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3 Call of Duty Scenes that can Discriminate and Label Gamers as “Monsters”

GamersBliss.com writes: "In the recent current events, the United States politicians and media would rather point the finger than find a solution. Sadly for us gamers the finger will be thrown in our direction. As if we are serial killers of some sort, by passing the “innocent before proven guilty” verdict. Gamers are judged by the contents of one page of code rather than the complete set of code that creates a title. This is unfair to an industry that has become the staple of cutting edge entertainment, just because some high paid fancy pants can’t use tax dollars correctly to help the true individuals in need. This in turn is a pre-emptive strike, below are 3 scenes that can be used to DISCRIMINATE against GAMERS and label us as monsters." (3DS, Call of Duty, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

djslimzz  +   886d ago
I like this article. But I do not care for people calling me monster while I skin animals in games, and shoot a million people in an airport (No Russian). Games are made to be felt and put the player in the character's shoes! So by that logic,I agree with the violence in Video Games, and the ones that make us...you know...look like monsters. I also agree with all of the perverted, horrid and hot sex scenes that devs deliver in games. If it makes a player more into the story..than anything is accepted. I AM A GAMER AND PROUD TO BE ONE. NO TABOO
-GametimeUK-  +   886d ago
No Call of Duty scene labels a gamer as a monster. End of story. Granted, I haven't read the article (yet), but the title is still stupid beyond belief.
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onyoursistersback  +   886d ago
And casuals/Call of Duty fans, call me a Monster for not playing Cod.
Somebody  +   886d ago
I was waiting for the uproar of finger pointing towards gamers after the shooting. Strangely enough everyone's rather careful with this one thanks to the initial confusion of blaming Mass Effect which was liked by the shooter's brother.

The police did find a computer but the hard disk was all smashed up beyond repair. Almost...like the shooter deliberately destroyed any evidence for people can use to blames games for his actions (my speculation). Might it be possible he really was a hard core gamer but decided to protect gaming's reputation from the repercussions that his horrendous plan will undoubtedly cause? I'm not defending him, just thinking that smashing up a hard disk before you go a shooting spree that will kill you anyway is pretty strange.
cpayne93  +   886d ago
I don't think a guy who slaughtered innocent children, teachers, and his own mother, and then killed himself, would really give a crap about gaming's image.
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rpd123  +   886d ago
That's just a stupid theory. Sorry, but there are plenty of ways to find out if he played video games. His brother would know and they could just look at his transaction history.
TheSuperior  +   886d ago
I hate it when people blame stuff on games for no real reason. I have played through all the violence and never thought of killing anyone in real life
Dr Face Doctor  +   886d ago
I don't see how the first and third ones can be used to discriminate against us. The 'No Russian' thing at least allows you to gun down hundreds of innocent polygons but in the other ones it's just stuff happening to you.
violents  +   886d ago
Its rediculous to consider that people who play violent games are monsters. By that logic if you like the rambo movie series your a monster, or if you like silence of the lambs your a monster. What about if you like horror books, does that make you a monster too. If you see a fictonal dipiction of violence does that make you go murder in the street. NO This is just people without sense of personal responsibility that want something to blame their problems on other than themselves. Its never thier fault, something always caused them to act this way.

Its kind of pathetic really.
TheGrimBunny  +   885d ago
this is pretty interesting

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