CheatCC Review: Mega Brain Boost - Give your Right Brain the Right Workout

CheatCC writes: "Games that purport to increase your intelligence by having you perform a series of specially designed mini-games only serves to make me smart enough to realize just how stupid I really am. They say that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I think that applies to mental health as well. It seems the more that you know about the world, the more depressed you may become. That's why "they" also came up with the saying "ignorance is bliss." Then again perhaps you don't have to be stupid to be happy, but it can't hurt. It was Einstein himself who said that if you want to remain happy, don't read the newspaper. In other words, don't fill your mind full of negative information that you have no control over. Mega Brain Boost promises to give you control and not fill your mind full of negative energy."

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