Fuse - 'The Dalton Rules' trailer released

Insomniac Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming shooter title Fuse.

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majiebeast1951d ago

Looks better then the re-reveal but not sold on it.

Abash1951d ago

Too many games I want to get next year, Fuse just doesnt appeal to me

Root1951d ago

This looks horrible, adding a bit more colour to the game isn't going to make it seem non generic anymore. Seriously this is coming out the same time as God of War and Gears of War, it's going to crash and burn.

TreMillz1951d ago

I'm gonna come out and say it, Overstrike was changed to Fuse to please the 360 crowd, they wouldn't have gotten into it if the game still was Overstrike

americanGTA1950d ago

Resistance 2 looks better......... You just HAD to sell your sole to EA

rdgneoz31950d ago

Maybe they don't like to wear shoes anymore? Ever stop to consider that?

TheKindRoost1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

After watching both this and overstrike's trailer...*sigh*... the fun personalities of the character and the game as whole seems to have been sucked right out of'em.

rdgneoz31950d ago

Yah, the humor and personalities of the characters in the original game made me want to get it. Now there's nothing.