CCC's Feces Pieces

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The world was in shock to learn that Mike Tyson would soon be selling some of his most intimate belongings – namely his feces. People were shocked that Tyson could stoop even lower, but were more shocked to learn that there were already thousands of customers vying for a chance to earn the defamed boxer's droppings. Not to be outdone, Cheat Code Central is now offering stool samples from some of the best game journalists in the world, albeit at a slightly reduced rate than Tyson's.

CCC's Feces Pieces will be made available online just in time for the Holiday shopping season. For the people that are hard to buy for or have everything, you can imagine the looks on their faces when they unwrap this most precious gift Christmas morn. There's nothing like having a piece of your favorite game journalist by your side when slaying robots, jumping over chasms, or scoring the winning goal.

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