GDC: Far Cry 2 gameplay

Gamersyde writes:

"The GDC is not quite short of an utter loss of time for us, with barely anything worth filming, so even a quite average video like this Far Cry 2 one is very news worthy. But it sure does look nice."

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IzKyD13313744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

graphics and environment look incredible, cant wait!

solar3744d ago

just plain sick. i cant wait to play this one.

Storm233744d ago

Now lets hope that it is a good game and does well on all platforms.

mintaro3744d ago

wow, this game looks amazing, and actual cloud formation!? that is ridiulous

Quisp3744d ago

looks amazing. Is this slated for PC platform? If so, I guess thats another game they made that I wont be able to play :(

solar3744d ago

ps3, 360 and PC yes. ill be getting the PC version if im up to spec.

roslindros3744d ago

I just hope that the 360/PS3 can run it at 60 fps with v-sync because after cod4 anything else is just feels bad

cyclindk3744d ago

Yeah, hope they can maintain all that foliage motion, destructability and other dynamic elements on the consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.