Rocksmith DLC 12/18 – Foo Fighters 5 Pack

Dave Grohl and his crew make their Rocksmith DLC debut with a five pack from Foo Fighters!

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RavageX1983d ago

Picked up My Hero and Times Like These....not sure about the rest.

bwazy1983d ago

They're all awesome songs.

And for those who don't wanna spend money to learn the songs, http://www.ultimate-guitar....


dkeat1983d ago

If only that website presented you the tabs in the same manner as the game did, a la guitar hero style tabs w/ the notes falling. Much easier/faster for me to follow and figure out the rhythm changes.
I thought that's what the app they have was for at first. Probably a good idea.

bwazy1983d ago

Ack last bubble, but check out Guitar Pro or Power Tabs. Nice programs.