What to fix with Gears Of War 2

Gears Of War was a break out hit. Even with it's revolutionary graphics and engine, ground breaking co-op play, and addictive multi player game play, it was not perfect. 6 things need to be changed to take GOW 2 to the next level.

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longduckdong3772d ago

was too linear. felt like a shoebox

FCOLitsjustagame3772d ago

Loved this game. I agree it could use a longer campaign but the advantage to having a short but sweet one like they had is it allowed me to play it on all difficulty levels rather quickly and I wouldn't balk about walking a friend through it on co-op because I know it wont take forever. Still a few more hours would have been nice.

As for the rest of what they want changed, I had to take a second look when I saw they had active reload on there, but then I noticed they were talking multiplayer and I dont really care if they change it there. I just want them to make sure they keep it in single player. I felt active reload added a lot to the game and wish other games utilized it or a similar non intrusive minigame during reloads. It doesnt have to be hard and it doesnt have to power up the gun but there was just something I found interesting about having to pay attention to reload or else I could jam my gun at a bad time (like being rushed).

ChaosKnight3772d ago

I kinda disagree with number 3. I have always been able to stop a person from curbstomping my teammate by a bullet *sniper* to the head. And of course you can't stop a chainsaw... once it started, your friend is pretty much dead if he starts at the shoulder or chest. And you don't have to wait till he is done chainsawing... once you run up to him, you automatically start chainsawing the guy even if he is already chainsawing... but the animation for the guy he's chainsawing goes much quicker.

Covenant3772d ago

Longer, less linear campaign

Better story

Better online play: Too often, Gears online would turn into trench warfare and stalemates.

Jump button, please


BenzMoney3772d ago

1) Fix the damn multiplayer server setup!
2) Give more options to the multiplayer so we can choose starting weapons, weapons on map, etc.
3) Add video replay.
5) Fix the ranking system
6) Don't be afraid to copy what Halo 3 does well (Ranking system, video replay, matchmaking, etc)

ASSASSYN 36o3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Better yet allow us to play with firends and make rank games the only option like it once was whan xbox-live launched years ago. Ranked friend omitted games came in when people started joining friends and abusing it. There are some multiplayer games without ranked games. Just online gaming period. Frontlines fuel of war is one of them and you get to game with your friends.

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