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Wii U: What Does “Next-Gen” Mean?

Taryn writes, "When Reggie Fils-Aime came out and said the Wii U’s launch marked the start of the next console generation I found myself asking, “Just what the heck does “next-gen” mean today?” To interperet literally, it means the next line of consoles from each manufacturer." (Industry, Tech, Wii U)

Hatsune-Miku  +   488d ago
Next gen is increasing the technological bar in your respective field of devices to a degree never done before.

Wii u isn't next gen. Look at the specs and games
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Neonridr  +   488d ago
Who cares about the specs? The Wii U is putting out games that are either slightly below, on par, or better than current gen games, and is doing all of that while only consuming half the amount of power required.

It's doing all of this in its infancy stages in life. The PS3 and 360 have had 6/7 years to be optimized, perfected and essentially maxed out according to Crytek, whereas the Wii U has only scratched the surface of its potential.

If the 360 and PS3 had been maxed out at their creation, games like Madden 06 and Call of Duty 2 is all we could have expected graphically. As developers learn to build their games specifically for the Wii U, they will utilize the newer GPGPU in the Wii U to offload calculations and functions that the CPU would normally have to perform in the 360 or PS3.

It's no wonder your bubbles are down to 2. I expect to see you as a one bubble wonder soon, because all you do is spout negativity about the Wii U while making ridiculous claims about its specs and lack of power with nothing to back it up other than saying that developers in some cases aren't able to make the Wii U games look as polished as the PS3 or 360 games that they have had years of experience developing for. Trine 2 is a perfect example of showcasing how much more impressive the Wii U's version can look over the 360/PS3 when the developer takes the time to make it look good. I fully expect to see that with games like Aliens Colonial Marines where the developer is actually utilizing the Wii U properly and not just trying to take the 360 code and make it run for the Wii U. The architecture might be similarly based to the 360, but that doesn't mean that the pipeline of how the code is handled is the same. Far from it.
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iamnsuperman  +   488d ago
Just to be clear. Crytek didn't max anything. They may say they did but that is their official tag line. "Crytek: we max your console until we develop another game for it"
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MikeMyers  +   488d ago
There is no next gen in gaming because the bar is constantly being raised in PC gaming. Each generation of videocards from Nvidia and AMD are a progression that further advances what is possible.

As for the Wii U it is a next generation console for them. It is clearly a step above what was possible on the Wii.

There are too many variables in gaming because there are so many different types of platforms. So when you have a publisher like EA how do they dictate what is next generation or not since they also support the PC that's ever evolving, smartphones that are also ever evolving, and consoles? Do they say FIFA will be next gen on the new Xbox and PS4 but not comment on when next gen started on the PC?

All this has come down to is some silly pissing match so that people who support camp A can say something to those who support camp B. It's meaningless because at the end of the day it's all about the return of enjoyment.
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AsimLeonheart  +   488d ago
Man Nintendo fans have really been twisting words to prove that their console of choice is "next-gen". It seems like "next-gen" is some kind of abstract and philosophical concept that only Nintendo fans can grasp. :/
Next-gen is about specs since the NES till today! It is simple as that. Since the NES each each new console has been a significant leap from the previous one that is almost equivalent to the competitors console. Nintendo have been a generation behind the competitors since the Wii. The Wii was equivalent to the original XBOX in power and Wii U is somewhat equivalent to PS360, only a little better. Nintendo purposefully stays a step behind their competitors technology-wise to keep their costs down and you keep buying into their shovelware, Marios and Zeldas year after year. Dont you people get tired of that stupid looking plumber or Zeldas? You have been playing them since the 80s for God's sake! Man what is wrong with you people??? Somebody here please explain it to me because I find myself unable to appreciate underpowered Nintendo gaming even though I owned a NES when I was a kid and played a lot of Mario.
Neonridr  +   487d ago
@AsimLeonheart - the reason why people keep playing the Marios and Zeldas are because they are some of the greatest games ever created. You think it's a coincidence that Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time are considered the two greatest games ever created? Every Zelda game is a GOTY contender, and the 3D Mario series (not counting the New Super Mario Bros line - which is still a great series) are always top notch. So no, I don't tire of playing these incredible games.

Shovelware exists no matter what system you look at, sure the Wii had a greater share, but that's because the demographics included younger kids and older people along with the mainstream players, so you have to cater to everyone. Don't tell me the Kinect is a fantastic piece of hardware that delivers top notch software without any shovelware.. I would say over 75% of the Kinect Only titles are complete garbage and worthy of the title of shovelware too.

Next Gen is not about specs alone, it's also about new ways of interacting with games, something Nintendo is always pushing with their hardware. People first looked at the Analog stick and thought, why would I want to play a game with that? Guess what happened, every controller has at least one if not two now. When the Gamecube introduced Analog Triggers, what happened? Suddenly those became standard on controllers. People thought there is no way I would want to play with motion controls that the Wii offered, guess what? Kinect and Move suddenly appeared. And now we have a controller with a built in screen, that allows new ways of playing your games. It opens up new possibilities that never existed before, and increases the ways with which we can engage with the game. That right there is an example of how it is next gen.

It's always about numbers with Sony and MS fanboys. Christ, I can't wait until the PS4 and the 720 come along because you know one is going to have superior specs over the other. Then I can't wait to see what the defense will be from the camp of the console with the weaker specs to the camp of the console with the superior specs. Suddenly it won't be about the raw numbers anymore..
chadboban  +   488d ago
I'd like to hear your opinions on what Crytek said about Next-Gen not being as big a leap as we thought it would be.


Would also like to hear your thoughts on the story about John Carmack saying that most next-gen games will run at 30FPS.


Funny that I don't see you comment on these articles. Why is that?
specsmatter  +   488d ago
i like to see you comment on Sony themselves saying that the next Ps is not about being the cheapest or rushing it. Its about being the best system that can remain relevant for years to come lol If you think their wont be a noticeable difference your only fooling yourself. It will be a nice leap. No one has to be a rocket scientist to know that the leap wont be as great as ps2 to ps3 because that kind of leap rarely happens in gaming, but to play that into the Ps4 not being noticeable jump over the Wii u and having games that blow the current games out of the water is absurd. We know how Sony gets down by looking at the Ps3 and then the Vita who many claimed wouldn't be as powerful as ppl thought because Sony wouldn't go that route again (Guess again!!!! they did)

A little quote from Sony and Jack Trenton himself not some lame dev that every year comes out saying their maxing a system out and that their game will be something never seen on console (Digital foundry did an analysis of Kz3 versus Crysis 2 and it wiped the floor with it) then come out with Crysis 2 which didn't look or play better than Kz 2 or 3 and had minimal enemies on screen at one time, Dumb AL, crazy framrate issues lol and tear and was bland as hell!!!!

We have never been first [in the global console cycle], we have never been cheapest, it is about being the best. If you can build a better machine and it is going to come out a little bit later, that is better than rushing something to market that is going to run out of gas in the long term. Ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first andis the cheapest [which is impossible], so our goal is to be the best," stressed Mr. Tretton.

Yeah next Playstation will be another power horse and will def. be a noticeable difference over what is supposedly next gen.....
chadboban  +   488d ago

Yes and look how well the Vita turned out for Sony, the thing is freaking tanking right now and that's not good for Sony. I honestly want the thing to succeed and I'd love to see what developers can do with it (Tearaway is an example of a excellent looking game that seems to take advantage of the Vita unique features).

They need to be smart with this next system. It needs to not only be powerful but also priced reasonably and it needs to stand out from the other consoles and not only due to it's graphics. They simply cannot afford another launch like the PS3 or the PS Vita. Their credit has been put into JUNK status by credit rating agency Fitch although that's not to say that Sony can't turn it around.

I'll most likely stick with PS4 and Wii U in the coming gen, because I grew up with Nintendo and Sony and they haven't let me down when it comes to their exclusive games as yet. I have a gaming PC for multiplats to really get the most out of them. If "specsmatter" you should just build yourself a PC as well because that's the only way you're going to get the absolute best.

I myself will say that specs do indeed matter, but games matter more. Without games, specs are useless. So don't be a fanboy, be a gamer and appreciate this lovely hobby that we have.
kirbyu  +   488d ago
In those cases, it's not advanced to the 360 or ps3, but it is to the Wii.
darthv72  +   488d ago
by your logic...hatsune
the wii-u IS next gen. Nintendo raised the technological bar in their respected field of consoles to a degree never done on the NES, SNES, N64, GC AND Wii.

The games AND specs prove that.

The term "next gen" does not relate to all players with a specified generation. It only relates to the product that is being released as compared to the previous effort. ALA wii-u is a next gen Wii very much like the SNES was a next gen NES.

It is silly fanboys that like to throw around comparatives of one company to another.

When Sony made the comment of "The next gen does not start until we do" is right in the context for "sony". their next gen system (ps3) did not start until they released it.
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BlackWolf  +   488d ago
I assume your toilet is practically new, given the material you use to write your comments.

And by your logic, the Wii U deserves it's title as a next gen console, as is a increase for the Wii. As Nintendo doesn't give a damn about what the others do, is safe to say they are increasing their very own field. The Wii U works differently to the other systems, so as of now there aren't many games that use it's full power.

By the way you always talk, I am surprised you have two bubbles again.
Ben_Rage_3  +   488d ago
Then by your definition the PC is the only next gen experience available. Since consoles and PC's are more similar than ever. Take any piece of software at any given time on a console, be it Call of Duty 2, Rage, Crysis 2, Call of Duty 4, Fallout 3 or Skyrim, and the PC offers a technologically superior experience than the console iteration. So, if you live by your definition then you must be a PC gamer correct?
zillanoir  +   488d ago
If graphics were the issue that decided who was the best gamecube wouldve been the best then this gen ps3. Homeboy is right specs dont matter as much when compaired to the total expierence said console gives us. I have a wii u and a ps3 both great in their own respects. The wii u is great because they finally got on board so far with third party and more importantly indie devs... also, the unique ips we all know and love. The same goes for ps3, xbox 360 has its exclusives but nothing that delves any deeper than primal instincts...killing.
I havent really noticed anything in abundance on that platform that played to the heart and really challenged the mind as far as exclusives are concearned. Not to exclude all the faulty hardware given to their paying customers, that alone gave me the impression not to invest in that system. Hopefully when sonys and microsoft next gen consoles release they oo will carve out entertainment niches along with games full of content to run the gammut for all age groups like sonys heavy rain for mature audiences, cuz truly blazing guns isnt the only mature thing adults do. The wii u i loved from demos to the full fledged games and im totally sold i now have 9 games 8 in which are downloaded onto my ext hd.
The miiverse is the best gaming community to date the other two should find ways to capitolize on that notion. Hope they dont steal though because that will only make ninty fanboys prove their point even clearer. ZombiU best in class in the survival horror genre is concearned hands down that truly needs to be in the demo kiosk asap! Please try it before u knock it because its a great start for the future of gaming.
Cheers gamers!
JayBlue  +   488d ago
Hatsume, do you ever make a small research before saying whatever comes to your mind? Do you take the time to measure what you're going to say?
Look at how many people have proven you wrong.
Wii U is next gen, regardless of your claims.
It's a improvement over the Wii. Next gen isn't completely related to graphics. Nintendo consoles don't need those amazing graphics you claim they lack, since they exceed where other companies don't: New, better and entertaining ways to enjoy games, always refreshing the gaming experience.
In the future, yes, Nintendo will eventually upgrade the graphics for the next generation the launch.
But graphics don't make the generation.
You didn't read the article before getting on the discussion to bash the wii u, did you?
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   488d ago
Next gen is the release of next iteration of consoles. Any other definition is wrong.
darthv72  +   488d ago
would you classify the wii-u as a next iteration of a console?

Seeing as not every company releases at the same time, to pluralize "consoles" would be incorrect. unless you are defining it based on once they have all released their next iteration.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   488d ago
Yes. It is the beginning of the next iteration of consoles.

It marks the beginning of the next generation. Just because others didn't release yet doesn't mean it's not next gen. I pluralized it because there will be multiple consoles releasing. And the WiiU was the first.
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profgerbik  +   488d ago
You are so right but so many people just choose to ignore it. Yapping on about specifications do not matter..

If they did not matter why do people even buy these new consoles? Clearly they care about better hardware specifications, better games and better graphics compared to their last console.

I don't get why people get so bent out of shape nothing new with Nintendo, it's not even an insult but Nintendo has never really set the bar.

Sadly better hardware leads to better games and better gaming whether one wants to believe that or not, that is how it works
chadboban  +   488d ago
Never really set the bar? Dude how old are you? The N64 and Gamecube weren't exactly the weakest consoles of their respective generations. The PS1 and PS2 however were the weakest and those systems were freaking fantastic.

The Wii was pretty much the first time Nintendo was the weakest spec wise, and although they seem to continue this trend with the Wii U I don't believe the gap in power is going to be as big as it was last gen. Don't get me wrong the PS4 and 720 will surely be more powerful than the Wii U and it will be noticeable, just not as noticeable as the Wii was last gen.

And as PS2,PS1 and the Nintendo DS libraries prove, better hardware doesn't always lead to better games, if so the PC would be host to the greatest games of all time. It's the talent of the developers and how they use the hardware that determines whether a game will be good or not.

I feel like this generation I'm going with PC, Wii U and PS4. I know Sony and Nintendo won't let me down when it comes to exclusives and I'll get most multiplats on PC where they will look their best.
ALLWRONG  +   488d ago
Next gen is the next installment of consoles by whoever makes the console. Wii to Wii U = next gen.

Nice try though.
1upgamer99  +   488d ago
Wii U is Next Gen. The gamepad was not possible when Wii/360/PS3 came out. Well It was, but at a cost beyond most pocket books. The Wii U has more power, than Xbox360/PS3, due to newer tech and 3Xs dedicated RAM for games alone, not shared between OS and games. There are not many games using Wii U's added Tech and Ram as of yet, but that will change. If you want to talk about a bad launch lets talk about 360's Ring of Death, and the crappy ports for both PS3 and 360 when they were released. I LOVE my PS3, PC, and I really am getting into Wii U. Too many people who don't Own one, but claim they have played it(yeah right a demo at Gamestop) Judge something they have spent like 5 min with. I am impressed that within, what 8 months of Dev kits being sent out, the Wii U can do what it has taken Developers 6 years plus to do on the Current gen systems. Games I like better on Wii U....Assassins Creed 3, Madden 13. Wii U only, I have read the reviews and I LOVE ZOMBI U, I think some people (my friend hates it) find it too challenging, NSMB Wii U, I have to say I was like WTF, another one???? I was wrong. Games I cant wait to play on Wii U, Rayman, Bayonetta 2, Aliens Colonial ( Developers said the Wii U version will look and play better, than other consoles) Fatal Frame....I can't wait!!!!! Not to mention Zelda, Metroid.
wiiulee  +   488d ago
next generation means new ways to challenge gamers and game interaction..even though wiiu can do better graphics then ps3 and xbox360 thats not what matters....1080p is 1080p when it comes to sony and microsoft next machines...so it always comes down to the games and new direction with the innovation in gaming...with ps1 it was cd, new games, n64 controller, mario, zelda, then the wii cause ps2 and xbox and even gamecube did not bring anything really new...then after the wii, sony copied with move then microsoft attempted something new with connect and now the wiiu...truly next gen is a way to move the industry forward gamewise and internet wise and options...if its graphics alone then nothing new happens...which is why the wiiu is truly next generation and maybe the only truly next generatioon system.....haters and non-gamers will not understand that concept.
josephayal  +   488d ago
The next generation of consoles starts in 2013
PopRocks359  +   488d ago
Actually it started November 2012. I don't know if you noticed but a new Nintendo console came out and it's their generation eight console.
ape007  +   488d ago
yeah but nintendo's eight gen is actually on par with the seventh gen (ps3, 360) so far

we actually want the TRUE 8th gen, wiiu is giving the eight generation a bad name if u want to consider it a true 8th gen console, when it compares to ps4\720 it look more like a phony 8th gen console
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PopRocks359  +   488d ago

"yeah but nintendo's eight gen is actually on par with the seventh gen (ps3, 360) so far"

Well, you don't really know that for sure. Also generations are not measured by power, they're measured by time.
MEsoJD  +   488d ago
When I think of next gen in console terms, I think of big noticeable leap in graphics. No I don't think graphics are everything, but it's telling of the hardware and direction.





Playstation 2/Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox

to wii
hd/hdmi comes into play
Playstation 3/Xbox 360/WiiU

to probably

next playstation/xbox?
Thepcz  +   488d ago
ps3 and 360 are obsolete, oldskool, redundant, LAST GEN tech.
to most people, next gen simply means the next console by sony or microsoft.

most so-called gamers dont even consider nintendo to be in the competition.

fact is, nintendo RUN the industry. if it wasn't for the wii, the industry would have basically crashed. without the wii, there would be no move, no kinect. the industry would have stagnated.

i really dont know how a gamer could have played exclusively on ps3/360, since those consoles had absolutely NOTHING new to offer gamers, that wasn't already present on the ps2/xbox. The only thing ps3/360 gamers benefited from their console, was HD and fancy glow/shiny effects.

meanwhile, wii gamers were in the TRUE next gen, experiencing methods of control the ps3/360 gamers had to wait until the latter part of their consoles lives to enjoy.

tens of millions of people voted with their money and chose the wii as THE console of choice LAST gen.

Wiiu ushers in the NEXT gen, whether the so-called gamers (ie graphic whores) like it or not.
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TotalHitman  +   488d ago
"Next gen" is a phrase to describe the era in which consoles release in a certain time frame. The Wii U is next gen, whatever the technology.

There have been eight video game generations since the mid 1970s. The PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii released in the seventh generation. The 3DS, the PS VITA and the Wii U released in the eight generation.

Read up on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
ape007  +   488d ago
the "NEXT GEN" term has always been known throughout the years as a next step in TIME and TECH, i don't consider wiiu as a true nextgen console, it might be time wise but perfect dark zero look\perform way better than zombie u and has much better online functionality and it came out in 2005, truth be told
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Neonridr  +   488d ago
perfect dark zero was GARBAGE. The N64 version was better than that rubbish..

ZombiU while lacking in online play (something that not every game needs still has an engaging storyline and has a good presentation to it - Take Bioshock for example, amazing game with a fantastic story which was ruined by shoddy online play in BioShock 2).
ape007  +   487d ago
yep PDZ is nowhere near the N64 classic which imo is the greatest FPS ever but im talking about gfx
wiiulee  +   488d ago
to be honest if sega and their fanboys did not let the media and silliness about graphics get to them...they would still be in the game cause the dreamcast was a great system with the vmu and their graphics really wasnt all that behind in that generation......at least nintendo fans understand innovation and gaming direction and put the halt on clowns and haters.
rpd123  +   488d ago
Generations are all about time periods. Has nothing to do with specs. Wii U is still next gen, it's just not as advanced as people were expecting from the next gen consoles.
bumnut  +   487d ago
^^^^ What he said.
Deku-Johnny  +   488d ago
Next gen means it's the next line of consoles. Just like with people, my children will be the next gen of my family. My children don't have to have better 'specs' they just have to come after me. Wii U comes after Wii so it is next gen.
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Dubaman  +   488d ago
What an article..It means 'Next-Generation'..the generation after the one we've just had. PS3 X360 and Wii are 7th gen. WiiU, PS4 and X720 will be 8th Gen...
kagamer79   487d ago | Bad language | show
ElectricKaibutsu  +   487d ago
We can argue and deny all we want but the Wii U has to be considered next gen. After the PS4 and 720 are released you can jokingly refer to it as last gen, that's fine. But if people honestly push for it to be called last gen well into the next generation, it will make talking about that generation very awkward:
"This generation (and Nintendo's console from last generation that's not the original Wii) were the first consoles that connected people together through social networking."
"I'm so glad this generation of consoles (including the Wii U which is last generation) took a page from Steam and allowed developers to easily sell their games on Steam."
"This gen + the last gen Wii U sure added interesting control schemes to games."

My point is this won't be an argument in three years. The same thing happened with the Wii and in the end it just took way too much effort to not include it.
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