US PlayStation Store Update: February 21, 2008

Onaxis writes: "Well, here it is, the PlayStation Store update for February 21, 2008, the week of the Game Developers Conference 2008. Do we get any special content? Lets take a look.

PSone Games

* Jet Moto 3 ($5.99)


* PixelJunk Monsters demo (free)


* PAIN Character Add-On: Hung Lo (free)
* PAIN Single-Player Fun With Explosives Add-On (free)
* Rock Band Song Add-Ons
o Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots ($1.99)
o El Scorcho by Weezer ($1.99)
o Why Do You Love Me by Garbage ($1.99)

Game Videos

* MLB 08 The Show Replay Vault Tutorial (free)
* MLB 08 The Show Pitcher Batter Analysis Tutorial (free)
* MLB 08 The Show Stolen Base Video (free)
* Conflict: Denied Ops Dev. Diary 4 (free)
* Bionic Commando: Rearmed Trailer (free)

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Frulond3651d ago

is that all???

Lifendz3651d ago

what a bummer. I guess I'm expecting a Killzone beta, a Metal Gear Online beta or maybe a Metal Gear demo, a LBP demo, maybe a vid of how "The Getaway" or "8 days to Vegas" is going. How about a firmware with something desperately wanted: I'm not not saying what because I think we all know what.

I went through the game drought so I'm not complaining. This is just sorta like waiting for Christmas and it's only November 27. I want the hyped stuff already.

TruthBTold3651d ago

Just a little more time and april will be here very soon. Big games coming soon. Glad I will be done with school by then, I will have a lot more free time.

GodsHand3651d ago

True, short month = short updates.

skynidas3651d ago

I was hoping for some videos from GDC

Cartesian3D3651d ago

Digiguys said they wont participate in GDC but they will update their site with new info about the game..

and now its the TIME..

cant wait to see new Info about Wardevil . may be a New Trailer from Gameplay :P .

BTW MLBtheSHOW 2008 looks Gorgeous and stunning..

Meus Renaissance3651d ago

Disappointing but then again what demos could they put on there? I want to play LAIR just to try it.

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The story is too old to be commented.