past couple of days I've seen only on fox news s about gun laws and they mentioned Video Games, really.

wampdog291823d ago

I can't even turn on Fox News anymore. Every day I hear video games being blamed right away. Yesterday, I counted video games or movie violence being name specifically during one broadcast about 30 times, no lie, 30 times. One guy was complaining about his kid playing violent games. Uh.... then why are you letting him play you moron?

manman61823d ago

Parents actually taking an active role in a child life. This is the 21 century where iPhone, video games, and television are the new parents.

Rupee1823d ago

Other networks are doing it too. They're all ignorant.

MariaHelFutura1824d ago

Get ready for some ambush journalism.

Crazay1823d ago

Patterson talks too much some times but he's not wrong. There's never been anyone who actually works in the industry on a panel to discuss this alleged "issue" of games breeding violence.

caseh1823d ago

'News media outlets like Fox News then noticed that Lanza liked Mass Effect and quickly accused the game of influencing the massacre.

Facebook users then left angry comments on the Mass Effect Facebook page, denouncing the game and accusing the game developers of playing a part in the school shooting.'

I don't know whats more retarded, Fox News for latching onto Mass Effect without even knowing what it is or the Facebook Fox entourage dropping abuse on Facebook.

I must have missed the part where biotic implants were available over the counter in walmart, or the mission in Mass Effect that had you storm a school and shoot anything that moves.

JD_Shadow1823d ago

You really think he'd get a fair debate:

- Fox (and their fanboys) has tried to say they are "fair and balanced" for years but evidence has proved otherwise.
- You have hosts that will do whatever it takes to make sure they don't get smacked down with facts they can't easily whisk away with a shouting match (even abruptly ending an interviews, as they have done before, too).
- This is a debate that has a political tie in (Republicans love their guns, after all, and gun control has become the center debate of all of this), so of course there's going to be that hanging over heads.
- We've seen how smart gamers that know what they are talking about get treated in the mainstream media in the past.

wampdog291823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I have a problem only with people saying Fox News. ALL media outlets are biased in either the right or left direction. CNN, I find, is less biased than others, but still pretty biased. Also, you seem to be very much a Democrat, so I'm not too surprised to see you ONLY pick on Fox News and gun owners...

P.S. - before you call me a righty or lefty, please realize I am neither. Pure Libertarian here.

JD_Shadow1823d ago

I wouldn't have a problem with Fox being right leaning if they didn't try to hide it under the "fair and balanced" mantra or try to interject their opinions as news in their hard news portions. MSNBC is left leaning, but you don't see them really hiding that (why should they; it's what got them on the map finally) or report opinions as hard facts.

Fox is picked on because they try to advertise themselves as something they clearly are not, they interject opinions as facts, and a lot of the "facts" they do report on are either skewed or completely made up.

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The story is too old to be commented.