Games Don't Matter After Sandy Hook Tragedy

Ed Smith writes:

"I watched an interview last night with We Need to Talk about Kevin author Lionel Shriver, where she mentioned that, following the Sandy Hook massacre, several newspapers had asked her if she'd write a column. She explained that she had had to decline every offer because she'd been totally humbled by the tragedy. It was too much, she said, and there was nothing a mere best-selling author could say to change things.

That's precisely how I feel about Sandy Hook. As a game critic, I don't do proper news. There was a time a couple of months ago when everyone else in the office was crowded round a story about an explosion in Syria, while I was busy reviewing Carmageddon on the iPhone. That sums up my job - I feel as if I'm a capable enough writer, but also that I'm a child, playing with toys while the adults handle the real-world."

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