FiringSquad GDC 2008: Far Cry 2 PC Tech Demo Impressions

FiringSquad writes: "Over at Intel's booth during GDC the PC processor company was showing off a brief graphical tech demo of Far Cry 2, the upcoming "sequel" to the first person shooter. In this case, "sequel" is a misnomer since the game has nothing to do with the original Far Cry developed by Crytek in 2004. Aside from the name nothing else, not even the Cryengine, is being used for Far Cry 2.

The live tech demo showed off some of the visual tricks that Far Cry 2 will contain. The game takes place somewhere in Africa and the demo level showed a wide expanse of empty African wildlife. One new feature is the procedural vegetation that will be seen by the player. Our demo operator shot off pieces of the bush with his pistol and showed how the pieces are shot off individually instead of a pre-set animation. Each blade of grass in the tech demo swayed in the wind on its own; there will be no large clump of grass that will move in the wind as has been done in many other games."

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RIPHDDVD3743d ago

The weather effects in Far Cry 2 are pretty damn amazing.

Cyrus3653743d ago

I'm interested in what they'll cut if anything in the consoles version, they'll have to do some tinkering.