Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About Metal Gear Rising On Wii U Early next year, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners will get the chance to sample the latest instalment in the Metal Gear series, with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance arriving on their consoles.

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Hatsune-Miku1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Third party has already started to shun the Wii u because of the history of Nintendo and the lineup of the launch games and first year announced titles proves it. The ps3 has more compelling and better looking games coming out next year than everything the Wii u has coming out in the same time. Next gen systems 720 and ps4 are also coming out next year which will further retard the progress of the Wii u.

Game publishers and developers aren't silly fanboys or fanatical enough where they'd risk putting a lot of effort into a core Wii u title and then have it fail like a lot of core games have failed on past Nintendo products. Nintendo thinks they can just run to a veranda and shout " Nintendo Wii u is a core gamers machine" and all will believe it. It doesn't work like that Nintendo. You can't expect developers and majority of gamers that knows your history to think you'll change ways in the xbox and ps3 gen and cater mostly to the core gamers. I remember a lot of games like star fox on GameCube that were simplified for casual gamers. the Wii with its bad and inaccurate controls marred the gameplay of 90% of the Wii games even though there were so little core games.

The Wii u is already on the wiis path of where developers will ignore it and prefer Sony and Microsofts consoles and the Wii already taught a lot of gamers that Nintendo products are weak with shoddy gimmicks.

If anyone wants to play this metal gear revengeance then they can play it on superior hardwares the xbox and ps3. These titles supposedly didn't matter within the past 6 years with a lot of Wii fans so I don't know why they'd matter now. After all graphics and power doesn't matter like NES fanatics say.

Godchild10201918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I don't think it's the history of Nintendo, but the use of the GamePad. Every Dev so far that is or has worked on the Wii U has talked about how the GamePad is the best part of the Wii U. It's about making a game that, no matter what platform you play on won't be the much of a difference and won't make anyone feel like they are paying more for a lesser product.

Just look at what happen to the PS3, whether it has more powerful or not, Third Party Devs, as of 2010, have tried to keep the games on par with the 360 and PS3. PC being it's on beast.

The Gamepad is what is what is holding Third Party Developers/Publishers back, not Nintendo's history. Come late 2013, we will hear how Nintendo is making great use of the GamePad and how third Party will be doing the same thing. AS of now, if the WII U gets Third Party Support, it will be for the pro controller and limited use of the GamePad.

Note: I think this is the same case with the Vita. And if Publishers don't want to make exclusive games for one of the platforms, we might see it on both systems. I think it happen with the DS as well, when it first launched.

Akuma-1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

a lot of developers arent apprehensive about making a game on the wii u because of the controller. its because the wii u hardware which is said to be easy to develop for is weak and because nintendo has a history of not being successful venture for third party games. i know a lot of fanboys like to pretend and lie about the negatives of their fav company systems but i agree that the history of nintendo along with gimmick controller and weak hardware is working against them.

thank you hatsune for spreading the word. keep up the facts and truths. it seems like a lot of people here loves to deny have a lot of disagrees already,lol. seems like the nintendo fanboys are furious with you. probably you should say that nintendo is coming out with an update to make the wii u 6 times more powerful than a ps3 and theyll have games that looks better than crysis 1 on high settings for pc,lol. wii u is rubbish , it kills the fanboys inside that its rubbish and they cant do a thing because the proof is real. look at the games and games to be released in wii us 1st year. killzone 2 destroys all wii u games and itll never have games with the tech of ''the last of us'' . i dont know why a new launch system doesn't have good enough games close to ps3s exclusives next year

ill go and watch the metal gear ground zeros video because i cant wait for it on PS4

Godchild10201918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

@Akuma, I don't think it's the power of the system, because, it is slightly or more powerful than current gen. It's about having the right Devs working on the console to properly optimize the games on the Wii U and not try to use features that aren't really needed, but make great use of the system, gamepad and make people venture to the console.

Just look at Sony's and Microsoft's first and second part Devs, they take great use of what they have and make the best out of it. Look at Monster Hunter for the Wii U, Rayman Legends and NSMBU. Maybe it's the art direction they took, but they look and play well on the Wii U.

I think it's the Gamepad and the art direction that most Developers don't want to go down and that is 2 of the few or many reason why we don't see many Devs working on the Wii U.

I understand that is your opinion and Hatsune-Miku opinion, so, I respect it. We won't know until more devs come out and say why they aren't or won't develop games for the Wii U.

MikeMyers1918d ago

It takes time and money to devote people to make games on the Wii U because they will want to take advantage of the Gamepad. That has been a hurdle for Nintendo for years because they constantly make hardware that is unique to their controller. Not too many 3rd party developers are going to invest in Wii U games if it means taking extra resources to make the game a bit different. So again we have this catch-22. You need a fanbase large enough to sell to but that fanbase isn't going to grow unless there is software for them.

I think this is why they came out with the Pro controller but people aren't going to buy a Wii U to play games on the pro controller. They might as well just keep playing games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 then.

tehpees31918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Food for thought here Miku. Nintendo is publishing (you know signing deals) games with third parties. They are pressing developers into including it in multiplatform development and paying them higher royalties for supporting the system. They are also putting those with big support on higher priority.

Finally Wii U selling more in Japan then 720 (which is absolutely guaranteed to happen) will make companies there cave to their system.

There is absolutely no chance, I repeat NO CHANCE Wii U will lose support like Wii did. Nintendo is being too careful this time. If third party support is your only argument against Wii U its null and void. While there is no way of knowing who will be on board, or how long for, more will stick to it in the long run this time.

Iwata has a cheque book and isn't afraid to use it. If the worst comes to the worst they still have contracts with companies in place and will continue to write contracts until Wii U's very last breath.

They AREN'T LETTING it happen again. Thats the major hole in your argument.

ChickeyCantor1918d ago

That desperate echo that goes with you Hatsune. I'm sure you have a lot of growing up to do. Take your time child.

SuperShyGuy1918d ago

Star Fox on the GameCube was for casuals ok that right there proves you have no idea what you are talking about.

Eye Toy for PS2 now that was for casuals

millzy1021918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

@ hatsune-miku-i-bum-sony-and-pl ay-nothing-else I'm a metal gear fan and always will be but I don't want to play rising, not because its not on Wii u as I own a PlayStation bit because it shits in the face of everything that is metal gear, yeah slicing things up with raiden is cool but where's the stealth, without stealth its not metal gear just another hack n slash.

on a side note, you honestly believe the Wii u is not having it because of power limitations, get over yourself the Wii u can run assassins creed so revegence wouldn't have a problem running on it its nothing to do with power but its not financially viable, and as for lack of 3rd party support all of the Wii u line up apart from 2 games (mario and Nintendo land) are third party also all of the games anounced for next year are third party apart from pickmin, its just not getting a shit load of ports but 3rd party exclusives. ok you don't like the exclusive games on offer but that's your opinion. like I said I have a ps3 so I'm not bothered about ports anyway so your comments are void. no one listens to you because a, your trying to convince multiplatform players that imaginary ps4 and 720 is going to be 5 times better Wii u when we will be getting one or both anyway so it doesn't matter, b, telling Nintendo fanboys there console is shit is like me telling you sony is shit you would not listen and neither do they and c, the general public who are not on this website or any other game site will still buy one if they where thinking about it or on impulse so stop wasting your breath and grow up.

and finally I'm going to be playing the best looking version of aliens on my Wii u but how could a weak system have a better looking game than ps3?

chadboban1918d ago

Funny thing is, you always talk about Microsoft's and Sony's new consoles on Wii U articles, yet you are nowhere to be found on articles that actually talk about those consoles.

You know the articles that are basically stating that the Next-Gen won't be the big leap you envision. People like Crytek are saying this, even just today an article went up where John Carmack stated that he believes that alot of "Next-Gen" games will run at 30FPS. Why aren't you in those articles offering your humble opinion?

N4g_null1918d ago

LoL you are not killing fans of the wii u inside. We are on mii verse doing what gamers use to do, trading comments about games and game play. We are drawing funny pictures and playing games. We are not pretending to be CEOs are arm chair designers.

I've watched the metal gear stuff. It can be very cool in parts or very boring. I don't really enjoy his "stories" either. Faux hitech is fun yet I'd rather play vanquish which is a developer that is making a wii game.

I guess the problem with hat is we can get most of these games on the pc or an older Hd system.

Let suppose the wii is skipped by all third parties? Then 20 million gamers are still going to get one for smash bro or Mario kart or the next fun Nintendo ip. If that happens then fine. We got what we wanted. Why is that a problem? Oh we will miss out on Sony games, have you ever realized we have tried most of these games and don't like them for various reasons. Better yet we are the guys that played system shock, half life and remember when ninja gaiden was story based and skill based.

I may get all three systems but it will not be because of power. Many will have a great pc by that time. Gaming won't be catching up to my rig for years anyway.

Another problem is we are not just fans of Nintendo. We are fans of the arcades taito type 2, neo geo, turbo graphx 16,sega Saturn. Many new games don't beat the game play or art from that era. Gta isn't even close to how bad the world actually is. Yet kids don't know any better.

Think of this. Nintendo games are like kinect chess or card games. Current games are choose your adventure books or 3d toys with nothing but visual draws. So if you wanted to experience these games you can just watch YouTube or buy a magazine.

Yet Kojima is in dev hell right now. Metal gear is a nightmare unless he can find some thing to humanize his game play again.

ShaunCameron1918d ago

Well said. Don't you just love how Sony/Microsoft fanboys continually delude themselves into believing that Nintendo fanboys care? They sure don't live in the real world.

jmc88881918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

So a Metal Gear game, oh sort of, in name only, is not going to be on the Wii U?


I'm sure people will want it, but where is the next REAL Metal Gear game?

ROFL you said 360 and PS3 was superior hardware. Yeah and my grandma can beat Usain Bolt from the grave!

The only fanboy I see is the one wishing on a star with all his hope and might this day and night that 3rd parties slit their own throat and be imbecilic businessmen so they can make a Sony/MS fanboy's dream come true. Only idiots won't make a game on the Wii U. Those people should be fired for being morons and never sniff a job in business ever again. That said I'm sure this game was in development (who made it again? exactly) before the Wii U was possible to be made for.

Oh you mean we could put in another few hundred man hours and have a game on a whole other system potentially selling another million copies? Nah, let's let the fanboys have the illusion of a talking point...if they're smart (or dumb) enough to use it.

When will fanboys realize that not every game that is not coming out on Wii U in the next 6-9 months isn't because 'they don't want to put it out on the wii u because of Nintendo or the hardware suck'. I mean seriously who is a moron enough to think that way. George W Bush? Forrest Gump? Forrest Bush? George W Gump?

Yodagamer1918d ago

No its not, even the 360 and ps3 didn't get a lot of the multi plats that were coming out at the time. It happens all the time with new hardware

twilight_link1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I hope so, Nintendo only need one thing, succeed with their 1st party and 2nd party games if this happened then they can rise to heaven if not no third party support save them, as with DS, Wii and partially 3DS, 3rd party support was not instrumental to their success, it is safe path to rely on their own IP's, 3rd parties are only traitors they can extort you and your platform whenever they wish.

Sony is in highly problematic position most of their 1st party games are unsuccessful they sell moderately only as part of various bundles, if third parties for some reason fail to support their platforms properly they are lost Vita is great example of this.

Core gamers are not interested in games they are interested only in things which are part of pop culture Sega is great example of this and so is Vita, crushed by mobile phones because so called core gamers are fools.

Looks at Japanese game industry in general they are death, irrelevant in global market place, they betrayed Nintendo because they believed in Sony it was only short lived success, especially SQUARE part of SQUARE-Enix they are literary dead horse, their main franchise is on pre Super Famicom sales level.

Their demise is extremely interesting today they support almost anyone even obscure platform, once true core games producing company produce games for Gree and Ouya

rainslacker1918d ago

Perhaps you could enlighten us on how Sony's 1st party games are unsuccessful.

Gran Turismo...almost 70 million lifetime sales
Uncharted....4-5 million copies per main game
Singstar....over 20 million lifetime sales with a continues revenue stream
God of War...4-5 million copies per main game release
Motorstorm...3 million copies
Hot Shots Golf....7.5 million lifetime sales

I could go on but almost every Sony IP has been successful to date. Just because they don't sell COD numbers doesn't mean they are unsuccessful.

Your definition of core gaming is off. Core gamers care about games, not hardware. If the hardware doesn't have the games they want to play then they find one that does. The core gamer isn't the reason the Vita is being "crushed" by mobile gaming, and if anything core gamers are the one that are giving the Vita the holding power to last for the long term.

The japanese game industry is on the decline because they aren't keeping up with the current trends in gaming, and that is an uptake in the rise of the western developer to deliver games that appeal to a broader range of consumers. To that end your statement is flawed when it comes to Nintendo, because Nintendo had the best 3rd party support from japanese developers than any other company, especially in Japan. For an industry where a vast majority of games are never meant for localizing to other territories, it would only make sense for them to create their games on the system that had the highest install base for their demographic.

Game developers will develop for whoever they believe will net them the most profit. Some of the things you mention they take into consideration, but if they develop on fanboy whims they aren't likely to be around for very long afterwards.

twilight_link1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


GT most sales come from bundled games and this franchise losing steam every generation, Singstar and Hot Shots Golf are mildly successful IP's with most success over one or two gen ago

So what remain is Uncharted and God of War this is truly exception from their portfolio. from handful IP's you can find only three, which sells well as you say 4-5 M on platform with user base more than 40M, this prove my point.

The entire Sony 1st party output with exception of few IP's is far from successful in truth Sony can't survive without 3rd party support and this was exactly my point.

Vita has Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet and other Sony IP's (from your list Hot Shots Golf, Motorstorm) and almost no one care about them you have portable platform with games you can't play anywhere else and the entire platform is failure of gigantic proportions.

Same way as Sega mob, when they beloved brand came with excellent platform they failed to support them it died within few years.

Nintendo and 3rd party support, this is certainly not true Sony had best support for almost three generation since PS1 to PS3, with Sony as their main platform no wonder it lose steam. True leader can create trends which the others can follow. Sony completely failed in this as in almost everything.

rainslacker1918d ago

First of all, Every numbered GT game has sold over 10 million copies. That's a success. Obviously it's a game people are willing to pick up a PS if it's bundled, and has nothing to do with whether a game is successful or not. In fact it's usually successful games that get packaged into bundles, so your argument is just grasping at straws.

Singstar is a runaway success for Sony. 20 million copies sold is no small number, regardless of how many games it is over. On top of that it has over 1 million song downloads for it this year alone. Again a success, far from mild.

Hot Shots Golf is a simple game that doesn't cost much to produce. Each iteration sells at least 1 million copies. Selling 7 million copies is successful and profitable.

So you want more than three that sold over 5 million?

Jak and Daxter(7.5 million lifetime sales) SOCOM(7 Million lifetime sales),
Eyetoy(6.7 million),
Buzz(6 million),
Twisted Metal(5 million),
ATV Offroad Fury(5 million).

I asked you before if you wanted me to go on, so I will ask you again. Or better yet do a simple Google search and inform yourself.

Or even better yet maybe you, personally, can tell us what you consider to be successful when it comes to a game or franchise? It's apparent you have some very unrealistic expectations for success.

Obviously Sony sees these games as successful, as do many gamers out there, so what is this insistence that Sony is somehow losing it when it comes to their first party titles. Your going to point to the Vita, with an install base of 4 million as proof people don't care about Sony 1st party? Sony's 1st party titles are the best selling titles on the system.

And my argument about Nintendo support is certainly true for Japan. It was the most widely supported console there, as it was the most sold system there.

Stop looking at the industry as the big players, and see that there is a lot more support for these systems than just the big titles that people on here mostly care about.

Sega's lack of support for the DC, which there wasn't in truth, had more to do with their complete dropping of the Saturn when DC hit the market. Sega did a lot of things wrong starting with the Saturn, and it ruined their reputation with 3rd party. The Sega "mob" had very little to do with it. The Sega "mob" actually did support the system and the games, it was Sega who screwed up. Again, do some research before making stupid claims.

In the end, Sony is still a leader in the industry. To think otherwise is delusional at best. The same way that MS and Nintendo lead in the industry, and they all offer something to the market in general. For me personally, due to their well rounded approach to gaming, I am more than satisfied with how they handled this generation to date, and wouldn't for a second hesitate to buy their next console. They have consistently shown that they support the core, and can cater to the casual. To me that makes them a success. It's one reason why their PS brand is the most successful within the company.

deafdani1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Take a look at the PS3's and 360's launch lineups, as well as their games on their first year in the market, Miku, and you'll see that the Wii U, in comparison, isn't as shitty as you claim it to be, third-party support wise.

But of course you won't. God forbid you allow yourself to watch any kind of data that could disprove your "definite" proof that Nintendo is shit.

Call me a NES fanatic all you want, I will appreciate the irony of a tool calling other people fanboys.

DeadlyFire1918d ago

I say Revengence is just to far along in development for them to halt it and push out a version on the WiiU. That takes time and if they want to do it right they will wait and release Revengence 2 on WiiU when it gets made. :P

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strigoi8141918d ago

Nintendo for casual. So hardcore developers dont take them seriously

Seraphemz1918d ago

I think that it has more to do with these games already being developed before the Wii U came out. So its too late to start working on a port...
NOT that im defending the WII U because I would never buy it.

SuperShyGuy1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )


Akuma cheering on Hatsune-Miku! When you cheer on your alt you have become truly insane.

"a lot of developers arent apprehensive about making a game on the wii u because of the controller. its because the wii u hardware" - Akuma

from article

"We aren't currently thinking about that. One of the strongest appeals of the Wii U is the GamePad. However, we've constructed Metal Gear Rising so you can fully enjoy the game on the controllers whether it's on the PS3 or the Xbox. "

of course that was bull because there is the pro controller. The truth is plain 'ol money. Wii U doesn't have a big enough install base and most third parties had been working on these games for more than 2 years

SonyNGP1918d ago

Just ignore them. All they want is their flamebait comment to be on the top of the page. That's why you either see them as the 1st or 2nd comment, or reply to someone with whatever flamebait they pull out of their asses.

Report as spam and move on.

SpiralTear1918d ago

Kojima may say that Wii U owners won't get MGR anytime soon, but it's not like Platinum Games won't get a shot at Wii U development in 2013, with Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101. Besides, Revengeance was too far in development to get a Wii U version so soon. This is in no way an implication of poor third-party support on Wii U.

Just enjoy Revengeance when it comes out next year on PS3 or 360.

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